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Nationwide is the world’s biggest building society. They run for the benefit of our members and clients. As a building society, it means they are free to reinstate your profits to improve the products and services they offer.

Nationwide Customer Service

Dial and accelerate your call by having your Nationwide information ready, such as your debit or credit card, your client number or mortgage account number, and your 6-digit Telephone Banking passnumber, if you are registered for the service.

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Nationwide Products

Current Accounts

With the best customer satisfaction among their high street competitors and access to limited products; it is no surprise that millions of people choose to do their banking with them. Call the Nationwide customer service number to discuss all the current options.

Personal Loans

Whether you are searching for a way to organize your finances, change your car or make some home renovations, they can give you a no responsibility Personal Loan quote today and a fast online decision. What’s more, their main current account clients can make the most of their exclusive low loan rates.

They could benefit from:

A Low Loan Rate

For only 3.6% APR representative (fixed) on loans from £7,500 to £14,999 from 1 to 5 years for their main current account regulars.

Loans Big or Small

You can borrow from 1,000 to £25,000 over 1-7 years with fixed once-a-month payments.

No Hidden Fees

They won’t charge you any fees for creating your Personal Loan.

Loans Price Promise

They will beat any like-for-like UK loan provider offer by 0.5% APR, on loans from £1,000 to £25,000 for between 1 to 7 years for their main current account regulars.


They offer wide selections of savings accounts such as fixed and variable interest rate savings accounts, ISAs, business accounts and more.

Credit Cards

With great features and benefits, their credit card could be the only card you ever need.

Do you want to transfer a balance from another card? Do you want to spend without paying any interest for a short time? Whatever your credit card needs, the have the card that could suit your needs. What’s more, if you are a main current account client you can take advantage from their best card, the award-winning Select Credit Card.


UK savings rates are at best low and so it is more difficult than ever to take advantage of your money. Financing may be another option.

With a little bit of support, you could learn how to use savings to maximize your income. They are ready to walk you through the fundamentals of investing and tell you how they could assist so you could capitalize in a way that matches you.

Investments could be for you if you do not think you will need access to the money for 6 years or more. There are other things to review and you can call their customer service to know more.
Legal & General supports your investment on them.


Your insurance through them means more than just “You are insured”..
A wide variety of insurance products for satisfaction:

Home Insurance

£50 Gift Card when you purchase a new joint buildings and contents policy directly from them.

Life Insurance

Discover about the variety of Life insurance, Life and Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection Benefit options available through them.

Car insurance

Complete Car insurance from £167*
10% of new clienteles paid £167 or less (October ’14 – September ’15).

Common Nationwide Insurance Questions

Does it cost anything to get my card replaced if it was lost or stolen?

Luckily for any account with Nationwide, they will replace your card without charge up to two times within a calendar year. If you lose it a third time or it is damaged, then you will have to pay a supplementary fee of 10 GBP each time that you need your card replaced. Call the Nationwide contact number on this page to order a new card.

Do I need to tell Nationwide before I travel abroad?

Yes, if you’re planning to travel internationally then it’s always a good idea to tell your bank or building society. This is because if there is a problem with your card in the United Kingdom, for instance there is suspicious activity in your account, then they will need to know where you are to get in contact.

In addition, if you attempt to use your card abroad without letting Nationwide know of your location, it’s possible that your account action will be blocked due to it appearing as a suspicious or fraudulent activity from overseas. For that reason it’s recommended that you let Nationwide know at a convenient time before you depart the UK. You can do this by calling Nationwide customer services and a customer service representative will be able to help you.

What is an overdraft and can I get one with Nationwide?

An overdraft is a money-lending facility that allows you to withdraw more money than you own. These are primarily intended for short-term situations where you need to make ends meet due to a temporary liquidity or cash flow problem, and not a permanent source of finance.

There are two types of overdraft, arranged and unarranged. An arranged overdraft is discussed and approved with Nationwide beforehand, and there is an agreed limit and charges policy. Unarranged overdrafts on the other hand do not have prior arrangement with your bank and as a result can negatively affect your credit rating.

They can also cost you more money and have much higher charges than an arranged overdraft facility. It is not therefore recommended that you go into an overdraft facility without prior arrangement. Call the Nationwide Bank contact number to setup an arrangement.

What should I use my Nationwide overdraft facility for?

It’s recommended that you use your overdraft facility only for short-term borrowings. This might be that you’ve run out of money but have a payday coming up, or that you need a little extra to cover an unbudgeted emergency expense, for instance a dentist visit or vet visit.

It’s not considered to be a long-term source of finance as borrowing rates are relatively high when compared to other sources of credit. Contact Nationwide Bank number to set this up.

My Nationwide card was declined, why is that and what should I do about it?

If your card was declined either in an ATM or when using it as a payment method, there are several different explanations. The least serious of these is that you entered the PIN incorrectly. It’s also possible that if Nationwide found evidence of fraud on your account that they took a precautionary measure of replacing your card, and are in the process of sending a new one to your home.

If you’ve received a new card and your old one is continuing to be declined, make sure you dispose of the old card properly by cutting into small pieces, activate the new one and sign the back with a biro or ballpoint pen.

Other explanations may include a temporary problem with the ATM, as this can occur at times. It could also be that your card is damaged, or that you’ve exceeded your withdrawal limit for the day. Most bank accounts will limit how much money you can withdraw from an ATM in a single day as a precautionary measure, so it’s worth considering if this could be an explanation for your card being declined.

Call Nationwide helpline if you are still having issues.

What is contactless payment and why should I use it with my Nationwide account?

Contactless payment is a new and convenient way of paying for goods without the hassle of entering your PIN number into a keypad or signing receipts. The system has a limit of thirty GBP, meaning you can only pay via contactless payment for products under this amount.

Almost half a million locations around the UK now accept contactless payment, and all you have to do is touch your card on the card reader to complete your purchase automatically. While some are concerned about security of this method of transaction, there are plenty of steps in place to make sure that it’s a safe and secure way of buying products and services with a value of under thirty pounds.

To get a contactless card if you don’t already have one you may need to call the Nationwide telephone banking number and find out whether it’s possible for your account to be issued with one, as well as get any queries you have on the system answered.

How can I apply for a personal loan with Nationwide?

To apply for a loan with Nationwide firstly you may need to be a member. This means having a current product with the company, like a current account, savings account, or mortgage. That said, if you’re applying for a loan with someone else then you may not need to be a Nationwide member provided that they are. Call the Nationwide number on this page to begin the application process.

Can I apply for a loan over the phone or do I have to visit a branch?

There are many ways of applying for a loan, and you may be able to do it on the Nationwide phone number, on the Internet, or in person at a branch.

What can I use a personal loan for?

There are many times you may wish to consider using a personal loan and they can be used for a number of different things. You can use a personal loan to buy a new car, consolidate existing debt, make a big purchase or finance a family event.

You can’t however use a personal loan to invest in a business, the stock market, buying land, and a few other restrictions. To find out whether you can use your personal loan for the purpose you have in mind you may need to speak to a loan advisor to get the most accurate information. Call the Nationwide telephone number to speak with an advisor today!