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O2 started in the home broadband market in 2007 and a year after; it introduced its mobile broadband service.

In 2006, O2, or Telefonica Europe was formed when the British company united with the Telefónica, a Spanish telecommunications giant. However, the mobile company history spans much further back than this. It was firstly recognized as BT Wireless and later on as BT Cellnet, as the BT’s first mobile network provision service.

However, in 2001 a de-merger happened, the company gotten freedom from BT and relabeled as O2. For 5 years, they kept this freedom status but the latest procurement by Telefónica has faked links between other European telecommunications companies, especially the Czech Republic and Germany.

Sky acquired O2 home broadband business and customer base in 2013 and it no longer sells stable line connections. It still offer 3G and 4G mobile broadband connectivity, though, and is still a huge competitor in the UK mobile phone market.

O2 Customer Service

Their customer service helpline is a UK-based call center that is available 24/7.

It also has the Help page on its official website that gives advices and recommendations on everything from packages, gaming to switching provide.


The mobile broadband bundles include dongles that offer a mobile broadband connectivity for a sole user or MiFis that create mobile broadband connection for various users to connect all together.

Both ultrafast 4G mobile broadband and the 3G mobile, broadband dongles and MiFis are available.

Subscribers who already have 2 dongle or MiFi or who wants a SIM to use in their iPad or Android tablet can register for a SIM only contract.


There is a free Wi-Fi while you areout with O2’s network of thousands of hotspots, the subscribers avail priority booking at venues and reductions on deals and ‘experiences’, along with the opportunity to get lunch for £1 on Mondays.

Pay Monthly Sims

You can save money with sim only deal.
You can choose your device. Which device are you going to use with your new sim? All the sims of it are ready to use in any handset.

Length of Contract

You can choose on how long you want you contract. 12 months or 24 months?

Choose Plan

You can choose the right tariffs for you needs.

Every year, your Pay Monthly sim only tariff will be attuned on your April bill by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation publicized in the past February. To have further information, go to the

To know more about Retail Price Index (RPI), visit They use the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation: Percentage change over 12 months.



Apple iPhone 6s

You can pay monthly from £9.99 upfront and £54.00 per month. It is free next day delivery when you buy before 10pm. It has exclusive tickets, offers and experiences with Priority.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Pay monthly from upfront cost of £9.99 and £47.50 a month. It also comes with free insurance on their 20GB and 30GB plans.


With Priority and Radio X, you can get ticket to see you favorite bands 2 days before the public release. From daily extras to extraordinary treats, it is all on Priority and it is only on this company.

The app

You can download it free. My O2 app allows you to check your data allowances and purchase Bolt Ons if you want to. It synchronizes with your phone book so you are able to call and text by name. It shows your 6 months detailed bill history. You can top up or pay your bill on the app. In addition, you can check when you are due to upgrade as well as the apps is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Common O2 Support Question Answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have found answers to when searching the internet. We want to be a helpful resource to help you find a solution fast. We are in no way affiliated or represent O2 and/or O2 customer services. The information that appears on this website has been sourced publicly and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content as it may have changed or been updated.

Can I keep my number when I change to O2?

O2 offers you the option of keeping your mobile number if you switch from another mobile network to them.

The process is quite simple. When you leave your old provider you’ll need to ask them for a PAC number, which consists of six numbers and three letters. Please note that once you receive a PAC number it is only valid for 30 days. You’ll then need to fill in a ‘keep my number’ form from O2 which is available on their website.

You’ll be given a temporary number by O2 for the first 30 days while they process the switch. Once this sim loses signal, you can then insert your new sim into the phone and restart the handset.

If it’s past 6pm on the day of the switch and your phone still isn’t working, then you’ll need to contact O2 either online or via the O2 phone number above to find out what the problem is. Bear in mind that with multimedia messages it can take more than 24 hours for this service to work after you’ve started receiving an O2 signal.

Why is my bill higher than I expected?

Usually this happens when you use more than your contracted allowance for media, texts, or numbers. There are however other reasons that you can be charged extra. These include using your phone to buy a service, like WiFi on a bus or on a train, making calls from abroad, calling premium rate services, or roaming. Each of these can increase your bill above the usual cost.

To find out what has caused your bill to be higher contact the O2 customer service number or visit your account to see the additional charges.

Also, it’s worth remembering that due to inflation, from April 2017, your plan may be updated based on a common inflation index to keep in line with the current rate of inflation.

How do I find out about my bill?

There are many ways to find out about your bill on O2.
If you’re signed up to pay monthly on a contract then you may be automatically registered for a service called My O2. If you’re on Pay As You Go (PAYG) then you may need to register for the My O2 service, which requires your email address, a password, and your O2 number.

When you sign in to My O2 you’ll be able to access a copy of your bill and the payment date, as well as access records from the last half a year online. You can also see how your airtime bill is assessed and calculated.

If you need a hard copy of your bill it’s possible to obtain one, but you may need to call the O2 contact number and pay a small fee to cover the cost, normally 1 GBP for a summary and 1.50 GBP for a more detailed bill.

Otherwise, you can contact the O2 helpline directly to find out details of your bill or to query anything in your bill.

