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Yorkshire Bank was established in 1859 in Halifax, West Yorkshire. It has 182 offices, has a strong personal customer base and a business banking competence through UK-wide network of 22 Business & Private Banking Centers. It is a business name of Clydesdale Bank plc, a part of the National Australia Bank Group of companies. In 1990, it has joined the Group.

Yorkshire Bank Notes

  • If you want to apply, they are fast and easy.
  • You can apply online and all you need to do is print and post your documents to faster access your funds.
  • You money is directly paid to your bank account once your loan is approved and completed paperwork received by Yorkshire Bank.
  • All loans are subject to status and eligibility. The rate offered may vary from the Representative APR shown.
  • You can find the rates online, in their branch or by calling their customer service.
  • The load offer will end on 27/11/15.


Yorkshire Business Current Account

They offer free day-to-day banking for your business. There are no charges for cash/cheque deposits, Direct Debits, withdrawals, or other automated transactions for an initial period. Their cash transaction limit is £250,000 p/a and there are qualifying criteria applied.

Credit Card

They offer 0% interest on purchases for 26 months from account opening and heir new Gold Credit Card is sufficient to make better any day.

Representative Example

  • Rate of interest 18.9% pa (variable)
  • Total amount of credit£1200
  • 9% APR(variable)

Mobile Banking

In Yorkshire Bank Connects, their customer feedback program, you can ask for more control of your money while out. You can have it now with the mobile app and text message alerts.

Mobile app

With the Yorkshire Bank mobile app you can:

  • Move money between your linked Yorkshire Bank accounts. There are restrictions apply. You can refer to FAQs for further info on the restrictions.
  • See balances and recent transactions.
  • Balance on demand –You can get your latest balance and last four transactions by text message
  • You can set up and manage text alerts
  • Branch locator –You can find a branch, ATM or Business & Private Banking Centre you
  • You can make payments to your existing Internet Banking payees

Text Message Alerts

You can create text message alerts to have you full control of your current savings.

Low or High Balance Alert

You will receive a text message when your balance gets below or above a level set by you.

Weekly Balance Alert

You can get update of your weekly balance.

Balance on demand

You can request of your latest balance and your last four transactions.

What is an ISA? / What is a cash ISA?

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account. This is a scheme that allows you to gain interest on your savings without paying tax. As long as you stay within the regulations of the ISA and don’t break any rules, then you do not have to pay income tax on any interest that arises from savings in your ISA, meaning it’s a great way to save money for the future. If you have additional queries contact Yorkshire Bank customer services.

What are the rules for opening an ISA with Yorkshire Bank?

To open an ISA with Yorkshire Bank you must be a minimum of sixteen years old, and if you want to become involved with stocks and share then you must be at least eighteen years old. It’s also important that you are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.

If you’re not sure about this, you should check the regulations for being ordinarily resident and find out what your circumstances are.

If you’re not resident in the United Kingdom but work for the government in a diplomatic or military capacity then you may still be able to gain an ISA, as can someone who is married or in a civil partnership with someone living abroad in a military or diplomatic capacity.

ISAs are however, only for individuals and it is not possible for anyone to hold a joint ISA or share an ISA with anyone else. Call the Yorkshire Bank contact number on this page to start the process.

How does contactless payment work?

With Yorkshire Bank, you may be able to use contactless payment with your card. This means that for any purchase that is lower in value than thirty GBP you can pay without entering your PIN number or having to sign a receipt. All you need to do is hover your card over the contactless card panel, and then you will see a green light which confirms your payment has been made.

Contactless with Yorkshire Bank has a number of benefits, aside from being quicker and easier, you also never have to put your card anywhere else. You keep it in your hands at all times.

Contactless also has no additional costs or fees – you can use this service totally for free, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll have to pay more to use contactless. Bear in mind however that it’s not normal practice to obtain a receipt using contactless payment, so if you require one you should ask the merchant before completing the purchase.

What is my Customer Number for Yorkshire Bank?

Yorkshire Bank provides every customer with something called a customer number. This is a ten digit code which is a vital piece of information required to use both Yorkshire Bank Telephone Banking and Internet banking services.

Yorkshire Bank should provide you with this information when you register with them for either of these services or possibly when you set up an account. If you’ve mislaid your customer number then you should be able to find it again by either accessing your online account or calling the Yorkshire Bank number to recover your customer number.

How do I sign up for Telephone Banking with Yorkshire Bank?

If you’ve registered for Internet Banking, you should already be registered for access to Telephone Banking with Yorkshire Bank. This means you should have already received a code for activating your Telephone Banking. If you have this and have not yet registered or confirmed your account you may wish to call Yorkshire Bank to complete the process.

If you have not received a code to help activate your Telephone Banking account then you may need to acquire one from Yorkshire Bank before you can access this service. To do this you may need to call the Yorkshire Bank customer service team and have some information on hand, like your account details, sort code, account number, and also your payment card.

Is Yorkshire Bank’s internet banking compatible with Apple Mac?

If you’re an Apple Mac owner and don’t use a PC, then you’ll be pleased to know that Yorkshire Bank’s services are compatible with Apple Mac and you should be able to use internet banking. The only exception may be if your computer is out of date and running an older version of Mac OS. If this is the case you may need to update your software to use the service.

My computer closed down while I was using internet banking, what do I need to do?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you will be disconnected from the online banking service the moment that your computer shuts down, so you do not need to worry that your personal information is secure and taken care of.

However, if you were in the middle of completing a service, like transferring money or making a payment, then you will need to go back to the service and check if the transaction was completed. If it was not completed successfully then you may need to repeat the transaction. Call the Yorkshire Bank phone number if you are still experiencing issues.

Can i get a personal loan with Yorkshire Bank?

Yorkshire Bank offers personal loans, but whether or not you are able to access one depends primarily on your personal circumstances. This could include your credit history and what you intend to use the loan for. Call the Yorkshire Bank helpline to speak with an advisor and begin their quick decision loan process.

Personal loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including paying for an important life event such as a wedding, or even to buy a new vehicle that you need. There are few limitations to what a personal loan can be used for.

Yorkshire Bank state that they offer personal loans from a minimum of 1,000 GBP all the way up to 35,000 GBP, with repayment periods ranging from a single year up to five years. It may also be possible to pay back your loan early if that’s an option that you’re interested in.

What criteria do I have to meet to get a personal loan with Yorkshire Bank?

There are a few criteria that you need to meet in order to be applicable for a loan from Yorkshire Bank. This includes being aged at least eighteen years old, having a credit history which meets the standards of the bank, a permanent address within the United Kingdom, and a bank account and possibly a debit or credit card that you hold in a UK account.

How quickly will I get the money from a personal loan?

Once your required application documents have been submitted, and your loan has been approved, you may receive the money into your account from Yorkshire Bank within five working days. Start the process by calling the Yorkshire bank telephone number on this page.