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About Ovo

Ovo is an energy supplier based in the United Kingdom. Their headquarters are based in Bristol, England. Ovo is a relatively new company compared to other energy suppliers in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, having been officially founded in 2009. Ovo is known particularly for providing a minimum of one-third of some energy tariffs as from renewable resources and renewable sources of energy. This makes them very appealing to those who are concerned about using green energy. Ovo is comparatively quite small when looked at compared to the ‘Big Six’ energy companies which dominate the UK market, although they have been growing quickly and now represent approximately two and a half percent of the total energy market in the United Kingdom.

Why Contact Ovo?

There are many reasons that you may wish to contact Ovo, whether you’re a potential customer, current customer, or former customer. Some of these reasons may include the following:

  • To submit, correct, or query a meter reading or smart meter reading that’s been registered on your account
  • To enquire about switching tariffs, upgrading your tariff, or switching from one energy supplier to Ovo
  • To adjust personal information or personal details on your Ovo energy account
  • To find out whether you could save money by switching from your current energy supplier to Ovo energy
  • To find information on how to move home with Ovo energy


Is Ovo a large energy company?

Relatively. Ovo is quite small compared to the majority of the energy market in the United Kingdom. Ovo compete directly with the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, as well as fifteen other energy suppliers which are considered to be ‘smaller scale’. That being said, the company still has close to 700,000 customers in the United Kingdom, representing a share of up to 2.5% of the entire United Kingdom’s energy market.

How do I login to my online account with Ovo Energy?

The first thing that you may wish to do if you’ve never logged in to the online service, My Ovo before, is locate your customer ID number which should be available in an email that the company has sent to you before. You might want to search for ‘Hello’ email addresses from Ovo. Once you’ve used this ID number to login you may be prompted to set a password. Make sure that once you’ve done this you write the password down and place it somewhere secure to look after for future use. You will also then need to confirm your email once again by accessing your inbox and clicking a link that Ovo will send to you. From this point on you will be registered with My Ovo and should therefore be able to use all the online services this offers.

Is my energy bill just the energy I’ve used?

Interestingly, while you might think that your energy bill only represents the cost of the energy that you’ve used, there is more to it than this. Ovo states that of your total bill, the direct cost of the energy that you use may only represent 33% of the total figure. The reason for this is that your bill includes a number of other small charges, including the costs of developing and maintaining the energy distribution network, the costs of supply and other associated overhead costs, value added tax, metering costs, and more.

What Pay As You Go Plans can I get on Ovo?

If you wish to use a Pay As You Go energy method to supple your home then you’ll be pleased to know that Ovo offers this service with a variety of options. If you have a smart meter fitted in your home, then you might wish to use the Ovo Smart Meter PAYG plan, while if you’re on a traditional meter, you can stick to their Ovo traditional plan. It’s also worth remembering that if you’re on a Pay As You Go energy system with Ovo, then your rate that you pay per unit of energy is classified as ‘variable’, which means that it’s possible for the rate that you pay to increase. That said, Ovo will always provide customers with a minimum of thirty days notice before altering the rate that you pay.

How can I submit my meter readings?

If you need to submit a meter reading for your Ovo energy account there are a few options that you can choose from. If you’re inclined to do so, you might want to download the Ovo app from the Apple or Android store, and then submit meter readings directly through the app when required. This can be a handy way of giving information that doesn’t require you to be near a computer. Otherwise, you might login to your My Ovo account on your PC and submit your meter readings. If both of these options don’t appeal to you then it might be worth contacting Ovo directly to discuss other options.

What tips does Ovo provide for helping me cut my bills?

Ovo publishes a number of pieces of information and handy tips on how to reduce your overall energy bill. The first thing that the company states is that you should attempt to only use the energy that you require. This means that for instance, when you boil the kettle, you only boil enough water for as many cups as you’re making. In addition, you might want to consider drying laundry outside if it’s a nice day and the weather is suitable, rather than a tumble drier, which can use a lot of energy. Another thing to consider is leaving appliances on standby, like the television. Leaving devices on standby can still use energy and this adds pu over time.

Why should I consider choosing Ovo over other energy suppliers?

Ovo states that there are a number of reasons that consumers might want to choose Ovo to replace their traditional energy supplier. One of the key points that they mention on their website is that Ovo rely to a great extent on renewable energy sources. In fact, up to 33%, or one-third, of the energy provided by Ovo comes from renewable sources of energy, rather than finite fossil fuels which have been linked to global warming and climate change.

Another reason that you might wish to consider Ovo is financial savings, as the company state on their website, that the average customer who switches to Ovo may be able to save up to one hundred and twenty pounds per year on their energy bill.

Thirdly Ovo offers something that they term their ‘interest reward’. This means that as long as your account remains in credit, Ovo will offer you a 3% interest reward per year, which may rise up to 5% on the third year of credit.

Finally, Ovo has a great online account system called My Ovo, which is easy and convenient to use. From My Ovo you can carry out a number of different functions, including account management, meter readings, maintenance of personal details, and more.

How do I obtain a quote for Ovo energy?

In order to obtain a quote, first you may wish to access Ovo energy’s website. From there you can select the ‘get a quote’ option. Following this, you will have to input some personal information, including your postcode, your payment method, the size of your residence (e.g. how many bedrooms in your property), and whether you would like online or over the phone account management services. This will then enable you to get a quote and see whether moving to Ovo energy is right for you.