How has roaming changed as of June 2017?

In June 2017 the laws changed for EU telephone calls. From the 15th June, all networks within the European Union have to offer free roaming for calls taking place outside of their country but still in the EU.

There are some countries that aren’t included in this though, and you need to find out which countries are exempted from this before travelling.

This doesn’t mean free calls however, your calls may be billed the same as your allowance. To find out more, including the countries you’re visiting and whether free EU roaming applies, you should get in touch with O2 customer care either online or by calling them to find out what rules apply to you.

Can I use O2 Data abroad?

Currently, you can use data without an extra charge in the EU countries listed as not charging roaming. You should keep in mind that O2 does not have a 4G roaming agreement with any other countries, so you may be using either 3G data or slower. This means that data services may take a longer time than they would in the UK.

Does O2 have an App I can use?

O2 offer an App for you to use as long as you have a smartphone that meets the minimum device requirements for either iOS or Android. When you download the app you may need to use a fingerprint or passcode scan to log in. From here you are able to access your allowances, view your ‘bolt on’ additional services, and bills.

You can also see when your next bill is due or what recent charges you’ve accumulated. The app can be a huge time saver when you don’t have time to call O2 via phone.

How can I turn off voicemail on O2?

It’s common that customers on O2 find it difficult to turn on or turn off their voicemail.

There is a simple service to allow you to change your voicemail status. Dialing 1750 and pressing send turns on Voicemail, while to turn off Voicemail you can dial 1760 and press sent. If you want to record your own personal greeting then you need to call a number, 901, and you may be presented with a recorded menu.

From here you can select the option to record your full voicemail greeting or record a nametag. You can also use this number to change your pin, or retrieve your voicemail messages.

You can also check your messages by dialing 901 on your mobile phone, or even check from a landline by calling your mobile number from a landline when your mobile phone is switched off, and then entering your pin code.

Can I upgrade my handset?

This depends on several factors, including how far you are on your contract and how long is remaining, what kind of contract you’re on, and how much you’re willing to spend to upgrade.

If you’re on ‘O2 Refresh’ you can upgrade whenever you like by paying off the rest of your device plan. If not, visit the upgrades page on the O2 page and sign into ‘My O2’. From here you can see whether you qualify for an upgrade.

Otherwise you may wish to call the O2 telephone number listed above and find out whether your account is eligible for an upgrade and what the circumstances of your contract with O2 are.

How does Wifi work?

Wifi is a method of accessing the internet without the use of wires. Lots of modern electronic appliances, for instances Kindles, mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, laptops, and more, now have a network card which enables them to connect to the internet using Wifi technology, which is based on receiving a certain type of wave which transfers information.

To connect to Wifi, you must connect to a local router, which itself connects to the internet using a cable. The modem then uses radio waves to allow you to connect. O2 offers a Wifi service in some cases.

How does O2’s Wifi differ from other Wifi?

O2 Wifi is based on a number of areas where you can connect, known as hotspots. In addition, O2 Wifi is offered free of charge, and in certain areas may be available to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a current contract or relationship with O2. These are the key differences between O2 Wifi and regular Wifi.

What about O2 Wifi Extra?

O2 Wifi Extra is a little bit different, as this is a publically available service, but it is only available for people who are already a customer of O2. If you’re not already a customer of O2 then you may be able to access O2 Wifi, but you may not be able to access O2 Wifi extra.

Is O2 Wifi really free, or are there additional charges?

O2 Wifi doesn’t require any sign up process and you do not have to submit any payment card details or billing details as you might for other services. In this sense, it’s not a ‘free trial period’ but is an absolutely free offering with no contractual obligation or charges.

How can I use O2 free Wifi?

You will need to register for the service in the first instance. Once you’ve completed the simple and quick signup process, you will be able to take advantage of using O2 free Wifi whenever and wherever it is available.

How secure is Wifi to use?

Wifi has caused some concerns about safety, particularly with sensitive data. However, there are many measures that are taken by operators of Wifi networks to ensure that they are as safe as possible. As an example, there are certain software add-ons known as patches that are always updated by many networks, including O2.

In addition, other services such as content filtering can help to increase the security of Wifi. However, you should make sure that you don’t add specific information like personal details into fields on insecure websites, and you must ensure that safety certificates on websites are up to date and still valid. Usually your browser will inform you if security certificates are invalid at the time that you try and access the website.

How do I connect to O2 Wifi?

Access your ‘connections’ tab in your handset’s settings, and then select the O2 Wifi network (of course, you will have to be near an O2 Wifi hotspot for this to work). After this there may be a welcome screen. Once you accept the welcome screen, you will automatically connect to the Wifi.

Can I watch movies or clips using Wifi?

Yes, it is encouraged and will work better than using your data network, most of the time. Using Wifi, you can easily use nearly all available internet services.

Can I make calls using Wifi?

You can’t make phone calls to regular phone numbers, as this is on a cellular network and is separate from the internet connection. That said, you will be able to make some kinds of calls, like Skype calls, or using any other voice-over IP applications, which allow you to call over Wifi. Apple products, like iPhone, also have services like iMessage which can allow you to send messages and make calls over the internet.

