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Call UPS for help with Delivery cost, Insurance policies & Remote area delivery. Customer service is open Monday – Friday – 8:00am-8:00pm and Saturday – 8:00am-12:30pm.

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About UPS

UPS, also known as United Parcel Service, is a large delivery company originally from the United States of America. The company was originally formed in 1907 and has grown since then to become the largest package delivery company in the world, operating in excess of 200 countries.

Why Contact UPS?

There are many reasons that you might wish to contact UPS, including:

– YOu want to find out about the price or cost of setting up a regular delivery, or delivering a single package
– You wish to enquire about UPS’ delivery service, insurance policies, or enquire as to when your package will be delivered
-You need to find out why your package has yet to be delivered or you want to report a late delivery
– YOu have an issue with your UPS account
– You want to see whether it’s possible to deliver to a remote area, or you have another customer service requirement


What factors affect the cost of a UPS Delivery?

The amount that it costs to ship a package with UPS in the United Kingdom may depend on a number of factors, including where you are sending the package from, where you are sending the package to, how much the package weighs, and also the shape and requirements of the package. Finally, it can also depend on the level of service that you want and which optional extras you want, for example recorded delivery, insurance, or more. UPS has a tool on their website which allows you to accurately estimate the cost of delivery of a package according to your requirements

I need to find a shipment label, how can I do that?

You should be able to print a shipment label for your package by submitting your information in the shipping history section of the UPS website. However, as UPS has a number of websites for different countries it’s quite important to check the websites location.

How can I order shipping boxes and supplies?

If you’re a customer who has logged in to the UPS website then it may be possible for you to order a many different shipping products. This can include envelopes, which are often free of charge, boxes, labels, and shipping forms. These can be paid for online using your regular account or using a payment card. If you regularly ship a large amount of goods then this is an effective way of ordering supplies to support you in your shipping endeavors.

How do I find out when I’m going to receive my delivery?

If you are curious about when your package will be delivered to you, then you may wish to access the online tracking tool on the UPS website. All that you need to do this is enter the tracking number or shipping number and you will be given information on when the package should be delivered to you.

My package is late, what should I do?

First, you may wish to check the UPS tracking site. If you do this, and then you see that your shipping status is labeled as ‘exception’ then this means there is an exceptional reason that your package is late or delayed. For example, this could be related to a delay at customs if you’re shipping internationally, or it could be an extreme weather event. This could mean that your delivery has to be rescheduled. If this is not the case,then you may wish to contact UPS to find out why it has been delayed and when you will be able to receive your delivery.

What is UPS Declared Value?

UPS Declared Value is a service that is offered which heightens the amount of liability that UPS will accept. UPS States that the maximum is $50,000 US dollars or the equivalent in a different local currency. To do this, you must enter the value of the package in the online tool, and then you will receive an increased charge to maximise the liability that UPS will accept on the value of the package. If you’re shipping a high value item then you may wish to make use of the UPS Declared Value feature.

What guidelines does UPS provide for shipping?

On their webite UPS provide many guidelines for shipping effectively, including the following:
Firstly, they suggest that you use a box which is rigid, that is to say, tough and strong and does not fold or bend too easily. The box also needs to have working flaps.

Secondly, all labels that were used on the box previously should be removed. For instance, the box was previously used to ship something fragile and still has a fragile sticker on, this should be removed, and the same goes for labels like hazardous materials. When these are kept, it can occasionally delay shipping times.

Thirdly, if one box has many items, or even just more than one item, then these must all be wrapped separately and packaged separately. Otherwise, the items could be damaged and this could delay your shipping.
Fourthly, you may need to use good packaging material which helps cushion the things inside, and then fifthly you may wish to use strong tape and tape which is necessary for shipping effectively. You should not use string or paper to wrap the boxes.

Finally, you should use a clear and complete delivery and return label, and you should also aim to add a second address label inside the box. Following these guidelines ensures that you have a better shipping experience with UPS/