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About UK Mail

UK Mail is a delivery company which is as of 2016 a part of the DHL group, a major worldwide delivery organisation. The company provide courier services and delivery services in the United Kingdom.

Why Contact UK Mail?

There are many times that you might need to contact UK Mail. These can include:

– You have a parcel that you need to send
– You want to enquire about the status of a delivery
– You want to find out the cost of setting up a regular delivery or delivery account
– You have an issue related to a delivery

I have a question about delivery, what should I do?

Whether you have a query about a parcel or delivery, or about a job, media, or anything else, it is possible to contact UK Mail by telephone or via email. It’s important that if you have a query related to a delivery that you have your information on hand, including your confirmation email or confirmation information, consignment number, and details of when the parcel was sent and where to.

How can I find my consignment number?

A consignment number is a unique identifying code which is given to each delivery. Consignment numbers are typically provided when you complete your order and receive confirmation information, and they should be fourteen numbers long. If you haven’t received a consignment number than you may wish to get in touch with UK Mail at your earliest convenience to remedy this situation.

Is it possible to track my package using UK Mail?

Yes, you may be able to track the delivery of your package. To do this, the first thing that you will need to do is read the parcel tracking document that UK Mail provide on their website. This gives full detail on exactly how the process works. In addition, you may wish to access the ‘manage my delivery’ page on the UK Mail website. This offers additional information on how to track your item.

How long do I have to wait for my delivery to arrive?

On the date that your delivery is due, there will be a time period, or window, of one hour during which your delivery should arrive. You should be notified of the delivery window by text message or email, as long as you have provided this info when completing the order form. If you have yet to pass this information onto UK Mail, then you may wish to contact them and arrange to do so as quickly as possible. You can also do this by accessing the ‘Manage my delivery’ page on the UK Mail website, although you will need your Consignment number and the postcode for the delivery address.

If I’m not at my home or place of delivery then what will happen?

If your delivery is sent via a method which needs a signature from the recipient, then the driver will leave a card stating that they tried to deliver the parcel but were unable to, and this will have additional information on what to do next to rearrange the delivery.

Is it possible to change the address that my delivery is being sent to?

Only the sender of the package can change the delivery address, so for that reason if you require the delivery address to change quickly then you may wish to contact the sender as quickly as possible.

Can I change my 1 hour delivery window?

Unfortunately it may not be possible for you to arrange the 1 hour delivery window. However, that said, you might be able to rearrange the time of delivery to another day. If you wish to do this, you will need to access the ‘Manage my delivery’ subsection of the UK Mail website, or get in contact with the UK Mail.

WIll UK Mail let me know when my delivery is close?

Yes, on the date when your delivery is due, you will receive a notification from UK Mail between five minutes and fifteen minutes before the delivery personnel is due to arrive at the destination.

I was at home, but I got a ‘Sorry we missed you’ notification card – what can I do in this situation?

While UK Mail state that their drivers will attempt as much as possible to inform you that they have arrived and are there to deliver your package, it is possible that at times that this happens. The card provided should give additional information on what has been done with the package, for example if it has been given to someone else who’s living nearby like a neighbour, left in a safe location, or if the delivery will be rescheduled and sent again the next working day. For this reason, it’s important to thoroughly study the card left by the driver.

Is it possible for my driver to deliver my package the same day?

UK Mail state that due to schedule requirements, it is not possible for a driver to return on the same day. The reason behind this is that once the driver has attempted to deliver your package, it may be that they are already outside of your area.

Where do I get my parcel from if I missed delivery?

The simplest way of doing this is to access the UK Mail website and find the ‘Manage my delivery’ page. From here you should be able to find the ‘collect from depot’ option which should give you information on the nearest centre from which to collect your parcel. It’s important to keep in mind that your package will only be available from the next working day after your due date for delivery, and will not be available on the same day that you weren’t able to receive your package. There may be additional things to bring with you such as identification documents.