Can I still use O2 Wifi even if I’m not an O2 customer?

Yes, no matter what network you’re on, you will be able to connect to O2 Wifi provided that you complete the necessary registration steps and are in close proximity to an O2 Wifi hotspot.

Is the technology used by O2 Wifi the same as the Wifi I use at home?

Yes, in many ways, provided you use Wifi at home, the service offered is exactly the same and operates using the same technology. The only differences may be things like the organisation of the system, including a welcome screen, and the need for a registration process.

Is Wifi faster than using 3G?

Generally, although not always, Wifi is faster than using a mobile data network. Some research suggests that using Wifi can actually be up to 10 times speedier than a mobile network with 3G data technology.

Why do I have to register for O2 Wifi if it’s free?

O2 ask people to register to help protect you, as a security measure, and to ensure you aren’t exposed to people snooping on your information. Also, completing a registration process once means that the next time you come across a Wifi hotspot, you don’t need to sign-in, which is more efficient and saves you time.

My O2 Wifi connection is slow, can I speed it up?

There are many ways that you might be able to increase the speed of your Wifi connection, although sometimes there may be issues that you cannot fix yourself.

If you are far away from the router or the location of the hotspot, then your connection will be slower. If you can move closer to the area of the router or hotspot then your connection speed will increase. Otherwise, it can be an issue of many people attempting to connect. If this is the case, try connecting again later to maximise your speed, or wait for a less busy time to access the O2 Wifi hotspot.

Which devices can I use to access O2 Wifi?

Generally, you should be able to access Wifi using any device that is capable of doing so. These might include phones like your iPhone or Samsung, Blackberry, or HTC. In addition, you can access using a laptop, MacBook, iPad, Tablet, Galaxy Tab, Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS, or smartwatch like Apple Watch or Samsung Gear. Any technology that has the ability to connect to Wifi will be able to use this service.

Will I have to enter into a contract to use the O2 Wifi service?

O2 state on their website that users will never have to enter into any formal contract in order to use their free Wifi service. However, you will need to accept the terms and conditions of the service in order to use it, so you should acquaint yourself with these and make sure that you consent to them before attempting to connect.

Is there a way I can find out if I’m near an O2 Wifi hotspot?

Usually, it will be signposted well to enable people to make use of the service. This can include things like adverts, stickers, signs, and other ways of drawing attention to the service. You might also want to check if you’re close to an O2 venue, as there may be an O2 Wifi hotspot near there.

I don’t know what an SSID is, can you explain it?

Yes, an SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. This is how a wireless network is named, and the SSID for O2 Wifi should be named simply as O2 Wifi.

Is it possible to remove my handset from my account for O2 Wifi?

Yes, you should be able to access the Wifi area of the O2 website, sign into your account and then select ‘manage devices’. Here, you are able to add, remove, or alter a number of devices related to your account.

Does O2 Wifi have a limit on the amount of material you can download per month?

The amount of data that you can download when using O2 Wifi is not unlimited, and you will be able to use up to ten gigabytes per month for O2 Wifi. This is a reasonable amount for nearly all people and will certainly cover you for a lot of browsing and watching content too.

Can I see how much data I’ve used on O2 Wifi?

Yes, by logging into your Wifi account on the O2 section of the Wifi website, you will be able to see how much you’ve used so far and how much you still have remaining to use before the end of the month comes to pass.

How many devices can I add to an O2 Wifi account?

For every one mobile number that you have, you should be able to add up to five different devices. So for example, registering with one mobile phone number, you’d be able to register your phone, iPad or tablet, games console, laptop, and another device.

Is O2 Wifi faster than 3g?

Yes, although it does depend on a number of factors including how close you are to the router and how busy the router is. That said, evidence suggests that Wifi can be up to 10 times faster than using 3G networks.

How can I connect to O2 Wifi?

This depends on your device, as each device has a slightly different way to do so. That said, you should first endeavour to access the ‘connections’ tab under your device’s settings. When you do that, you should be able to see the available networks.

What is the difference between 2G, 3G, and now 4G?

It’s quite common to see these abbreviations, but few people really understand what the difference is between 2G, 3G, and 4G. The answer is explained below.

2G stands for ‘second generation’, in the sense that it refers to the GSM network, which stands for the ‘Global System for Mobile’. 3G means third generation, and can also be known under the abbreviation UMTS, which stands for Universal Mobile Telecoms System. Then, we have 4G, or fourth generation, also known as LTE.

LTE stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’.
Second Generation (2G) first came into use in the nineteen-nineties, and was based around services including basic picture messaging (MMS), text messaging and short message services, and a basic internet service known as WAP.

2G networks were useful in many ways, but they were not as fast or reliable as 3G networks. The first use of 3G was introduced in the early two-thousands, with some records stating 2003 as the first time it was commercially available. 3G allowed faster use of the internet on mobile phones, and opened up the possibility for high-bandwidth services such as video calling. 3G networks continue to be upgraded and offer very fast networks.

4G is now also available in many places. A 4G network is much faster and can obtain exceptionally quick internet speeds, of up to one gigabyte per second download speeds and five hundred megabyte per second upload speeds.

