Vodafone Deals

Finding the best deal all too often requires us to conduct some extensive research and shopping, especially when it comes to finding a great deal for a new mobile phone. You have to take into consideration which offer has the best options in terms of data, minutes, texts, service, price, etc. It becomes a repetitive, tedious task that so many of us want to avoid. As there are countless mobile phone companies around to choose from, let’s take a look at how Vodafone’s deals compare.

Here are a few examples of Vodafone’s present online deals. If you are in the market for a new Galaxy S6 (32GB), it includes 7GB of 4G UK data, unlimited UK minutes, and unlimited UK texts. The iPhone 5s (16GB) includes 1GB of 4G UK data with unlimited UK minutes and unlimited UK texts, as well. Another Samsung Galaxy they have available is the S5 Neo which includes 1GB of 4G UK data and unlimited UK minutes and texting. Also available is Vodafone’s very own – Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, which packs 1GB of 4G UK data, unlimited UK minutes and texts. All of the options are highly advanced and are loaded with innovative features at incredibly affordable prices.

Vodafone also offers Pay As You Go deals, with offers such as 50GB extra 4G UK data with any Big Value Bundle purchase. Some of their great phone options in terms of these Pay As You Go deals are the Vodafone Smart Speed 6 which boasts of having virtually everything you would require from a 4G smartphone but at a super low price! For newbies to the world of smartphones, Vodafone offers their affordable smart introductory phone, which designed to be specifically easy to use, with a home screen of all the features readily accessible; it even comes with Facebook and Twitter already installed.

All of Vodafone’s deals are backed with their “Price Promise” meaning that your monthly price will stay the same throughout the duration of your initial agreement when you stick within your allotted allowance. They also allow you the option to upgrade to a new phone up to 60 days before your contract ends and you can receive unlimited calls and texts with additional data when you upgrade to their “Red Bundle”. If you are an existing Vodafone customer, you can save 10% on a 12-month SIM Only bundle, allowing you to keep your old phone and number with savings up to 25% on your UK minutes, texts and data, and you can also take in an additional 1GB of 4G UK data every month. You can also opt to take 10% off on a new Pay Monthly phone bundle. Any phone you choose whether contract or Pay As You Go can be purchased in store or ordered online and delivered to your home or office within 2-14 business days. Be sure to stop by Vodafone’s website or call Vodafone’s contact number to get all of their prices – the freefone number can be found on their official website rather than using our call connection service.