Sky Broadband

If you are shopping around for the best broadband options for your needs, a great option to consider would be Sky Broadband! Millions of UK people switched their services to Sky TV and Broadband last year alone. In fact, according to an Ofcom complaints report of which was conducted in 2015, Sky is the best performing major broadband provider. With options like Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky Fibre and Sky Fibre Unlimited, they provide their customers with the best service and fastest, most reliable speeds in the UK!

All of the broadband options are fantastic and cost effective ways to receive top of the line usage and download speeds. Sky Broadband Unlimited offers up to 17Mb of download speed with unlimited usage; Sky Fibre offers up to 38Mb download speed and a 25GB monthly usage allowance; And Fibre Unlimited offers up to 38Mb of download speed with an unlimited monthly usage allowance!

Regardless of which option is the best for your specific needs, with your selection, you will receive: Sky Broadband Shield, which provides the finest internet protection that allows you to filter what websites you wish to allow to be viewed in your home. All options also come with Sky Hub, the finest wireless router that provides Wi-Fi access throughout your home – it comes with Sky Smart Technology that scans your home to find the best signal; and also automatically turns to the low-power mode when not in use and powers back to full when you hop back online saving you a ton of energy! Unlimited WiFi is also included in all packages, at no additional cost!

Sky also makes switching your existing service easy. They boast that by simply contacting their “Switch Squad”, you can have your existing service transferred over, and all you have to do is place your order online or by phone! Another added bonus to switching is, if you’re a BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet customer, the Switch Squad will deal with your current provider so that you do not have to. Once the switch is complete, you will only be without broadband for a few minutes, and you can bring your emails with you! Once you have ordered Sky Broadband or Fibre, you will be contacted to confirm your activation date and you can easily track your order online! While it may take until midnight on activation day for your line to become active, you can utilize that time to easily install your new Sky Hub. The easy-to-follow instructions for doing so can be found online or with the Sky Hub itself, and if you have any issues or questions, Sky customer service can assist on the phone. You can use our call connection service or search for the official free number on the Sky website.