Many of these services are available on O2. 4G first became available on O2 in 2013, and is now available for some handsets.

What network you use, whether you use 2G, 3G, or 4G, depends on the phone that you have, your location, your network, and more. In order to find out more you may wish to talk to an advisor at your mobile network or research O2’s offerings if you want to find out more about getting a 4G ready handset.

What is mobile roaming?

Roaming is when you can’t connect to the home network where your mobile phone is registered. If you’re an O2 customer, your home network will be O2-UK. The most common reason for this is if you go abroad, on holiday, business, or for any reason. That said, you can also end up receiving networks from other countries while in your home country.

In some areas of England, you might even be able to pick up networks from France or further.

Why is roaming expensive?

Roaming in itself may or may not be expensive, and this depends on your network and the tariff you’re on. It also depends on which country you go to, as many countries in the European Union have now allowed for no additional charges for roaming. That said, if you are in a new country which does not have free roaming, switching to these foreign networks can mean that you are charged a supplementary fee for any services that you use, like data, calls, messages, or MMS.

You should always check the terms and conditions of your contract and the location that you’re travelling to to see if there will be roaming charges. If you wish to avoid roaming charges, you might want to turn off data roaming or cellular data on your handset.

If I connect to O2-DE, is that the same as using O2-UK?

No, actually these are separate businesses. O2-DE refers to the German company, while they are both part of the same parent group (known as Telefonica), they are independent businesses in the way that they operate so roaming charges may apply if you connect to them while abroad.

How do I confirm that I want to use roaming?

If you are using a Pay As You Go (PAYG) tariff on O2 then you will not need to do anything, you will connect automatically to roaming networks. That said, you will be limited by the amount of money, or credit, that you have currently in your account.

If you’re a contracted customer, you pay by the month and have a certain amount of data, minutes, or texts, then you might need to confirm that you would like to activate roaming by calling O2 on one of their service numbers from your mobile phone.

How does Roaming operate?

Your home network will disconnect, and your mobile phone sim will ask to connect to the foreign network. The foreign network will send communications to your mobile network in the UK to see if they are compatible and you can roam on this network, if so, then it will connect. This is the reason why there can often be a delay in accessing a roaming network when abroad at first.

What are the charges for roaming on O2? What do I have to pay for?

While it may vary depending on your tariff, as a rule, you will have to pay for some services when roaming, like making and receiving calls, sending short messages like SMS, sending an MMS, and data. You might not be charged for receiving an SMS.

If I am in a country with a roaming agreement, like in the EU, will I still be charged?

If you’re in an applicable country where new roaming rules are applied, then you might not be charged any additional fees for roaming, and instead you can treat it in a similar way to your regular allowances for calls, messages, and data.

If I’m away and my friend is also abroad, does it cost to call them?

Even though their number is a UK number, it will still cost you to call them and you will be using the foreign network, so you will pay for the charge for roaming when you make the call and the friend will also pay to receive the call.

Why is it free to receive an SMS even if I’m overseas?

This is due to European Union rules, known as the ‘Telecoms Parliament’ who set a piece of legislation that meant all EU Mobile Companies must allow incoming text messages for free.

What are O2 Rewards?

O2 Rewards are a programme for Pay As You Go customers. Every three months, O2 will work out how much money you’ve spent on adding credit to your account, and will then return up to ten percent of that amount (although if you have been a customer for fewer than six months then you will only receive a maximum of five percent).

This value can be claimed immediately as free calling time, or it can be saved for later. If you don’t claim or save it then you may lose that quarter’s O2 rewards.

When can I claim or save the reward that I get from O2?

Normally this takes place on the fourth day of the first new month of the quarter. So for example, the fourth of January, and then the fourth of April. The network should notify you when your reward is ready and at that point you can either claim or save it.

What method should I use to claim my rewards?

You can claim or save your reward in many ways, including sending a message stating either ‘claim’ or ‘save’ to 50202. Otherwise, you can log onto the website, or discuss it with customer services. You can also claim or save your rewards in an O2 retail store.

Can I spend my rewards on other things?

You may be able to spend your O2 Reward points on a voucher to use at a number of high street retailers, or on mobile phone products like data, text messages, calls, and so on. You are also able to use it to purchase a new mobile phone, or receive a discount with tickets to an O2 show.

What retailers can I get an O2 Rewards voucher for?

You may be able to get a rewards voucher to John Lewis, WH Smith, Amazon, iTunes, Boots, Marks & Spencer, Argos, or Debenhams. However, the minimum amount is 10 GBP to claim a voucher. In order to claim a discount on a gig or a show then you must claim a code from O2 which is redeemable using Ticketmaster.

Does the O2 Priority app use my mobile data allowance?

The O2 Priority app should not use data or your mobile data allowance, however if you need to use GPRS location services or maps then it may incur a usage of data.

When I’m trying to sign up for O2 priority it says I’m not an O2 customer, why’s that?

One possible explanation is that you’ve recently transferred your old number from a different mobile network to O2. If this happens, then you may need to wait for a while before you’re able to sign up.

