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Virgin Media Group is a pool of businesses, which range from travel to communication to entertainment.

Richard Branson is the multi-millionaire straw boss of Virgin Media; he officially formed the company in 1989.

Since then, it has expanded and greatly improved and today, it has over 50franchises around UK.

It was previously named as NTL:Telewest, it has four business major areas – mobile phones, television, landline phones and internet.

Because of the ‘quadruple-play’ system, Virgin Media is able to provide its users and subscribers combination deals called ‘bundles’, which group together some or all of these services for a reduced monthly rate than if users subscribed to the services alone. A quick call to the Virgin Media customer service number above will help you discover the current promotions.

Moreover, it provides the fastest broadband speeds, thanks to its fibre optic broadband network. The mobile company provider presents a selection of three speeds – of 50Mbps,up to 100Mbps and extending to 152Mbps.

The superfast connection means that Virgin Media broadband users can stream movies, TV and music online smoothly and without ‘buffering’.

Their bundles also offer users with higher bandwidth that the standard copper broadband, which means that several members of the family can go online all together with marginal impact on speeds or connectivity.

Virgin Media Customer Service

Virgin Media customer services is considered as one of the best in the mobile service provider industry. True enough, it has garnered many awards for its customer assistance. Calling from a Virgin Media landline to the Virgin Media customer service number is free.

The Virgin Media broadband service is available seven days a week: Mondays to Fridays from 8am-8pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm and on Sundays 10am-4pm.

They has Virgin Remote Assistance that provides free online assistance for customers who want to chat a member of the Virgin Media support team.

The ‘service status’ page of them also offers a fast track on any continuing performance problems that might be happening with the Virgin broadband service.

Extras with Virgin Media Bundles

Their broadband users are also entitled for affordable mobile phone packages with Virgin Mobile that offers services at a much cheaper price to its company’s broadband subscriber base.

They can also access to their own Virgin email account, with about 15 email addresses available to use. In addition, it comes with 55Mb web space so you can create your own website online.

SuperFibre 50 Broadband and Calls

For £5.00 and + £16.99 line rental, you get up to 50Mbs, unlimited downloads, 12 month contract and able you to save £150.

Vivid 100 Broadband and Calls Bundle

For £9.99/month and + £16.99 line rental, you get the 18 month contract. It is on average 10x faster than regular broadband and offers unlimited broadband downloads as well as Free Pure Jongo T2 wireless speaker.

Big Easy Bundle

For £12.99 and + £16.99line rental, it provides SuperFibre 50 broadband, 60+ TV channels including the HD channel and home phone. In addition, it has the Free TiVo 500GB and free Super Hub and unlimited weekend calls.

Vivid 100 Broadband and Phone

It is 10x faster than the normal for UK broadband, it costs£9.99 and + £16.99 line rental. It also includes up to100Mb speed, unlimited weekend calls to landlines and Virgin mobile numbers and unlimited downloads.

Vivid 200 Broadband and Calls Package

For £14.99 and + £16.99 line rental, it has ultrafast fibre broadband up to 152Mbs, it is 15x faster than the normal UK broadband and offered for 18 month contract.

Big Bang Bundle

It is offered for £19.99/month for 9 months and £32 per month, + Virgin Phone line (£16.99 a month), 18-month contract. It has Optical fibre VIVID 100 – up to 100Mbps, TV 130+ channels that 11 are HD channels and 10 are Sky channels. In addition, it offers unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines.

Common Virgin Media Customer Service Questions

I’ve forgotten the password to my Virgin Media account, what should I do?

If you’ve forgotten the password to your account, the first thing you should do is check whether you’ve written down or saved your password somewhere. After that, if you still can’t find it, then you should fill in the lost password form online or contact Virgin Media support.

What do I need to do if I go abroad?

If you are pay monthly you should be able to use your Virgin Mobile phone number in many countries, up to 200 different nations around the world. You may have had to have paid 3 monthly bills or a deposit of 50 GBP.

You should check your tariff and how much calls, texts, and data will cost you however, as this can vary with the location and your package. If you have additional concerns then call the Virgin Media contact number above.

What should I do if I’ve lost my phone or it’s been stolen?

The best thing to do is call the Virgin Media phone number and report it as lost or stolen for your personal security. You will need your IMEI number to report it. If you have insurance, Virgin may be able to assist you in getting refunded or getting a new handset.

If it was stolen, you may need a crime report from the police issued within 24 hours of the phone being stolen then call the Virgin Mobile contact number on this page.

I want to keep my old phone number with Virgin on a new contract, can I?

Yes, luckily now every major mobile carrier is required to offer this service, making it straightforward and simple to keep your number when you transfer to a new contract or even transfer to a new service provider. All you need to do is get your PAC code from your old network provider and then contact Virgin Mobile customer service to let them know you’d like your new number.
The PAC code is only valid for 30 days, but that should be ample time to complete the process. Keep in mind that once the transfer is initiated, it can take up to 24 hours (one full day) to switch your number from one network to another. Make alternate arrangements for contacting people during this time. If you experience issues then call the Virgin Media number listed on this page.

