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TalkTalk Broadband, Fibre, TV and Mobile Phone departments can be reached by calling the TalkTalk customer service number. They can help with billing, technical support, sales, moving home and other account changes.

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Tips for Talk Talk Customer Services Callers

The phone number to contact Talk Talk customer service is 0844 850 8072. Calls to 084 numbers cost 7p/min plus your telephone company’s access charge.

TalkTalk broadband and home phone subscribers can upgrade their bundle through the TalkTalk add-ons called Boosts.

It is specifically designed to make it much simpler for customer to customize their packages based on their needs, Boost let TalkTalk used to upgrade their broadband connectivity from ADSL to fibre, you can register for TalkTalk TV, add more channels and better online security.

What is Available on the TalkTalk TV Boosts?

TalkTalk TV Boosts cost £2.50 per month; they are designed around the forms of content and come with Boosts that offer worldwide, US channels, foreign-language programming and children and film channels as well.

However, the most popular TalkTalk TV Boosts are the ky Sports and Sky Movies Boosts that allow customers to include Sky Sports’ set of channels and Sky’s best film channels.

Subscribers can register to Boosts at any moment during their plan term and no limitations on the number of Boosts they can add. TalkTalk TV Boosts are offered on a continuing plan basis, users can also terminate them when they want. Contact TalkTalk customer services if you wish to change your plan.

Their TV customers can include Boost with their TV remote and can be used instantly. On the other hand, subscribers can activate their Boosts through MyAccount section of the website. Though, it takes a bit longer, as users are advised to expect waiting time up to 24 hours. Contact Talk Talk customer services to find the current rates and channels included.

What Can I Avail on the TalkTalk?

Every deal includes a router and Talk2Go app that allows customers to make calls from their mobile phone at landline rates, and the HomeSafe network level security that lets users blocks sites that are known to contain viruses or stop younger customers from visiting not suitable content.

Broadband and TV Packages

If you want a complete package of broadband, TV and phone service, then the telco is offering it at an affordable price. It offers YouView set top box that combines catch-up TV and Freeview TV with streaming on demand services.

In addition, all the TV packages of TalkTalk come with TalkTalk’s TV2Go app. This is free to download on Android and iOS and allows you to watch on demand shows and some live channels on your smartphone and tablet devices, though;Wi-Fi connection is needed to use it. Find out if this is included in your plan by calling the TalkTalk phone number listed above.

Simply Broadband Deals

It is easy to guess what the SimplyBroadband package offers. You have three basic choices:

Simply Broadband

It provides of up to 17Mb broadband with unlimited monthly downloads, free calls to TalkTalk users and with a choice to upgrade phone contract.

Fibre Medium

It is an ultrafast fibre optic broadband with 38Mbs and no download limitations. What’s more, it has free minutes to other users with a choice to upgrade phone contract.

Fibre Large

Fibre Large is the fastest broadband package of the carrier. It provides a download speed of up to 76Mb, free minutes to other users, unlimited downloads and option to upgrade phone contract.

For more satisfaction, you can add the new SuperSafe Boost; it provides internet security such as virus protection, for up to five devices in your home.

Phone Plan Add-Ons

If you always use your home phone, it is best if you add call plan to your plan. They are offering you two choices:

Anytime UK Calls Boost

It provides inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobile phones, 24/7. Remember, you will have to pay standard costs if a call lasts more than 1 hour, so bear in mind to hang up and dial again of you are a very gossipy person.

International Calls Boost:

This plan offer inclusive anytime calls to landlines and mobiles in 53 countries such as in Germany, Spain, France, Canada, Australia and USA. You can avail discount call rates on some countries that are not on the contract.

Call the TalkTalk contact number above to learn more about these plans.

Common TalkTalk Support Question Answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have found answers to when searching the internet. We want to be a helpful resource to help you find a solution fast. We are in no way affiliated or represent TalkTalk. The information that appears on this website has been sourced publicly and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content as it may have changed or been updated.

I want to watch HD television with my TalkTalk box, how do I do that?