If you do not have a mobile number for O2, but you do use O2 for home

broadband then you will have to ensure that you’re using the number that you signed up for the service with. It can take up to two weeks before you’re able to use this number if you’ve only recently signed up however.

I’ve received a mobile phone code but I can’t make it work, why is that?

It may be that you’re inputting the code incorrectly, so for example confusing a lowercase L with a digit ‘1’. You should also ensure that you haven’t already used this code, as this code can only been used one time before it is invalidated.
If this doesn’t work, then it’s possible that there is a mistake with O2’s systems. In this case you might want to try again later or get in contact with their customer service team.

I’ve completed registration but I can’t make my password work, what should I do?

Firstly you might wish to check that you are using your Priority password, as this password is in fact different from the regular one that you use for your My O2 account. If you are sure that it’s the correct password, then you may want to try changing your password and logging in again.

I can’t remember my password, what should I do?

You should be able to reset your password fairly easily online. Next time, you might wish to write down your password in physical copy and keep it in a secure place like a safe with other important documents.

I’m getting an error message when I try and sign in to my O2 Priority account

If this is the case, you might wish to ensure that your mobile number and password are correct. It’s worth keeping in mind that if you are a mobile customer with O2, you must enter your O2 mobile phone number.
If on the other hand, you aren’t an O2 mobile customer but you are an O2 broadband customer, you will need to use the mobile number that you registered with.

What do I do if I’ve changed my mobile number?

If this is the case then to use your O2 Priority account you will need to update your details with the company.

What additional perks are there for O2 customers?

There are many perks and benefits to being a customer with O2. These can include discounted and priority tickets to gigs and shows, as well as other rewards.

If I’m an O2 customer, can I get any special treatment at O2 venues?

Yes, if you’re at an arena event night and you’re an O2 customer then, as long as it’s not too busy, you may be able to enter the O2 lounge and blueroom bar, bringing up to three accomplices with you. This is subject to the business of the venue, but to locate these areas simply talk to a member of the staff at the O2 venue,

What are O2 Priority Tickets?

O2 Priority tickets are special tickets which are offered specifically to O2 customers. O2 customers are able to purchase these tickets up to two days (forty-eight hours) before they are released for general sales. There are fifteen different O2 Academy venues around the country, as well as additional events in other areas. It also includes the O2 arena, O2’s flagship venue. Priority tickets are often limited in number and they are sold to those who sign up the quickest.

How can I find the Priority events?

You should be able to do this on the O2 priority website or on the app as well. You can also submit information about your favorite artists and musicians. When you do this, you’ll be able to receive alerts from O2 by email, by Twitter, by Facebook, or by text message. This means that you will not miss the opportunity to get Priority tickets.

When are O2 Priority Tickets available?

They are available up to forty eight hours, or two days, before they are released to the general public.

Is there a limit to the number of O2 Priority Tickets I can buy?

Yes, there is a limit for how many tickets you are able to purchase. As a general rule, you may be able to purchase up to a maximum of six tickets for each show, gig, or event. However, this number can vary depending on the event. O2 will let you know about these limitations in the terms and conditions section when you purchase the tickets.

How long after ending my contract will my network disconnect?

If you’ve ended your contract then your account will be disconnected up to thirty days after the time when you informed O2 that you would be ending your association with them. Remember that if you’ve asked for a code to move your existing number, a PAC code, it is important that you use it within a calendar month (thirty days). After this, you will need to request a new PAC code if you do not do it on time.

Will the information I have saved on my SIM card stay on there?

If you have disconnected your network from O2, then your information stored on your SIM card may be lost or deleted. For that reason it is always a good idea to create copies and backups of important information.

When do I receive my final bill if I’m leaving O2?

If you’re leaving O2, you may receive your final bill within fourteen days of the date of being disconnected from the network. This bill will show any outstanding credit or debit on your accounts, meaning that you will either pay your final bill by direct debit, or will need to contact O2 if you are owed money.

If I leave O2 as my mobile provider, will it affect my other O2 products?

If you use broadband with O2, then cancel your mobile contract, then you will no longer receive any benefits that you had from having both of them together as a bundle. You’ll also not be able to use an O2 money card. You will however still be able to spend the remaining money that you have left on the card.

I am changing from contract to PAYG, what happens?

If this is the case, your number will be transferred on the day that you confirmed between you and O2. Your Pay Monthly account will then be officially closed. Within a day (twenty four hours) you should have your new SIM card connected to PAYG. You may need to add a minimum of ten pounds to your account in order to make calls or send messages.

What should I do with my old handset?

If you would like to recycle your old phone, O2 has a programme called O2 Recycle. Under this programme, you can send in your old mobile phone and receive payment for it. Otherwise, you may want to keep the phone and give it to a friend or family member, or you could even keep it as a spare by applying for a Pay As You Go tariff.

How does free screen replacement work?

O2 offers a service known as free screen replacement for some people with eligible handsets and on eligible tariffs. In this case, for up to two years (twenty four months) users can have the screen on their mobile phone replaced free of charge once.

Does O2 still offer unlimited music streaming?

