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Pro Tips for callers of Npower Customer Services

Get the best deals on gas and electrical energy with Npower. This leading supplier has been providing great-value energy to residential homes and businesses all over the United Kingdom, for over 13 years.

You can now get a quote online that includes a comparison chart, so that you know Npower is the best choice that you and your family can make for your energy requirements.

Npower is actively promoting a push in education and eco-awareness and aims to:

  • Help and empower young people to develop their talents and knowledge and make independent choices
  • Help young people follow their dreams of achieving a successful future, both for them, their families and the environment.

Join Npower today to take advantage of the superb services available. Once registered online, you will be able to receive:

  • Email or text notifications
  • Meter reading alerts
  • Online payment
  • Paperless bills and online messages

You can also set up a Direct Debit and save on admin costs as well as send Npower your meter readings.

Frequently asked questions for callers of the Npower contact phone number

Can I switch from paperless, back to paper bills?

Yes, any time you need to receive paper bills, just log onto your account online, go to your account settings and select “Online Service” and choose the paper bills option.

I don’t see my first bill online, where is it?

You will need to set up online billing. You can do this from your account online. Once this process is completed, you’ll be able to see bills online.

I want to switch, but the process is too difficult.

It is now easier than ever to switch your energy suppliers. Just let one of the advisors at customer care know when you call the NPower telephone number, and you will be sent a welcome pack with your account details.

You will need to wait 14 days to register online (cooling off period), but your services won’t be affected.

I need help with my boiler?

Setting your thermostat at the wrong temperature could be costing you a lot of money in the long run. You can have a look at a handy instructional video online on how to get this right.

It might not always be your boiler that’s the problem, check your radiators for cool spots with a protective cloth so you don’t burn yourself. If you feel any cool spots or your upstairs radiators are taking a very long time to heat up, you need to bleed them. Call the N Power number and speak with customer service or have a look at the tutorial video online to see how this is done

Where do I ask questions about making complaints?

You can go online and chat to an advisor live.. and as the Npower social media becomes more of a communication tool for customers, you will be able to have questions answered here too. Don’t forget that the Npower, highly trained customer service representatives are here to help you too. On the Customer Service enquiries line, 75% of all call are answered within 60 seconds – so no waiting around!

I have heard that Npower offers a ‘Warm Home Discount’, what is that?

This refers to a programme that operates with the Government to ensure that people who need support and help with their energy needs receive some money back of up to one hundred and forty pounds from their bill. This is operated by a number of different energy suppliers including Npower and is geared to ensuring that people who really need help with their energy bill never have to go without some essential services like heating. You can find out more about the Warm Home Discount and eligibility by calling the Npower contact number.

I want a Smart Meter, when will Npower instal them?

Npower has plans to install smart meters in every home that they provide power to by the year 2020. This will be done automatically and in a series of stages, so you do not need to get in contact with Npower or make any enquiries about it, as the company will let you know as soon as your property is scheduled for the installation of a Smart Meter. To find out more you might wish to contact Npower customer service or refer to online information sources.

My Direct Debit Has Changed, Why Is That?

There’s several reasons that your Npower direct debit may have changed. Firstly, Npower inspects your account two times annually to see how much your bill is and whether you’re on the right tariff. Following this, Npower will typically adjust your bill either to make it higher or lower. The reason for this is that otherwise it’s possible that you’ll build up additional bills without knowing it.

If your bill has increased and you’re upset by this, it might just be that you’ve been using more than you were before. Depending on the season, it might be a time when you use more energy, so you should consider this or any other factors that might be affecting your usage too.

Another possible explanation is that Npower may have raised their prices recently, or your tariff has reached the end of its fixed-term agreement. Then, Npower might have started to account for the difference in what you were paying before, and incorporated this into your bill.

Npower should get in contact if your fixed price tariff has recently ended and this will give you an opportunity to renew the options available to you and choose the most efficient one for your energy needs going forward. Call the NPower phone number on this page if you have additional queries.

If I’ve moved home what should I do to let Npower know?

After moving home you should be able to permanently close your old account and select a new option for the tariff in your new place. This can be done either by applying online or over the phone. You will need some information, such as your address, when you relinquish legal ownership of the past property, and the meter readings from your old place too if you do not yet have access to a smart meter.

You will also need to give Npower some information about your new house or the new place you’re living to see if they can supply you and help you find the most appropriate tariff. To do this, you should aim to call the Npower customer service number as soon as possible after moving.

I want to know if I’m on the cheapest tariff available, can I find out?

Luckily, Npower has a policy where they will always inform you if there is a tariff that is cheaper that you could be on instead. The very first page of every bill should have an estimate for your energy usage for the coming year and also a comparison of the savings you could make by switching to a different tariff. For this reason by using Npower you should be able to feel confident that you are on the most cost effective energy tariff possible. You can speak with a customer service representative if you require additional assistance by calling the NPower number on this page.

I believe that my bill is incorrect, how can i get it fixed?

Firstly you will need to check how Npower have worked out your bill. If this is done by guessing or estimating your usage then you will need to submit accurate meter readings so that they can fix it as promptly as possible. You may need to call NPower to get in touch with customer services to discuss this issue and solve it in the most prompt and effective way possible.

I need to find out about my credit score, where do I look?

Unfortunately, most energy providers, Npower included, while they may use your credit reference score, they will not be able to provide you with credit information about yourself. You should endeavor to contact a credit reference agency and ask for your credit report. A credit agency will also help you identify ways that it’s possible to increase your credit score.

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