Sky Broadband Contact Number

Sky Broadband is under the British Sky Broadband, a company that was created in 1990 when Sky Television and BSB merged. Sky Television founded satellite television with their innovative Astra satellite and BSB offered similar services to UK customers. They can be reached by calling the Sky Broadband Customer Service Number

Though the mobile company was mainly recognized as a satellite, and later digital, television provider they are now widening into offering broadband services. BSkyB acquired the ISP Easynet in 2005; it is an active broadband provider in the UK.

Sky has since been at the leading edge of UK technology and entertainment advancement. After launching the interactive TV in UK back in 1998, another first was introduced in 2006 with the first nationwide HD channel in the form of Sky+.

Since then Sky has remained to change the way users watch TV, with the introduction of online and on-demand TV. 2010 is the year when 3D channels came into the UK households. Sky has unveiled the Sky Go in 2011, allowing customers to watch live TV on the go on PC, laptops, MAC, smartphones and tablets.

Together with the Sky’s offering, its broadband service has steadily advanced in coverage and scale. 2012 is the year when SKY has joined in the ultrafast revolution with it is first-ever fibre broadband products, providing speeds of up to 38Mb.

Sky emphasized its goal in 2013 when it agreed to procure O2 and Be’s broadband subscriber base for £180 million. The business led SKY to becoming the second-largest provider in UK fixed broadband market.

In 2014, Sky has introduced their newest sports channel called Sky Sports 5. It was considered as the home of European football that shows England games and the Champions League coverage.

Today, Sky is the one of the most famous names in the broadband and home entertainment, offering Sky phone, TV and broadband bundles that means there are various Sky deals for new subscribers as well as Sky deals for existing customers. Whether you are searching for a broadband and phone package or a new TV subscription, Sky is the best option for you. Sky often offers sales on their packages so watch out for it.

Sky Customer Service

The Sky customer service helpline is open from 7am-11pm, seven days a week with calls charged at local rate. For online assistance, Sky has the Ask Sky Box’, which allows customers to type their question and receive reply without answering their phone. We are not Sky, official information can be found on their website.

Ofcom has named Sky in 2012 as the best broadband provider for customer service for two years.


All Sky broadband bundles include free Sky Hub; a wireless router that allows you to browse the web through your home. It has built in Sky Smart Signal technology; it is specially designed to give you the best coverage available and uninterruptedly scans the home for the most reliable wireless channel.

There is a Get Set’ CD for all the Sky packages that walks you through process inch by inch. On the other hand, Sky engineer offers a professional home installation service for £50.

The Sky broadband service is available in standard ADSL and ultrafast fibre optic options that offers maximum speeds of up to 17Mbps and 38Mbps correspondingly. Sky broadband packages also come with unlimited download service that allows users to download and stream content without any problems.

In addition, Sky can get access to 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around UK through the Cloud. Pizza Express, Wagamama and Caffe Nero are some of the locations that have this service.