In the past, O2 offered an unlimited streaming service for customers, where they could listen to music through a range of streaming applications. This is now no longer available on O2, although some customers who signed up for it before still have this service.

Does O2 have a programme where I can upgrade once per year?

Yes, if you sign up for a thirty or fifty gigabyte tariff, with a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, then you will be able to upgrade your phone once every year at no additional cost.

How soon can I get my new phone when I upgrade?

Once you’ve upgraded, your new handset should be delivered within one or two days, provided that they are working days, that is. You may also be able to track your delivery online using something known as a tracking reference, a code that you receive which is attached to your order.

When you get your new handset, you may wish to backup your existing contacts or switch them over onto your new sim. You should also take note that if you move from a Blackberry to an iPhone, or the other way around, then you might lose your ability to email for up to a day.

Can I go back to my old tariff?

This depends on whether your old tariff is still available. If it is no longer available then you will not be able to transfer back.

I used O2 Refresh to pay my old contract, can I go back to my old tariff?

No, in this case, you will not be able to return to your previous tariff, although you can upgrade or switch to a different tariff in some cases.

I want to upgrade early, is it possible?

O2 may allow customers to upgrade one month early, in part of their early upgrade scheme. In some cases, if you are on a year, or an eighteen month tariff, then you might be able to upgrade either three or six months early depending on the clause in your original contract. However, you may be required to choose a new tariff which is at least the same cost, or more than, your current one.

My device isn’t on the O2 Recycle website, can I still recycle it?

If you cannot see any information for your device on the website then you will not be able to use the O2 Recycle service at that time.

I can’t find my details for the phone manufacturer and model, what do I do?

In this case you should be able to remove the outer case and remove the battery. Beneath the battery is normally a sticker which gives information on the phone model and make.

I don’t know how much memory my iPhone has, where do I find out?

You should enter into the settings menu of the iPhone, then look under ‘general’. Under this tab will be a section labelled ‘about’ which has details of the amount of storage your phone has available.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the operating system reduces the amount of available storage by between two and three gigabytes, so it will be less on the menu that it is in actuality. For example, you may have a 16gb iPhone but it could show 13gb of storage under this menu.

I want to cancel my O2 Recycle order, how do I do that?

If you wish to cancel then you may need to contact the O2 customer service team for the O2 Recycle department, who can update the information and help you to cancel your recycle order.

I don’t know if my handset is water damaged, how can I find out?

You should be able to use the questions provided on the O2 Recycle site to assess whether your phone qualifies as water damaged or not. You will also be able to get an estimate of how much you can get for your handset if it has been affected by water damage.

My handset isn’t working, can I still recycle it?

Even if your handset is broken, doesn’t function, or has a serious fault, you may still be able to recycle it under the O2 Recycle programme. You should follow the grading questions provided on O2’s Recycle website to find out what the value of your phone might be.

I don’t know my IMEI number, how do I do that?

If you want to find out your IMEI number, there is a convenient way to do so. All that you have to do is type *#06# and then following this the IMEI number will be shown on the screen of the handset.

Is my device in working order?

If the screen is still working accurately, you can turn the phone on and turn the phone off, and the phone has never suffered any damage as a result of water, then your device may be considered in working order. That said, if there are issues with the phone you may need to find additional information before giving it to O2 recycle.

How do I know if my device has been received by O2 Recycle?

When O2 Recycle receives your handset they may let you know by email to inform you that they’ve got it and that your handset is being checked and processed.

How do I remove my existing data before I send it?

This depends on what model and handset number your phone is. To do this you should seek out additional information on your phone and how to wipe the existing data.

What do I need to send with the phone?

For mobile phones under the O2 Recycle programme, you may only need to send the phone and the battery, so you might not need to send the charger with it.

Do I need to include my SIM Card or headphones?

No, and you will not receive your accessories back if you do send them, so you might want to avoid sending your SIM card, headphones, or any other accessories.

Can I recycle my phone at an O2 Store?

Yes, if you go to your local O2 Store with the handset then you should be able to submit a recycle request there.

How much money will I get paid?

This depends on your handset and how good condition it’s in. You should refer to the O2 Recycle website or get in contact with O2 Recycle to find more information on how much it may be worth.

Does O2 Recycle have a price guarantee?

O2 Recycle state on their website that if you see a better price within a week (Seven days) of placing the O2 Recycle order then O2 Recycle will match this price.

If O2 offer me less than they originally stated, can I cancel the recycle offer?

Yes, if you contact O2 within forty-eight hours to let them know that you are unhappy with the revised calculation of the price. The handset will then be returned to you without additional cost.

How can I get money for my handset?

O2 Recycle can either transfer you money through a cheque, through a bank transfer, or through an Amazon gift card. If you’re an O2 customer, you can also have your credit reduced or apply it to your mobile account. Payment will normally be processed within five working days.

Can I use O2 Recycle if my phone is locked to a foreign network?

No, you may only be able to use O2’s Recycle programme if it’s locked to a UK network.

Can I keep my old mobile number when I switch to O2?