TalkTalk supplies their customers with a YouView Box, which is capable of playing content in HD. In order to use HD services though, you must have an HD Television. If you do not have an HD Television then you will be unable to view in 1080p (HD quality). If you have an HD TV then you will need to find out which channels are available in HD quality, as not all of them are. To do this you may wish to call the TalkTalk helpline or try and find the information online. This is the fastest way that you will be able to watch HD TV using your TalkTalk box.

When does my contract with TalkTalk Business start from?

TalkTalk has a reputation for providing high quality network solutions for both normal and business customers. If you use their business-to-business networking services you should remember that after signing a contract, there is a 7-day cooling off period where you are able to back out of the contract or invalidate the contract. That means that once the seven day period has passed, your official contract with TalkTalk Business has begun. If you need to make changes, invoke the seven day contract cooling off period, or have any other question about your service, then the best thing to do is call the TalkTalk customer services number above to find out directly about your query.

My phone line is making noise or difficult to use, what should I do about this?

Like all telephone products, there are occasionally problems with signals and reception, for both landline / house phones or mobile phones. If the quality of your call is drastically affecting your service it may be caused by a hardware problem or extreme weather conditions. You should try to check your local service advice or get in touch with the Talk Talk contact number to find out why your service is being affected in this way.

I am receiving a high volume of nuisance/unwanted calls. How can I fix this?

It’s very frustrating when you receive nuisance calls, whether they’re from marketers or all out scammers, it’s not something that anyone would like to experience. Unfortunately though, all phone operators suffer from this problem to some extent. Luckily, phone companies like Talk Talk continue to update their service with features to help you manage this issue. You may wish to consider making your phone number ex-directory so that it is publicly unavailable. You can also opt out of ‘cold calling’ by marketing under the ‘special directory’ section on your Talk Talk account or calling the Talk Talk number above.

What is a Super Router and how do I get one?

Talk Talk have introduced a new generation of network routers that they call the Super Router. Usually they give these to customers once they sign up with Talk Talk. Delivery takes up to 3 days and is usually trackable online. If however, you want to upgrade from your existing router to a Super Router you are able to purchase one from the Talk Talk shop. Super Routers are generally understood to be more reliable and faster and easier to use than traditional, older routers.

I want to use my old router or a router that isn’t from Talk Talk, can I do that?

Yes, it is technically possible although it might be harder and more complex to set up than using one of Talk Talk’s supplied routers. Talk Talk’s supplied routers are configured to work seamlessly with Talk Talk’s network, meaning that it is all ready to go straight out of the box.
It’s important to follow the instructions that were provided with your router and to keep in mind that you’ll have to work out the correct network configurations to make it work correctly. If you have any questions, dial the TalkTalk number listed above to find out more about whether your router is usable or not.

I have an old router, can I recycle it?

Yes, TalkTalk offers a service for its customers to recycle old routers. This is part of their initiative to reduce their carbon footprint. You can find out more about recycling your old equipment online or by getting in touch with Talk Talk to find out the procedure. There is a page dedicated to their recycling centre online. You should keep in mind that recycling is not paid and you won’t receive any money for recycling your TalkTalk equipment.

I want to use parental controls on my TV, how do I do that?

Talk Talk TV offers parental control functionality, however this is only available if you are using an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, and is not available currently for their other services. They currently have no plans to introduce a parental control feature for their other services. If you are using an Xbox 360 or Xbox One you can easily use the parental controls feature. More information is available on the company’s website or by calling the Talk Talk customer service number.

How do I change my marketing preferences?

It’s a great idea to receive updates from your services provider, as you can get useful information and special deals delivered to you without having to do anything. That’s why it’s always recommended that you keep this service activated. However, should you want to turn off this service, it’s certainly possible to do so.

If you wish to do this, log onto your account page for Talk Talk internet, phone or TV. In the top corner you should see a settings box. From here, you can open the settings page and adjust the marketing preferences area until you meet your desired level of marketing contact. This is the easiest and most straight forward way of changing your marketing preferences and ensuring you receive information from Talk Talk that suits you. Alternatively, you may want to get in touch over the phone by calling the TalkTalk telephone number to discuss any problems you’re having or any changes you’d like to make to your account and the marketing settings that you have applied to your account.