I have Virgin TV and I want to set up parental control, can I do that?

Yes! Virgin has several options to enable parental controls so you have flexibility in choosing what material your children access. To enable parental controls you need your PIN number. If you use apps like Netflix, the process may be different to using a set top box however.

The best way to find out the full process for enabling parental controls, as it’s rather complex, may be to call the Virgin Media number directly. With parental controls you can choose to block certain adult channels, lock or unlock channels, and change the controls for what can be purchased.

I can’t access my account due to forgotten details, what should I do?

Luckily, Virgin Media has an online form which you can fill out to reset your personal details if you’ve forgotten your password or email address. Following this, you should receive a confirmation email that your details have been changed and you will then be able to log back into your account using your new information.

Ensure that with any new passwords you make sure they are written down and kept somewhere safe and accessible only by you.

How can I pay my Virgin Media Bill?

There are many payment methods, although which are available to you may depend on where you are geographically and which services you use. Among those on offer you may choose to pay by Direct Debit, which comes out of your account automatically every month.

Otherwise, you can also choose to pay credit card, online, by bank, by post, or even in some circumstances, by cash. This is designed to make the payment process as easy and convenient for you as possible. For any other queries related to payment procedure and process you may want to call Virgin Media support.

Why are there two different rates of Value Added Tax (VAT) on my bill?

You may be looking at your paper bill or online bill and be wondering why there appear to be two different rates of the commonly used VAT. The answer here is that the rates apply to different services. If you’ve had something installed then installation fees may incur a VAT rate which is different to non-installation services. If you believe there was a billing error call the Virgin Media telephone number for assistance.

I’ve cancelled my account but still got a bill, why is that?

Normally when you cancel your contract or services with Virgin Media it won’t take effect for a minimum of 30 days, which is considered the notice period for the request for cancellation. That means that the last bill you receive will be for the 30 days’ notice period for which you still had access to Virgin Media’s services. Call the Virgin Mobile customer service number if you are still having issues.

What are late payment charges for my Virgin Media Bill?

Virgin Media may add on a late payment charge to your bill for media services, including television or phone. This will normally happen if you miss a payment date under the terms of your contract.

If your contract states that you must pay your bill by a certain date, but you do not meet that agreed upon payment schedule, you may incur a penalty charge. In this situation you should check why you haven’t paid on time, as it may be a case of the Direct Debit being returned from your account, insufficient funds, or a technical error.

You may then want to get in touch with them by calling the Virgin Media helpline to see what options for payment are available to you and how to avoid such charges in future.

Can I get my Virgin Media bill sent to an alternative address?

Generally it should be possible for you to arrange to get your bill with Virgin Media sent to a different address to the one that you are paying for. To do this you will have to speak to the billing department at Virgin Media and inform them of the address you would like to be billed and the address of the account you’re currently paying for.

What charges are there for using my Virgin Mobile phone outside my allowance?

If you use data, calls, or messages outside your allotted allowance then you may have to pay an additional fee which is calculated based on your usage. In addition to this, using your phone abroad can also incur an additional charge.

The good news is that due to new regulations, within the European Union and from 2017 onwards, you may not be liable to pay an additional roaming fee, which used to be common practice for all network providers.

This said, you’ll have to check that the country you’re travelling to is included in this agreement, as it may not be. If you’re travelling outside of the European Union and still wish to use your Virgin Media mobile phone then you’ll have to research what the tariff is for that country and whether you can access a network there. This is the best way of avoiding any extra additional charges or fees.

There are some limitations to those who are able to use their phone abroad. For example, Virgin may expect you to have been a customer for a set time period already before allowing you to use overseas calling services.

You may also be able to set up a temporary block which inhibits you from going over your allowance or from using your phone overseas. To find out more about this you may need to contact the Virgin Mobile helpline and discuss your requirements.

Are there any special bundles I can sign up for with Virgin Media?

Virgin Media offer a number of ‘bundled’ products where you benefit from getting multiple services for a single price. This is an excellent way to get access to products that you want in your media package without having to pay several different itemised bills. For example, the ‘Player’ bundle includes TV, 50MB broadband, and Talk Weekend phone calls. This is available at a single monthly cost at a reduced rate for the first year. If you are already using Virgin Media phones this could be a great way to save on other services you’re already using.

Other bundles include a Mix bundle, Fun bundle, and Full House bundle. These offer different packages of television channels, internet speeds, and phone tariffs. You can even find bundles that cater specifically to people who are keen on sports, including all the sporting channels, and equally those who are into movies.

It’s worth noting that many of these bundles only apply to new customers and come with an additional contractual commitment. Virgin Media state that they also reserve the right to withdraw these bundle packages, and so if you’re interested in obtaining one you may want to sign up at your earliest convenience as the deal may not last forever.