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In 1974, Severn Trent was created as a local, state-owned water provider located in Birmingham and is in charge for water management and supply and waste water treatment and disposal, in the catchment areas of two of United Kingdom’s biggest rivers – the Severn and the Trent. It was in these rivers that they got their name.

Severn Trent Water Contact Number

If you have question or problem, they are ready to help. You can get in touch with them using the details below:


Call them on they are always ready and happy to serve you 24/7.

Severn Trent Postal Address

Severn Trent Water Ltd
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PO Box 5310

Common Severn Trent Customer Questions

How Do I Pay and Manage My Bill

Direct Debit

Pay your bills by Direct Debit in one lump sum payment, 17 days after the bill is delivered. There is no easier, securer and more suitable way to pay for your water bill than by Direct Debit.

PayPoint and Watercard

Today, it is now easier to pay your water bill, you can just call Severn Trent Water Contact Number or go to the nearest PayPoint outlet.

There are thousands of PayPoint branches all around the country, accessibly situated in places including supermarkets, newsagents, off licences, garages and corner shops.

You can use PayPoint’s online search facility to search for the nearest outlet.

How Do I Pay Online?

To make payment, first the company needs to know who you are. If you sign up to create your account online, you can avoid having to do this in future. You will also be able to take care of your Direct Debits, create payment schedules and check your bill online.

How Do I Register As a New Customer?

You can sign up to 24-hour access to the Severn Trent Water bills and account information. You can register to make payment, change your personal account details, and manage your Direct Debits etc.

How Do I Update Meter Reading?

The fees against your Severn Trent Water account may be costlier than they need to be if they are estimated. By providing them with a true meter reading, they can assure that you are only being charged for the water you have used.

To enable you to access a meter reading, first need to know who you are. If you sign up to manage your account online, you can prevent having to do this in future. You will also be able to take care of direct debits, create payment schedules and check your bill online.

Why did their charges change in April 2015?

The standard unmeasured home bill is plummeting by 1.2%, while the normal measured home bill is dipping by 5.0%.

The difference between the two kinds is because to Ofwat’s requirements as to how the total cost increase should be applied.
The changes will enable them to:

  • Cut leakage by47 million liters every day between 2010 and 2015 to assure that they have enough water to meet the requirement of their customers.
  • Capitalize around £10 million so that they can review nearly one million home to determine and solve low water pressure instigated by shared supply pipes.
  • Invest about £6 million to secure treatment works from floods that will help around 650,000 households.
  • Invest more than £115 million so that about one and a half million regulars can be served by more than one source of water. This will decrease the risk of floods that caused service failure.

I’m a Severn Trent customer and I’m planning to move house, do I need to let Severn Trent know?

Yes, if you’re moving house then ideally you should let all your household utility providers know of your plans. To let Severn Trent, you may wish to get in call the Severn Trent contact number above to inform them of your new address, your plans for the dates that you leave and the payment methods and settling of any outstanding bills.

It’s important that you let your utility providers know in a timely manner as otherwise they may still be billing you when you’ve vacated your old property, leading to additional charges.

My water doesn’t have any pressure, or isn’t coming out properly. What should I do?

There are a few possible explanations if you are experiencing no water pressure or low water pressure. The first thing that you should do in this situation is to check if there is any news on water issues in your area.

It may be the case that this is an existing problem that has already been brought to the public’s attention and is affecting other houses in your area.

If you’ve already looked into whether there are issues affecting your area and you haven’t found anything, then the next step is to get in touch with Severn Trent customer services to report the problem and gain their advice and guidance on what to do next.

What method do Severn Trent use to calculate my bill?

If you’re on a water meter then Severn Trent will follow a procedure to predict your charges over the coming year for a period of 12 months. This is done based on your regular usage, using past bills to estimate your future bills.

Severn Trent will continue to check your water meter and then adjust your bills accordingly to ensure that you are never paying too much or too little.

If on the other hand, you don’t have a water meter in your property then Severn Trent will simply charge you a certain amount per year. They will also subtract any existing credit balance in your account from your annual charge. You may choose to pay your annual water charge in instalments. If you have additional queries call the Severn Trent phone number on this page.

I have extra money (credit) in my account and I want to get it back – how do I do that?

If your Severn Trent account is in credit then Severn Trent may send you a refund within two weeks (fourteen days) of leaving your old property. This is done automatically and for that reason you might not need to contact Severn Trent.

However, if you’ve accidentally paid too much then you might need to call the Severn Trent Water customer services number to find out how to get this credit in your account back.

If I just moved, how do I get my last bill sent to my new place?

There’s a simple way to do this, all that you will need to do is go into your online account or contact Severn Trent and inform them that you would like to update your address details to your new place.

I can’t afford to pay my Severn Trent charges. What can I do?

Severn Trent offer some solutions to help people who are struggling to pay their water bill charges. The most straightforward way of doing this is to get in touch by calling the Severn Trent Water phone number on this page and talk to someone about the options that are available to you.

Some of these options could include different payment methods, saving water advice, or using two services named Water Direct and Watersure which are offered by Severn Trent to help people struggling to pay their bills.

I think my pipes are blocked or there’s a blocked drain in my house. What should I do about it?

This is a complex situation and it depends on who is responsible for the blockage, as the blockage may not be in your pipes or in an area owned or operated by Severn Trent.

To know for sure you’ll need to find out what or where the issue is and then possibly consider calling the Severn Trent Water number, or identifying which other relevant body will need to be contacted to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.