Sky Plus

In our fast-paced, technologically advanced society, when it comes to selecting the best TV package for your family you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with regards to the limitless options that are available. This is precisely why so many of Sky TV’s existing customers agree that it allows you to choose the right package for your unique television needs and wants. More importantly, they give you the freedom and capability to watch all of your favourite shows in any place, anytime and on any device!

One of the best attributes of Sky TV is the additional option of Sky Plus. With Plus you can take in unlimited access which allows you to never again miss another episode of your favourite dramas with Sky Plus’ Smart Series Link. It also offers suggestions based on your selections of series and movies that they feel you will enjoy watching! With Sky Plus Search, you can find any show simply based upon searching keywords such as actor, director, sport or title. And with the Sly Plus Planner option, you can easily find all the shows and movies you have recorded in your Planner. Your latest downloads are at the top so it is always simple to find exactly what you are searching for!

It also features Catch-Up TV! Perhaps your favourite show took place during your child’s recital or during an unexpected, last minute meeting; regardless of why you were out and about and forgot to record your favourite show, no need to fret! Thanks to the Catch Up TV service, you can watch your shows at your own convenience!

Sky Plus, also offers an easy-to-use TV Guide which allows you to see what is on now, next, and even in the upcoming week. Additionally, it enables you to pause and rewind live TV; and with the Smart Series Link, you’ll never miss the return of your favourite show as it records the current season and remembers to record all future seasons as well!

If you find yourself struggling to monitor what your children are watching throughout the day, Sky Plus makes it easy to ensure that your kid’s TV shows are listed all in one place! All their favourite shows can now reside in one location and are ready on demand, so they can easily find them. They even have access to a planner that is just for kids’ stuff!

Calling Sky TV is incredibly simple using our call connection service where rates apply or you can visit the Sky website to find the official number, and the TV Bundles are incredibly affordable. Sky TV even rewards you with great incentives if you choose to add Sky Movies or Sky Sports to your package.