Spring Edition Of Interact Magazine


Interact is looking for aspiring writers, photographers or those interested in graphic design, layout and editing for the spring edition of ‘Interact Magazine’

We are looking for enthusiastic young people to participate in our magazine project. The magazine is London’s first and only interfaith magazine written by and for students from a variety of faith and cultural backgrounds. It tackles a wide range of issues and has sections on politics and current affairs, sports, music, faith and culture.

Uniquely, it also provides a range of information on issues such as faith traditions, including personal perspectives and experiences and how they relate to a variety of youth issues. It aims to deliver a platform for dialogue between students from different faiths and increase awareness and understanding about different religions and beliefs, whilst providing students with the means to express their views and opinions on current affairs, religion, arts, philosophy and society.

The magazine is distributed free to universities, colleges, youth communities and faith groups throughout the EU. Interact Magazine is produced quarterly with an editorial team of 15 student volunteers who work together for 10 weeks to write the main features and articles as well as creating the photography, design and layout. To make it a truly motivating process and ensure a high quality editorial product, the team benefits from mentoring training from professional media experts in design, media and advertising. In addition approximately 20 ‘freelance’ volunteers contribute ideas, articles, opinion columns, short stories and poems.

Interact Magazine Online and blog

The Interact blog is a great opportunity for Interact writers, designers, illustrators and photographers to publish their most up-to-date pieces outside of publication time. You can read our blog and past editions of the Interact Online Magazine here.

Are you aged 16-25? Got something you’d love to tell people about? Why not write for our magazine? We’d love to hear from you!

Send a covering letter and 200-300 word example of your writing to jessica.interact@gmail.com