It is possible nowadays to keep your old phone number no matter what network you use, although there are some steps that you have to go through to make it work. Firstly, you need to ask your existing network for a code known as a PAC code, which will remain valid for thirty days. During this time, you will need to send this code to O2 and then they will help transfer your number, although this might not happen straight away.

My phone is lost, what should I do?

If you’ve lost your device or left it somewhere and can’t get it back, don’t worry. You should be able to contact O2 and have them cancel your SIM Card, they may even be able to block the handset so that it can’t be used by anyone else, which then means it’s more likely that it’ll be handed in. If you have insurance, then you might be able to make a claim and get a new device.

My phone was stolen, what should I do?

Again, you should follow the same steps as listed above for your phone being lost. This is the most efficient way of dealing with having your mobile phone stolen and getting the problem solved as quickly as possible.

Can I get a new handset?

This depends on your contract. If you’re a member of the O2 Refresh programme then you can upgrade at any time, you just have to pay off the rest of the handset cost. If you’re a contract customer, you might need to pay the cost of the remainder of your contract. In this case, you might want to contact an O2 representative to find out about your options and what the best thing is to do for you.

Can I unlock my O2 phone?

You may be able to unlock your phone using either the My O2 App or using the My O2 Online service. You might have to wait up to a year to unlock your phone if it’s a Pay As You Go phone.

My bill is higher than I thought, what do I do?

If your O2 bill is higher than you were expecting, you might wish to consider whether you’ve had any additional add-ons, purchases, or bolt-on services which could account for the discrepancy. After that, if it doesn’t solve the issue, you may want to see if you’ve exceeded your allowance on data, minutes, texts, or picture messages.

Finally, consider whether you have been roaming or using your mobile phone abroad, as this could also affect the charges present.
If all of these fail, then you might consider contacting O2 to discuss your circumstances.

Where can I find more information about my bill?

If you need to find more information about your bill there are several different areas that you can find this. This includes the My O2 app, or My O2 service. You may also be able to do so by contacting O2 depending on what information you need.

You can also register to receive physical bills through the post, but this can incur a small additional fee of between 1 gbp and 1.50 gbp.

I want to save the amount of data that I use on O2, how can I do that?

If you want to save the amount of data that you use there are some available strategies, including downloading fewer movies, less media, music, and other downloadable content. You can also look into minimising the downloading of large email attachments. Whenever possible, you should try to use WiFi rather than your mobile data network.

If you’re on O2, then you may be able to take advantage of O2 WiFi hotspots at no extra cost to save on your data plan.

Can O2 repair my phone if it’s broken?

O2 may be able to help you repair your phone if it has been broken. To find out whether this is possible you will have to get in contact with O2 either by going into the store or over the phone.
Whether you are entitled to free repairs or whether you are charged for repairs depends on things like the time you’ve owned the phone, what kind of break it is and whether you’re covered by a warranty, and also whether you have valid mobile insurance against damage.

I’ve changed my mind about the phone, can I give it back?

It is possible you will be able to exchange your phone if you have decided against owning it, provided that it hasn’t been a long time since you bought the phone. And provided that the phone is still in the window of your return policy.

To find out if this is possible you will need to get as much information as you can on your purchase and the terms and conditions of your purchase, and then get in contact with O2 directly to discuss your case and your reasons for wanting to exchange it.

Do I have to use the O2 App?

No, it is not compulsory for you to use the O2 app. That said, if you have a smartphone that is suitable and capable of using the app you might wish to use it. The reason for this is that the O2 App is a convenient way to manage your account, adjust or update your information, and view a number of services such as bills and other information.

I need to know how to activate my O2 Sim

If you’re a new customer and you’re on a pay monthly contract, then there is no SIM activation process that you must follow, it should automatically have been registered and be ready to use. On the other hand, if you’re a PAYG customer, you’ll need to add phone credit to your account. After that, your new phone should be good to go.

I want to turn off my voicemail, how can I do that

To turn off your automatically registered voicemail then you may try dialling 1750 from your O2 handset, which should enable you to do so. Otherwise, you may wish to call 901 which will enable you to alter your voicemail settings.

What size SIM should I get?

Depending on the device that you use, you might need a different size SIM Card. If you have an iPhone or an Android which is a new model, you might need a micro SIM. The kinds of SIM available are Micro, Nano, and Normal or ‘Standard’. You might be able to adapt your Sim to the necessary size by ‘popping’ it out of the container it is in.

If you change your device to an older model that needs a larger SIM card size, simply request a ‘SIM Card Adapter’ from any O2 store.

I lost my SIM, what should I do?

If your SIM is lost, stolen, or damaged, then you will need to contact O2 to let them know as soon as possible. By doing this, you make sure that no one else is capable of using your SIM Card. If your SIM is damaged you will need to get a new SIM card and then transfer your number, so you can keep your current telephone number on your new SIM.

Can I keep my contacts on my new SIM card?

It might be possible for you to keep your current contacts on a new SIM card. If your contacts are saved to your phone or to your phone’s memory card, then you will be able to keep them when you pop in your new SIM card. On the other hand, if they are saved to SIM only, then they will not be transferred with the new SIM card. This is why it is always a good idea to backup your contacts.

I want to block unwanted calls, can I do that?

