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Scottish Power is the distribution network operator for southern and central Scotland, Northwales and Merseyside. The company supplies electricity and gas to businesses and homes around the United Kingdom and produces power for the supply of people. They are one of the largest companies that create energy in the UK that commits to build a sustainable future from sources that are renewable. They offer some advantages and benefits that you can enjoy as their customers that require no extra cost.

Scottish Power Phone Number

They are open from Monday to Friday 8am – 10pm and Saturday 8.30am – 6pm.

Energy Efficiency at Home

1. Remote heating control – a new way you could save energy

  • Your home heating should be on schedule. You can connect always by using remote control central heating that gives you the power at your fingertips to manage your heating. This also can help save money.
  • You can schedule, stop or boost your heating every time you want, either you are at home or on the go.
  • Package 1 has an optional advanced payment of £66, a contract of 2 years, has free application and the monthly cost is £9.94.
  • Package 2 has an optional advanced payment of £0, a contract of 2 years, has free application and the monthly cost is £12.69.
    1. Green Deal

  • Green deal is very good choice to install energy efficiency because it helps cut energy consumption.
  • This can install these following; Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Boilers – high efficiency condensing boilers and air or ground source heat pumps
  • External and internal solid wall insulation
  • Draught proofing
  • Replacement windows
  • Renewable technologies such as wind turbines and solar panels

3. Energy Saving Tips

  • Heating, turn down your thermostat to 1°C and you will reduce your bill to almost 10%. You will not drop your temperature but you will notice the save in energy.
  • Lighting, energy saving light bulbs could last to 10 times longer than regular light bulbs and could save you up to £40.

4. Gas & Electricity tariffs

a. Online Fixed Price Energy November 2016

  • Fixed prices until November 30, 2016
  • There are no exit fees
  • Use App to manage your account
  • Low User – £605.32; Medium User – £870.28; High User – £1,212.61
  • Payment methods are: Variable Direct Debit, Quarterly Direct Debit or online Debit Card and Monthly Direct Debit

b. Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy November 2017

  • Prices are fixed until November 30, 2017
  • ScottishPower will donate to Cancer Research UK for every month you remain on the tariff, up to a maximum of £5 per fuel per annum, until the end of the tariff term.
  • Your bill amount may differ depending on your electricity or gas usage.
  • Standing charge only
  • Dual fuel, gas or electricity only
  • No exit fees
  • Low User – £742.42; Medium User – £1,056.09; High User – £1,459.73

c. ScottishPower Standard Domestic Tariff

  • Prices effective from 20th February 2015
  • No end date is applied to the agreement
  • No cancellation charges
  • Manage your account online and via their energy App
  • Monthly by Direct Debit or standing order; Variable Direct Debit; Quarterly by Direct Debit, cash, cheque or postal order; Online by Debit Card; Pay as you use with a prepayment meter; Weekly by payment book or card
  • Has standing charge
  • No exit fees
  • Typical costs are; Low User – £782.94; Medium User – £1,113.25; High User – £1,538.81

I’m with Scottish Power and want to change to a different energy tariff, is that possible?

Yes, Scottish Power has a number of different tariffs available and these depend on many different factors. These include variable rate tariffs, standard tariffs, and tariffs for heavy usage. Which one you need and which one is best for you to switch to is really down to personal circumstances and your energy usage patterns.

To switch tariffs you can use the online Scottish Power portal, going through the MyAccount system, or otherwise you can get in contact with Scottish Power customer services via the telephone to switch your tariff and get extra information about the options available to you.

Switching tariffs can be an important way of maximising the efficiency of your energy bill and saving extra money that you could be using elsewhere. For that reason, if you think you might be on a tariff that doesn’t converge well with your needs, it’s an option that’s certainly worth looking into.

What do I do when my tariff is ending?

What you do with your tariff when it comes to an end depends on a couple of factors. If you’re currently using what’s known as a ‘Fixed Term’ tariff, that is, one that is set for a certain period of time, then Scottish Power should send you some information, either by a letter, or by an email, a minimum of six weeks before the end of your contract.

They may offer assistance with next steps, renewal, or changing your tariff.

Alternatively, if you use an online account for your services with Scottish Power, then you may be able to check online in the messages section to see when your tariff ends and what to do next.

It’s important to keep a note of this, as your account may be moved from the tariff you’re on to a ‘Standard tariff’ when your fixed term one reaches the date of expiry. Scottish Power state that in 20 calendar days of your tariff coming to an end, you’ll be charged the same prices until it changes.

If you need to find out more about when your tariff ends, setting up an online account, or have another query regarding your tariff with Scottish Power then you may wish to contact Scottish Power customer service to discuss your circumstances.

I want to pay with a different payment method for my Scottish Power account, how do I do it?

Scottish Power may accept different payment methods, and this gives you some flexibility in choosing how you want to pay your power bills, and which payment method is most convenient for you. If you use online services with Scottish Power then you may be able to set up a Direct Debit simply by using your on-screen portal.

You should be able to log in to your account and then select the ‘change your tariff’ option. It’s worth noting that to do this you’ll need to have your details, specifically concerning your bank account, on hand.

There are other payment options that may be available to you as a Scottish Power customer, but to find out about these you might wish to call the Scottish Power contact number above, as it could depend on your circumstances and product.

I want to reduce my Scottish Power bill, how can I save money?

The first thing that you can do to reduce your electricity bill and help save money and energy consumption is to use less energy. This might mean that you don’t leave lights on, turn appliances off when they’re not being used, and a number of other energy saving steps.

In addition to this, you might want to do some reflective planning to see where exactly your household expends the most energy. Scottish Power offer an energy efficiency survey which is intended to help you pinpoint the areas that you use the most energy and the most practical and effective ways for you to reduce your consumption, and your bill too.

Finally, if it is money that concerns you more than energy consumption then you might want to enquire with the Scottish Power helpline as to which tariff you use and whether switching tariff or signing up to a new service will help you reduce your bill.

It’s possible that there are more suitable tariffs for your needs that could help you save money depending on your usage. To find out about these you may wish to contact them directly by calling the Scottish Power number above with your details.

My energy bill is higher / my energy consumption has changed, why is that?

It’s very common for your energy bill to change over the year, not just based on weather but also based on your life and what you choose to use at different times.

As an example, it’s understandable that you’ll use a lot more energy in the colder months than compared to summer, because you need to keep warm and using products like boilers, radiators and so on requires a lot of energy, while summers are quite mild in comparison to other areas so air conditioners and et cetera are not often required.

However, there is more to the puzzle of changing energy consumption than this. You may want to think carefully about how your energy consumption could have changed over the last few months – have other people come to stay with you? Has someone returned home recently to live with you? Or have you bought a new appliance or device which uses more electricity? Otherwise, have you moved house or changed your living conditions in some way.

Normally, there will be a clear explanation for the change in energy use.

If you have an online account then it may be easier to track your energy consumption with Scottish Power, or for other enquiries you may want to contact the Scottish Power telephone number directly.