Sky Box Office

Everyone enjoys taking in a great movie at the local cinema. It is a timeless tradition! However, long lines, sitting next to strangers who talk during the film, and incredibly expensive costs for a single candy bar, can certainly put a damper on one’s evening out. A great solution to avoiding all that is to simply opt out, and snuggle up in your living room with those whose company you enjoy the most – your friends and family; and Sky Box Office is one of the best (and easiest!) ways to accomplish that!

If you are an existing Sky TV member, the fast and simple way to order a Box Office movie or event is to just use your Sky remote. If your Sky box does not have an active broadband connection, you will need to make sure that your box is connected to an active phone line prior to ordering the movie or event you are requesting.While there are further instructions on Sky TV’s website that offer step by step directions to order movies and events, as previously stated utilizing your remote, is by far the easiest method. The process is super simple, all you have to do is follow the simple steps listed on their website: press Box Office on your Sky remote, choose your category, and pick your event or movie. You can even record the movie or event you chose if you have a compatible Sky Plus or Sky+HD box. The movie or event you selected is added to your Planner and you can return to Sky to resume regular viewing. It’s really that simple. And you can accomplish this without even leaving your sofa!

Additionally, another great option is if your Sky+HD box is connected to your home’s broadband network, you can even rent movies instantly from the Sky Store. Movies on Sky Box Office channels begin at certain scheduled times, however with the option of Sky Store, you can watch movies whenever the mood strikes you!

The customer service team and connect-options at Sky TV are also helpful. There are several ways to seek out help if you get stuck with anything. You can call Sky use our call connection service or visit their website where you can check out the Community Board to see if your problem may be addressed.