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The Apple UK customer service helpline can be contaced by calling our call connection service number. Open Monday-Friday – 8:00 AM-9:00 PM and Saturday-Sunday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.

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Apple Inc. is an American worldwide technology company based in Cupertino, California. Apple designs, creates and sells consumer electronics, gadgets, computer software and online services. The hardware products of Apple are the sought-after iPhone smartphones, Mac personal computer, iPad tablet computer, Mac personal computer, iPod portable media player and Apple Watch smartwatch, which is has been making huge buzz in the market today.

Apple products software includes the OS X and iOS, the Safari web browser, the iTunes media player and the iLife and iWork creativity and productivity suites. iTunes Store, iCloud, iOS App Store and Mac App Store the online services of Apple.

Apple Online Store

You can go visit the Apple Online Store to buy Apple products, software and third party accessories. Call Apple support UK to order over the phone. They are open from Mondays to Fridays 8am-9pm and Saturdays to Sundays from 9am-6pm.

Apple Retail Stores

You can experience the virtual lifestyle at any of the Apple Retail Stores across UK.

Sales Support

The sales support of Apple helpline allows you to know more information about your Apple Online Store order. Go visit the Order status page to change, monitor or return your order, or simply update your personal account information. Call Apple support number for other question you have in mind. They are available Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and Saturday-Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00.

How to Buy for Education

Go visit the How to Shop page if are still a student or teacher, or you can give them a call. If you are buying Apple product in behalf of your educational institution, call the Apple contact number or visit the HE National Contract Store. Phone lines are available from Monday-Friday 9am‑5pm.

Product & Technical Support

You can visit the Apple Support site for quick answers, guidelines and comprehensive technical articles. Go to Apple Support Communities to get assistance and tips from fellow Apple users.

You want to ask support with your Beats by Dre headphones and speakers, go to the Beats Support page.

Contact Apple Support

Do you need support or further service? You make a request online and they will a find solution. You can also call the Apple UK support number above. The Apple customer service department and Genius Bar are both famous for their excellent service.

You can Contact iTunes Store support

iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, Apple smartwatch users and Apple TV and Apple display customers in 90 days of possession are authorized for free telephone technical support. The online technical Apple support for products is available beyond the initial 90 days.

Lost or Stolen Apple Products

If your Apple device has been lost or stolen, you can contact your local police station to report it or you can find a list of serial numbers associated with your Apple ID and get details about using Find My iPhone for Apple products.

Apple Gift Cards

Depending on which Apple Gift Card you pick, they can be used for Apple products, apps, music, games movies, accessories and more.

Apple Store Gift Cards

This is for Apple hardware and other products. They are sent to you through email.

iTunes Gift Cards

This is for apps, music, movies and more. They are delivered through postal address free.

Apple Store Gift Cards

You can use your Apple Store Gift Cards to buy Apple hardware and accessories at any Apple Online Store, Apple Retail shop or by calling. They are available in any amount from £25 to £2,000 and you can receive them within minutes through your email.

Common Apple Support Question Answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have found answers to when searching the internet. We want to be a helpful resource to help you find a solution fast. We are in no way affiliated or represent Apple or Apple customer services. The information that appears on this website has been sourced publicly and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content as it may have changed or been updated.

Do I need a credit card to create an Apple ID?

Usually people think that you need a credit or payment card to register an Apple ID for use on the app store, but actually this is not always the case, and there is a method that you may follow to avoid having to use a credit or payment card if you do not have access to one.

When you register your new account and fill in the information including your email address, preferred Apple ID and name, there should be an option below the card payment list (the list which says Visa, American Express, and so on) which is simply labelled ‘none’. Select this option and you will then be able to proceed to registering your Apple ID. Note that you may want to add a payment option at a later date if you’d like to make purchases on the App store or on iTunes.

Does the Apple Watch have a camera?

While Apple Watch, and the new generation of Apple Watch, have been incredibly popular as one of the most innovative smart watches, the Apple Watch does not have a camera. There is another option though – an application called ‘camera remote’ allows you to connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone camera and control the camera remotely. This is also useful as it incorporates a timer, so if you want to set up your iPhone and take a picture from afar, you can do that with the Apple Watch and camera remote app.

How do I charge my Apple Watch?

Charging the Apple Watch is a little bit different to charging a mobile phone. When you buy your Apple Watch you will receive a magnetic circle which attaches directly to the back of the watch, Using something called magsafe technology, there is no need to connect any external cables or plug anything into the Apple Watch in order to charge it. Just place the connector over the back of the Apple Watch and it should snap into place and begin charging. If you believe your charger or device are malfunctioning then contact support

How can I check if my Apple product is covered under warranty?

Normally buying any item from Apple will include a warranty, although the period of warranty differs depending on the product. If you buy an iPhone, one of Apple’s most popular products, then the warranty is for one year and is covered at all Apple service centres around the world. To find the nearest service centre which can help you, you may wish to get in contact with them by calling the Apple phone number listed at the top of this page. Remember that if you bought your device second hand or refurbished, then it may already be out of the warranty period as the warranty only extends to when products are bought brand new from an established and licensed Apple sales retailer.

I don’t know how to turn off my Apple TV, how do I do that?

If you’ve just purchased Apple TV you may be wondering how to turn off your device, as there is no clear power off button. Aside from unplugging Apple TV, you should hold down the play and pause button simultaneously for a minimum of 3 seconds, which should turn it off. In addition, you may also select Apple TV’s ‘sleep’ option, where it will sleep for a predetermined period of time and then turn back on afterwards. If you’re having trouble using Apple TV or are having problems with your Apple hardware, then you may wish to get in touch with the Apple customer services department themselves either online or via telephone and find out the solution to your problem in more detail.

What do I do if my iPhone / iPad / Mac has a crashed app or is unresponsive?

Apps and games, or even videos can all ‘freeze’ on any number of electronic devices. This isn’t particularly common with Apple devices, but it does still happen from time to time. To reset your device there are some simple steps that you may wish to follow. Firstly, you can double tap the home button on your device which should bring up a menu called the ‘app switcher’, and from here you can turn the app off. If this doesn’t work and your phone is truly frozen, then holding down the reset button, which on the iPhone is the power button plus home button for five seconds, will allow you to reset your hardware entirely. If it is still frozen then you may wish to get in touch with support by calling the Apple customer service number above or attend an Apple service centre to seek further advice.

I have forgotten my Apple ID or I am locked out of my account, what can I do?

It’s frustrating when you lose your Apple ID, password, or end up being locked out of the account that you need to access information, apps, or other Apple services. This is a situation that happens fairly commonly and there are several steps you may wish to follow to remedy this problem.

Firstly if you’re using a later generation of iPhone or iPad, you should be able to use your fingerprint recognition to log into your iCloud or Apple ID account, which means that you do not need to remember your password or even your ID as this will be saved automatically. If you have an earlier generation of hardware or are using a different product then you should be able to reset your information with the email address you initially provided by visiting the Apple website. If you are still unable to do so then you may wish to contact Apple’s help centre by phone or via mail or using an online form. You can then have Apple help you to reset your information so that you may start using the services associated with your Apple ID or iCloud account again immediately.