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Tips for Thames Water Customer Services Callers

The phone number to contact Thames Water customer service is 0844 850 8640. Calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your telephone company’s access charge.

Thames Water has working partnerships with national, regional and local organisations, companies and groups, to build towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future, working closely with communities and nature to make a difference.

You can find all the information available from Thames Water responsibility reports since 2005 – in PDF format, downloadable from the Thames Water website.

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and waste-water service provider, providing water related services for the greater London area.

You can look at an online map of the area covered by Thames Water, on the website.

Frequently asked questions for the Thames water contact number callers

What is water hardness?

Hard water has a naturally occurring higher content of calcium and magnesium – which would mean that low quantities of these compound would make your water soft.

Hard water need to be treated differently and handled differently too.

Hard water is perfectly safe to drink but can cause a scale in kettles, in irons and left without flushing, toilets too.

Where does Thames Water come from?

There are aquafiers that supply most of it, some rivers too.. but mostly groundwater. Stored in reservoirs and treatment plants that handle the water for Thames Water customers. Thames Water supplies to over nine million people a day.

What if I’m getting cloudy water?

Sometimes, this can be air-bubbles trapped in the system, usually the result of some work that was done on the pipes.

Also could be chalk deposits. Sometimes natural water can contain some chalk from minerals in the soil. If this doesn’t dissolve properly, you could see the result in cloudy water.

A glass of water with chalk in it, will take about an hour to clear and you can see the left over chalk sediment at the bottom of the glass.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay the following ways:

  • Direct Debit
  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay by debit card
  • Pay by phone
  • Set up payments

Of course a direct debit will be the easiest way to pay. You can call the customer care helpline and speak to one of the advisors about setting this up. Then the money will be deducted from your account each quarter or month, etc..

I don’t understand my bill, please help?

You will have metered and un-metered charges on your bill – the metered charges are the charges for your water based on the amount you used and determined when you gave a meter reading.

Un-metered bills are an estimate based on where you are and the amount of water a family in that house would normally use.

At the bottom of your bill will be the comparison chart, this will show you how much the current rate and consumption is in your area.

Under meter reading, you will see the volume of water used and the price and total. This is all the water you used in the last month.

When do I get my bill and how many times a year do I receive it?

This depends to some extent on your account. If your account, or your home, has a water meter, then Thames Water state that they will attempt to read your water meter one time per year at the minimum, which leads to receiving a bill two times per year (semi-annually).

If you don’t have a water meter and have a standard account then you’ll get a bill delivered to your house once per year from Thames Water. And remember that if you plan to move house then you should inform Thames Water as soon as possible, and you will then receive your first bill approximately 10 days after notifying Thames Water that you’ve moved in.

The billing period is normally from 31 March until 1 April. If you have additional queries call the Thames Water phone number on this page.

I can’t pay my bill, is there anything I can do?

Yes, if you’re finding it difficult to pay your water bill then there are some ways that Thames Water may be able to assist you. To find out what these are you may wish to get in touch with the Thames Water customer service number. The company could offer you a financial plan that limits your payments or makes them smaller and at different frequencies. This could in turn make it easier to cope with paying your bills.

I want to check my balance, how do I do that?

If you need to check your account balance then the first thing you should do is gather together your information, including your account number and a copy of your last bill, if there’s one around.

Then you may need to call Thames Water directly over the phone. Thames Water also state that if you have recently made a payment, for instance, within a working week or so, then you should wait for a few days (up to five working days) for Thames Water’s systems to register the payment.

I haven’t paid my bill and I’m not going to, what is going to happen?

There are many different things that could happen in this scenario. If you don’t follow the payment terms under your contract then Thames Water may send you notices.

If you still don’t pay your bill then it’s possible that they could pursue other means, for instance using an agency whose role is to collect unpaid bills or going through County Courts.

It’s worth noting that Thames Water state on their website that they will always try to avoid this happening and that if you can’t pay your bill you should contact Thames Water as early as possible.

Why should I pay by Direct Debit?

There are several reasons that you may wish to consider paying by Direct Debit.

Perhaps the most important of these is the convenience, as the money leaves your account automatically and you don’t have to go through any additional steps to know that your bill will get paid on time.

What date will my direct debit come out of my account?

This is another benefit of paying by Direct Debit, you can choose which date between the 1st of the month and the 28th of the month for the money to come out of your account, so whenever you would prefer.

To adjust your payment date call the Thames Water telephone number above.

I’ve recently moved to a different bank, what should I do about that?

If you’ve moved bank or opened another account, then you should get in touch with Thames Water when possible, and have all of your old and new details on hand.

I want to split up my final water bill into smaller payments, is that possible?

Thames Water state that if your final water bill is over thirty pounds then you may be able to split your cost up into smaller payments, thus enabling you to make the cost more manageable.

This could only apply if you’re moving out of Thames Water’s area and you’re closing your water account.

To find out more you may want to get in touch with them by calling the Thames Water number on this page.