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Call Tesco Mobile for help with Billing, Technical Support, Moving Home & Complaints. Customer service is open Mon-Fri – 8:00am-9:00pm Sat 8:00am-8:00pm Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.

*Calls to 0844 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. This is a call routing / call connection service and the company’s official phone numbers can be found for free in the public domain. We are not associated with any company or agency listed on our website while trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.

Customer Service Hours


Days Open Closed
Monday 08:00 21:00
Tuesday 08:00 21:00
Wednesday 08:00 21:00
Thursday 08:00 21:00
Friday 08:00 21:00
Saturday 08:00 20:00
Sunday 10:00 18:00

Tesco Mobile Broadband is now part of the TalkTalk. In 2015, TalkTalk acquired Tesco broadband and home phone customer base.

Tesco Mobile Customer Service

Tesco Mobile Customer Service is open 365 days a year, so contacting them is not a problem. They are UK-based and really know their business. They prioritize the need of their customers.

Mobile Postal Address

Tesco Mobile
IDA Waterford Business and Technology Park
Cork Road

Pay Monthly Phones

UK Phone Shops

You might have to know that people are not on commission with their stores, so it is about you and your needs. They will help you find the perfect tariff and phone for your needs. There are 320 Tesco Mobile stores around UK, so you can find the nearest shop in your location.


Unlike the other mobile network providers, it give its customers peace of mind that they will not sneak the plan price up once you registered with the mobile network. They assure that they will never increase your plan price mid-contract. They never have and never will.

You Are In Control of Your Bills

Limited plans give you full control of your monthly bill so you do not have to worry of receiving scary bills every month. You can select your own tariff, add a safety buffer and never pay for the service you never use every month.

You Can Get a New Phone When You Want

Anytime Upgrade give you the independence to get a new device where you are in your contract. You have the full control over your contract, there is no waiting game for the new phone and at the end of your contact, and your bills will drop.

Benefits for You and Your Family

With more than one contract in your account, you get rewards each month. Each contract gets an improvement with one of these rewards:

  • 150 extra free call minutes
  • 250MB extra free data
  • 500 extra free call minutes to Tesco Mobile phones

Triple Credit on Pay As You Go

With the Triple Credit, you avail free credit when you top-up, you can use it on UK data, calls and texts.

  • Top-up £10 and they give you £20 free credit
  • Top-up £15 and they give you £30 free credit
  • Top-up £20 and they give you a huge £40 of free credit

If you top-up at least £15 per month, you can choose a free package bundle.

4G at No Extra Cost

You get to avail the 4G at no extra cost on pay monthly and pay as you go. All you need is a 4G handset, 4G network coverage and 4G tariff, you will be buzzing all over the web.

4G features are websites display faster, maps load & apps run smoothly and viewing photos & videos are much quicker.

Lost or Stolen Tesco Mobile Phone

Once your handset or SIM card is lost or stolen you can call Tesco Mobile on 0345 301 4455 as quickly as possible. If you do not have the access to another handset, you can contact them through online or use their online chat that pops up on their website.

They will immediately forward your number to a new SIM card and send it you in the next three days. If you are Pay as you go user and had had top-up credit on your handset when you informed it lost/stolen, they will also transfer this to your new SIM card.

If you want to make a claim Tesco Phone Insurance, you can go visit their official website or if you want an easy access, call Tesco Mobile Customer Service.