Signing Up for Sky

We can certainly agree that when it comes to purchasing a new TV, broadband or phone service, the process is time-consuming and tiresome. After countless hours of researching various websites and being struck in the face with various “sign-up now and save” limited time offers, by the end of the day we feel overwhelmed and annoyed! Sky is actually changing that, and it certainly is of no surprise why so many people switched their service to them last year alone. It’s anticipated that even more will opt to switch this year as well. Why? Plain and simple – they make it easy!

Sky’s website is seamlessly constructed, everything is laid out in a manner that is easy to see and easy to use. It is user-friendly for any user! When you log on to the site, you are not bombarded with annoying pop-up’s to “click here” as the clock counts down and you may “miss the offer”. Do they have deals? Absolutely! And the savings truly are beneficial. From flash sales and incredible cash reward incentives to those who switch service and new users altogether, signing up for excellent phone, internet and TV service (one or all!) have never been easy.

The website allows for one-stop shopping at its finest, for all of your needs. Start with what you are looking for in the market and build your bundle from there! As easy as that! The packages start at incredibly low monthly rates for all of the services, and the more you bundle, the more you save. With just a couple of mouse-clicks you will be well on your way to the ultimate service package deals, all in one place!

Not only do they make signing up quick and painless, installation goes the same way. No longer will you be faced with the dreaded, “we should be out between Monday and Sunday, between the hours of 12am-12pm…” With our hectic schedules, the very last thing we need to stress on is wondering when or if a technician is coming out to install our new services. Sky gives you cut and clear options, and even calls in advance to let you know when they are on their way. You can even easily track your order on their website to pre-plan and coincide the install into your schedule!

The customer service at Sky is truly exceptional as well. You can visit the official website for a free number or use our call connection service. If you have any questions regarding any circumstance while you are shopping or browsing the website for any services you may be needing or want to discuss your options in depth – Sky’s website provides a convenient Live Chat option, that quickly connects you to one of their representatives.