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Ovo is known as an energy supplier based in the United Kingdom. Call Ovo for help with meter reading, upgrading your tariff or switching from one energy supplier to Ovo. Contact Ovo Customer Services now.

Thames Water Utilities Ltd is a private utility company that manages the public water supply in greater London and surrounding areas. Serving the British Public since 1989, Thames Water has a convenient online platform to manage your account, lodge a complaint or notify of a move.

Southern Electric (SSE) boasts green electricity, fantastic pricing and home gas services across the UK. Originally Southern Electric, it merged with Scottish Hydroelectric in 1998 to form it’s current company. This award winning service is renown for it’s great prices which can be fixed to avoid shock changes in energy prices.

Severn Trent is a United Kingdom water management company that provides water services to the public at the heart of the UK – Worcester to Stoke on Trent, Telford to Tamworth. Call or go online to manage your account and make enquiries.

Scottish Power is an energy company that was originally located in Glasgow, Scotland. They are now and have since 2006 became a subsidiary of Iberdrola – a Spanish utilities company. Scottish power supply gas and electricity across the UK and were awarded the “U-Switch” winner in 2013. They have a handy mobile app to control your heating and hot water at home.

EDF is one of the UK’s largest energy companies, serving both homes and businesses since 2002. EDF has long supported changes for a cleaner, lower-carbon future and has nuclear power stations to bring this green dream to life, making it the biggest supplier of nuclear electricity in the country.

E.ON is an electric utility service provider that operates globally, but is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Millions of people in Britain get their gas and electricity from this energy giant. With sustainability being the hot topic recently, E.ON is facing challenges on emissions and sourcing cleaner energy.

NPower is the forerunner in supplying electricity and gas to homes and businesses around the United Kingdom. NPower uses a Tariff comparison rate tool to determine your energy usage and subsequent cost, making it an easy estimate for checking on your potential savings. Compare tariffs online now for the best option for you.

British Gas is the biggest energy and related services company of it’s type in the UK. British Gas has been serving the British people since 1986 and has undergone many changes. Here you’ll find simplified energy tariffs, easily installed meters & boilers and home cover to ensure you won’t be left without heat in the winter time.

Anglian Water is a public water service, environmental services and water management company that serves the East of England. Anglian is focused on a greener future and works to improve it’s impact on the environment. Call or go online to manage your account and view your bills.