Sky Packages

Sky TV is an exceptional option that provides you with great entertainment. And now it has become even more rewarding. Signing up is easy. In fact, when you do so, you will be provided with some financial incentives! Let’s take a deeper look at what they have to offer in terms of package deals.

The Sky TV standard bundles are specifically designed to fit your needs, wants and most importantly, your budget. Their most basic package, “The Original Bundle”, has over thirty entertainment channels to choose from, with eleven free-to-air HD channels and two-hundred and forty free-to-air standard channels. The next package, “The Variety Bundle”, offers more than sixty-five entertainment channels, eleven free-to-air HD channels, two-hundred and forty free-to-air standard channels and over 1,900 episodes of kids’ shows! If you are looking for the ultimate package, “The Family Bundle” will be your best option. With over sixty-five entertainment channels, more than fifty HD channels, two-hundred and forty free-to-air standard channels and over 1,900 episodes of kids’ shows, this option is perfect for large families who can never quite agree on what to watch!

More specific packages are also available such as “The Sky Movies Bundle” which boasts, all the same attributes as “The Original Bundle”, but with additional eleven movie channels and over a thousand On-Demand titles. For the sports guru, you may be interested in “The Sky Sports Bundle”, with all the same features as “The Original Bundle”, but with seven sports channels and one-hundred and sixteen live Premier League Games! And finally, we have, “The Complete Bundle”, which has all the benefits of “The Family Bundle”, with additional eleven movie channels, seven sports channels and three-hundred Sky Box Sets, all set in glorious HD.

All packages come with Catch-Up TV which is literally what the title states, it allows you the freedom to catch up on all of your favorite shows that you may have missed in the last thirty days. They all also include the Sky+HD Box, which grants you the capability to pause, rewind and record live TV with just a press of a button on your remote control. The Sky+HD Box now also offers built-in WiFi! Sky Go is also offered with the purchase of each package, where you can watch all of your favorites anytime and anywhere using any compatible device.

Once you have settled on which TV bundle best fits your needs and budget, you can easily add on Broadband and Phone to complete your perfect package. Again, the rates are incredibly affordable, and they offer great incentives such as contacting your previous provider to make the switch so you don’t have to deal with the hassle. When you switch your Sky phone service and broadband you can even make sure that your phone number remains the same and that all of your emails be changed over as well. You can visit the official Sky website or use our paid call connection service.