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Contact BBC Customer Service

BBC is a broadcasting house located in London brings great customer support and assistance for people regarding News story, BBC’s operation and services or about licensing and availability of programmes or channel.

Virgin Broadband

Virgin Broadband is the internet service operator in the Virgin Media group. With fibre optic speeds, unlimited downloads and the Virgin Media “Superhub” included, it’s a perfect choice for home and work. Virgin broadband is exclusively fibre optic and is not available country wide. No land-line is needed for this.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides cable television, land-line & mobile phone services and broadband internet to homes and businesses across the country. With over 260 channels to choose from (60 in HD), broadband at up to 50Mbps and 99% mobile coverage, Virgin Media is fast becoming the marketplace leader in quality and value.

Three Mobile / 3 Mobile

3 Mobile is a Mobile phone operator in Britain. 3 is growing faster than any other mobile network and looks to score advantages where the others don’t look.. The new 3 contracts include free 0800 calls, their calls are very well priced and the data packages add more value than any of their competition.


Vodafone is a British telecoms company that specialises in mobile telecommunications. Leading the way in first 3G, then with 4G – Vodafone has been the mobile operator of choice for millions of Brits here in the UK and millions of satisfied customers around the world.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile Limited is the discount mobile virtual network brand from the popular British supermarket chain. With heavily reduced prices on their tariffs and phones, Tesco has become an instant success since entering the mobile market. Now operating in the UK, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


TalkTalk Telecom Group is a well known company that provides Broadband, TV and mobile network services across the United Kingdom. Founded in 2003, TalkTalk was pioneering with it’s broadband packages and unlimited download deals.


T-Mobile is a mobile phone and network operator and broadband internet provider for the UK – also operating in other countries. The T-Mobile customer service team has been praised for good service and the shortest wait time – as ranked by millions of “Gethuman” customers.


EE is probably the most “trendy” mobile operator out there today. They are extremely well priced, have surprisingly good coverage (thanks to Orange) and their speeds are almost unmatched. Superfast 4GEE ensures your smart phones are sleek.. No only that, EE also offers Fibre broadband and EE TV.


Orange is a mobile network provider and broadband internet supplier to the UK. Although now merging into EE, Orange is still very competitive and provides extensive coverage across Britain – due mostly to the age of the company being here (originally from Deutsche Telekom). Orange has been operational since 1993.


o2 is Britain’s top provider of mobile phones, packages and contracts. Being the market leader means that the prices are excellent, the service is great and the advantages to being an O2 customer, means you have access to thrilling events and concerts throughout the year.


BT is a telecommunications company that serves the UK. Having once been nationalised, BT laid the foundational land-line telephone cables that it still maintains today. They provide home phone services, broadband and digital TV. With fast broadband speeds and unlimited downloads at a good price, BT has become the UK’s most popular broadband provider.


Sky is the UK’s leading satellite and telecoms company that provides millions of households across the UK with land-lines, broadband internet (via satellite) and television services. With various entertainment packages available in tailored combinations, everyone is sure to find a price that suits them for the services they need.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband is the internet provider for the popular Sky plc. Sky broadband & Talk, give their customers a specifically tailored package that suits the needs. Now also with the “Fibre” option, this super-fast connection together with it’s unlimited download option, is perfect for households with busy online traffic or online intensive businesses.