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Pro Tips for Southern Electric / SSE customer services

Southern Electric is a simple and efficient company to make the switch to, with exclusively UK call centres, you can be rest assured that your call will be dealt with in a professional and relatable way.

Southern Electric has over 19 000 staff and pays at least the “Living Wage” – showing that this energy giant has a heart for Britain and her people.

SSE make more renewable energy than any other company in the UK – using water and the wind.

Call now for a no-obligation quote or go online to see if SE can beat your current provider.

Call or go online to find out about the different types of meters that are available to you, what’s best for your particular type of home and energy consumption. You can also find information on how to read the different types of meters yourself.

Frequently asked questions for callers of the Southern Electric / SSE contact telephone number

Can I get billed online?

Yes. If you register with Southern Electric online you will automatically receive bills online. To see your bill, go to your account online and click on “Your Accounts” – then just click the “View your bill” (PDF) and you can check your current / last bill. You can also check previous bill that have been sent since you started your account online.

How do I give a meter reading online?

Go to your account online, click on “Your Accounts” and scroll down to the section that says “meter readings”. Here you will find the place to put your reading, hit “enter” and your updated amount will show right away.

What about ID theft from my account online?

The Southern Electric website and database are very secure and no one outside of Southern Electric staff members will have access to your information. If you feel that your security has been breached, simply follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.

What is an estimated reading?

When Southern Electric doesn’t have updated meter readings available, it takes an estimate based on certain factors, to determine your bill. Those factors are:

  • The average amount of energy consumed by a household similar to yours
  • Your energy usage in the past
  • The season (of course in winter more energy is used)
  • You always have the opportunity to update Southern Electric records with an accurate meter reading, so go online or call today.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay online via the website or you can call the Southern Electric customer care team to make a payment, however, to get the best price you can set up a Direct Debit. The reduction in price is due to the administration cost of processing your payment – being waived.

How do I make the switch to Southern Electric?

Just call the customer care line or go to the SE website and click “Apply now”. Here you will be given information on when your supply from Southern Electric will start (usually in about 3 weeks). You also don’t have to worry about telling your current energy supplier as SE will do this for you.