How to Resolve Common Vodafone Complaints

Although the vast majority of companies pride themselves in terms of their commitments to excellence and customer service to provide you with the best possible products and service, sometimes unfortunate things can occur of which require you to get a hold of someone in charge and file a complaint. Though every company’s procedure is different, Vodafone has actually formulated a fairly simple solution concerning their customer complaints procedure.

If you have found that your issue may be resolved in a fairly simple manner, your best and simplest option will be to call Vodafone. Official freephone can be found on the official Vodafone website. In their Help and Support menu, you can find an abundance of simple solutions to a vast majority of issues that may arrive regarding your phone and service. They also have a great option to just type in your questions and you will cbe directed to the best possible solution. Some of their easy to find resolutions fall under such issues as calls, texting and voicemail problems, accounting and billing inquiries, internet, network and coverage options, travelling abroad, protecting your personal device, even upgrading or changing your plan. If you are still not finding a good solution, you can post your topic on the customer forum. There is also a link to a direct method of contacting customer services by way of snail mail, live chat or phone call if your problem requires a bit more attention. Emailing works as well, however, it may take a few days to get a response, so this is not recommended if you need to file a complaint about a pressing issue.

Once you have filed your complaint, Vodafone will notify you of receipt and will begin their investigation. They may require calling you directly to overview the details. Upon review of your complaint, Vodafone will inform you of the outcome, typically within five business days of receiving your complaint. If it requires any longer, they will let you know and keep you informed of the progress.

If, however Vodafone cannot resolve your complaint within an eight week duration, you can direct your issue to the independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service of which is provided by the Ombudsman Services Communications. Providing your complaint is within their remit, they will investigate it at no cost. Additionally, you can request that your complaint proceeds directly to the Ombudsman Services Communications before the eight week period ends. You will need to request a deadlock letter from Vodafone’s customer service team but, if they feel that they can resolve your issue within eight weeks, they do retain the right to proceed with their process and ensure all steps are followed.

Vodafone really does pride itself on ensuring that your complaint is handled in a timely and orderly fashion. And they actually strive to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, regardless of what action must be completed; they make sure they follow through the entire process while also keeping you in the loop with how everything will play out and for what reason.