Vodafone SIM Only Contracts and Bundles

Something I think we can all agree on is what an immense hassle buying and/or upgrading to a new mobile phone is. Sure, the latest and greatest deal hits the market and we all find ourselves rushing out to stand in line for a few hours, all the while keeping our fingers crossed that the store is still stocked with the choice of colour that we are after! And upon successfully settling on that top of the line upgrade, we have to start from scratch with alerting our contacts of the change in our number and switching over all of our favourite apps. A hassle is all it is— to say the very least!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to upgrade your existing phone to the mobile phone we so desperately need in terms of data and usage, without dealing the annoyance of all the changes and switching-over of everything from our old phone while also saving some money? Enter Vodafone’s SIM Only Bundle options!

Many ask why they should opt for a SIM Only deal when they can just buy a new phone? Well, that, of course, is a great option, but if there is nothing wrong with your existing phone and all you are needing is some additional data or coverage, why go through the whole hassle (and expense) of purchasing a brand new phone?

Choosing a Vodafone SIM Only bundle allows you the flexibility to keep your existing phone while receiving some valuable deals for calls, texts and data usage. And best of all, they offer flexible upgrades, which allows you to upgrade to a new phone after only three months of your twelve-month SIM Only Bundle, with no hidden charges or penalties to pay. Also included in the SIM Only bundle is Vodafone’s ever-popular, Fixed Price Promise; meaning they promise that your monthly price will, in fact, remain the same throughout the entire duration of your initial agreement, as long as you stick within your allotted allowance.

If you are interested in saving yourself the hassle of completely buying a new phone, here is Vodafone’s customer service number. We are not Vodafone and the official free number can be found on their website. They have easy to use calculators to analyze and break down how much data you are in need of, and can provide you with the optimal bundle to fit your needs and budget. Their top bundles include: The Red 3GB Bundle, their most basic bundle offers 3GB of 4G UK data and unlimited UK minutes and texting. The next available bundle is the Red Value 4GB Bundle, which boasts 4GB of 4G UK data and unlimited UK talk and texting. And their top-tiered bundle is the Red Value 6GB Bundle, which packs a whopping 6GB of 4G UK data and unlimited UK talk and texting.

If you are interested in switching over to one of the Vodafone SIM Only Bundles be sure to visit the local store nearest you, or visit their website for all the information and pricing you will need to assist you in making the best choice for your needs.