We have one world and in it are people of different races and different faiths but we are all human and it is going to be even more urgent when you think of things like poverty. climate change, that we all we work together. Students are fantastic as people that are idealistic, people that really want to bring about change and I urge you – save our world by being involved, meet people of other faiths, work together, be involved in one project or another together and make this a better world’

Andrew Stunell OBE MP

I’ve come to a very interesting interfaith project which is run by Interact, with young people working together from different faiths and cultures… If you’re a person of faith whose never taken the opportunity to talk to and meet people of other faiths, maybe just other denominations in your own faith, then I really would say that this gives you every opportunities to do it. You’ll enjoy the experience, you’ll be surprised by the experience. you’ll be amazed at how much people have in common and how much we all want to see our communities improve, so just take that chance.


Muhab (Interact Magazine)

‘Those 10 weeks working for the summer issue of the magazine have been a very enjoyable experience: meetings were conducted in a very professional manner and the team was truly amazing. I worked really well with my editor and I hope I can only hope that my next boss will be equally decent and friendly.’


Biljana (Interact Magazine)

Being part of the editorial team has been a learning curve, fun and hectic at times. Despite the sleepless nights, it’s all been worth it. Our editor managed to keep us in gear and motivated and was always patient with us and very committed to the purpose of creating a great issue.’

Becky (Shared Roots in Faith Project)

‘As a participant in the Shared Roots in Faith Project, I can say that I have gained multiple benefits from it. It was through Shared Roots that I first visited both Mosques and Synagogues, and it was a great opportunity to meet diverse young people from London in a non-academic setting – many of whom I shall certainly stay in contact with. The project has given me the chance to experience the effort that goes into making an exhibition and has shown me that every Londoner has their own personal story to tell. These stories are what makes up the history of London and I would urge people to get involved in heritage projects like this that really help bring the past to life’

Emma (Interact Magazine)

‘I have learned a lot throughout the process. The team was great and I felt encouraged to bring my own contribution. I always received very prompt feedback and constructive criticism, which actually helped me develop my skills.’

Kingsley (Interact Magazine)