Yes, if you are receiving calls that you do not want from an unwanted number, then you may be able to block the phone number by using the menu for settings on your mobile phone. However, this could vary depending on what kind of phone you have. For more information, you may need to contact O2.

I want to make sure my children can’t access adult material, how do I do that?

Normally, O2 may block adult content by default, which means that when someone tries to access an 18+ website, a block screen will appear showing that the site is inaccessible. However, if you would like to use different parental controls, you may be able to establish this on your O2 portal on the O2 website, where there is a parental control tool which you can implement.

How can I access adult content on my device?

If you want to access adult content on your mobile phone, it’s certainly possible to do so. All that you will need to do is prove to O2 that you are above eighteen years of age, and this can be done by visiting an O2 store with an identification document. If you cannot do this, then you may wish to check the Age Verification on the website of O2, which will include details on what documents you need before you contact customer services.

It’s possible that if you use a credit card, there will be a fee incurred, which is small, and will be refunded to your account later on.

How can I keep my information secure on my device?

If your phone is lost or your phone is taken by someone then you will need to ensure that no one can access your data. The best way of doing this is to set up a pin, passcode, or password, or password pattern to make it harder for people to access your information. Note that you may also be able to set up a PIN for your SIM card which means that your SIM cannot be taken out and put into another handset.

I noticed unusual activity on my account, what should I do?

If you think that someone has accessed or used your account fraudulently then you will need to get in contact with O2 as soon as possible to have them investigate it and help you solve the problem as soon as possible. If you notice any signs that could be fraudulent you will need to speak to a company representative as soon as possible.

I want to check my balance on my PAYG phone, how do I do that?

If you’re on O2 and you want to check your balance, there are several options available. Firstly, you might try dialing the following code: *#10# on your keypad, or alternatively, 4444. This should give you the remaining balance on your account on screen. Otherwise, you may be able to access it by holding down the number ‘2’ key.

How do I add money to my PAYG account?

There are many ways, including using cash machines and ATMs, using Top Up cards, using online Top Up cards, or set up automatic Top Ups online. These are all convenient ways of ensuring that you’re never out of credit on your O2 PAYG account. For more information you may wish to speak to O2 customer service or access their website to find detailed guides on how to use each of these Top Up methods.

Is it possible to add credit to my PAYG account if I’m outside of the country?

Yes, you should be able to add credit to your phone while abroad. This can be done using your My O2 account or calling the O2 TopUp line to add money, although you may wish to be careful of roaming charges in this case, and you may also wish to use WiFi and not data as there could be additional charges depending on the country you’re calling from.

Can you explain O2 Refresh?

O2 Refresh is a programme that O2 uses to enable customers to get a new handset whenever they would like. Customers in this case have to sign up for a two year (24 month) contract, and there are two bills issued per month. The first bill is related to the cost of the handset, while the other bill is for the airtime credit.
The benefit of O2 refresh is that whenever you want to upgrade and get the latest handset, it’s possible to do so.

Can you explain My O2?

My O2 is a service operated by the network which enables customers to handle their account transactions, view information and make changes to their account online. If you are on a pay monthly contract, then you will be automatically registered for the service.

If you’re on PAYG, you may need to register manually. If you’re on Pay Monthly, My O2 can be used to change your tariff, to see your bills, look at what allowances you have left and update your personal details. PAYG customers are able to view their balance, add additional services, access O2 rewards, and also change their personal details.

What payment methods are there for my bill with O2?

You may be able to pay using debit card, credit card, or a direct debit. To do this you will need to contact the O2 customer service team or possibly use the My O2 service. You may also be able to use the My O2 App to make payments. Whichever method you choose will depend on what is most convenient for you and what payment methods you have access to.

I’ve missed my bill, what happens?

If you haven’t paid your bill on time then it’s possible that you will be given an additional charge and then you will be required to pay it. If you make a payment late and neglect to speak to O2 and inform them of the reason then the company could cut off your services with them. This means you would still have to pay any additional costs of ending your contract before the term of the contract was completed.

I want to leave O2, how do I do that?

This depends on the service you have. If you have a pay monthly service then you will need to buy-out or pay-off the rest of the contract’s remaining balance. To find out when this is you will need to access your My O2 account online and talk to O2’s customer service. When your contract has officially ended and the remainder of the balance has been paid off, you will be able to leave the network and conclude your business with O2.

In addition to this, another method is contacting O2’s customer service and requesting that your contract is ended early,although this could incur an additional charge. O2 states on their website that customers may need to give a notice period of at least 30 days’ in order to do this.

I want to change my allowance, can I?

Yes, you may be able to. If you want to alter the amount of data, the amount of calls, or the number of texts that you have access to on any given month then you should be able to upgrade your contract using a service that O2 call a ‘Bolt On’. If you want to change this on an ongoing basis then you may want to upgrade your entire contract schedule using an O2 Bolt On.

What is 4G and why should I get it?

4G is the latest internet connection package available around the world. 4G uses a different network compared to 3G which means that the internet and all associated connection services like multimedia are much faster, most of the time. To get 4G you will need a 4G enabled device, SIM, and contract.