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The benefit referred to as Maternity Allowance is often paid to someone who does not qualify for statutory maternity pay.The fee you get will always rely on your eligibility. One may claim this type of allowance by the time you are on the family way for about twenty-six weeks. The payment will typically begin eleven weeks before the due date of your pregnancy.

Maternity Allowance Number

Do you need assistance in this allowance? You can have all the questions in your mind answered by simply calling them.

Benefits You Will Get

The total benefit amount you can get will always rely on your eligibility.

You may either obtain almost one hundred forty pounds a week or equivalent to ninety percent of your average weekly earnings for up to thirty nine weeks or twenty seven a week or twenty seven pounds a week for up to fourteen weeks. This is often paid every two to four weeks.

Each and every allowances, benefits, and pensions you will get will be paid into one account, preferrably a bank account. This kind of allowance will never impact your tax credits however, it will have an impact on how much you will get in terms of income support, housing benefit, bereavement benefits, and council tax reductions.

There is however a limit to the amount of benefit that people sixteen to sixty-four years of age can obtain. There are some other individual benefits that shall remain unaffected, however it can have a bearing on the overall benefit that you will receive.


Maternity Allowances For Thirty-Nine (39) Weeks

One may be able to get this kind of allowance for thirty-nine weeks if they meet one of the following like if you are employed.

However, you are unable to get Statutory Maternity Pay, you are currently self-employed, and you pay a Class 2 National Insurance even if it is voluntary national insurance for at least thirteen of the sixty-six weeks from when your pregnancy is due, the amount of your allowance will rely on how much Class 2 National Insurance you have pair or when you have recently ceased working.

For the next sixty-six weeks prior your baby is due, you have to –

1. Be employed or self-employed for twenty six weeks.
2. Earning as much as thirty pounds £30 a week for the thirteen week period.

One may still qualify, even if they have not too long ago ceased from working. Regardless if you had various works or times that you are unemployed.

Maternity Allowance For Fourteen (14) weeks

Women can get this allowance for fourteen (14) weeks if given that for at least twenty-six weeks before the due date of pregnancy:

1. One is married or at least in a civil partnership.
2. One is not employed.
3. One takes part in the business of a self-employed spouse or partner.
4. Work you perform is for the business and uncompensated for.
5. The spouse or partner is registered as self-employed that’s paying a Class 2 National Insurance with HM Revenue and Customs or HMRC.
6. The spouse or partner is a self-employed individual.
7. One must not be eligible for statutory maternity pay or any higher equivalent for it and your pregnancy is due on July 27, 2014.

If you lose the baby

You may still qualify if the baby is either still born from the start of the 24th week of pregnancy or born alive at any point during the pregnancy.

Supporting your claim

You can claim the allowance once you’ve been pregnant for 26 weeks. Payments can start 11 weeks before your baby is due.

You need to provide proof of your income, such as original pay slips, Certificate of Small Earnings Exemption (if applicable for the 2014 to 2015 tax year), proof of, the baby’s due date, just like a letter from the doctor or midwife, or your MATB1 certificate and your SMP1 form – only if you were refused Statutory Maternity Pay by your employer.

You may need to give more information about your partner’s self-employed business and what you do if you’re applying for MA for 14 weeks.

What is Maternity Allowance?

You may be able to receive Maternity Allowance if you do not qualify for Maternity Pay. It is a financial payment.

When can I get Maternity Allowance?

If you are more than twenty six weeks into your pregnancy then you may be able to claim Maternity Allowance as long as you are not receiving Statutory Maternity Pay and as long as you meet other applicable eligibility criteria.

How much can I receive in Maternity Allowance?

As with all government support payments, benefits and allowances, there is no single rate which is given to everyone. This means that the amount that you receive is based on some additional criteria.

The range for Maternity Allowance is between twenty seven pounds a week and one hundred and forty pounds, ninety-eight pence per week for a period of between fourteen and thirty-nine weeks.

To find out how much Maternity Allowance you can receive you may wish to contact Maternity Allowance helpline or use the online calculator to see the amount applicable to your specific circumstances.

Does having Maternity Allowance affect my other claims?

If you receive benefits aside from Maternity Allowance, then claiming Maternity Allowance could also affect the amount you receive. This could include if you get Tax Reduction for Council Housing, Employment Support Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit, and some other benefits.

Remember that there is also a ‘benefit cap’ for people in the UK aged between sixteen years old and sixty four years old, and once you reach this cap any additional benefits will not be added to your income, even if you’re eligible for them.

How do I claim Maternity Allowance?

To do this you’ll need to fill out a certain kind of form, known as an ‘MA1’ form, and submit it either through the post or online.

You will have to include some other information, including a payslip or a document that shows your income, a letter from your doctor, nurse, or another form confirming the date that you are due to give birth, and any form that demonstrates that you were not able to receive Statutory Maternity Pay.

How long does it take to find out about my claim for Maternity Allowance?

Once you’ve submitted your application either online or through the post and it has been received, there is a period of up to twenty four working days before you’ll hear a result.

You will get a form which states how much you’ll receive if you’re eligible and then will have to proceed with next steps before receiving Maternity Allowance.

When can I get Maternity Allowance for the full 39 weeks?

There are several circumstances when you might receive the full 39 weeks of Maternity Allowance, these include the following:

If you are employed and have a full-time job, but do not qualify or are ineligible for Statutory Maternity Pay

If you work for yourself, i.e. you are self-employed, and you pay a certain class of National Insurance (Class 2) and make voluntary National Insurance payments.

You may also receive the full thirty nine weeks if you have only recently finished your job. If you have additional queries call the Maternity Allowance contact number above.

I am self employed and didn’t make the full payments on National Insurance, how much will I get?

If you haven’t paid the right amount (at least thirteen weeks) of Class 2 National Insurance then you may qualify for twenty seven pounds a week only for thirty nine weeks. Aside from this you will also need to meet the other necessary criteria.

What happens if I go back to work or my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change suddenly, like you start a new job or go to work at your old job, or anything else that has significantly changed your circumstances, you will need to report them to the nearest local Jobcentre plus, as this could affect how much you receive in Maternity Allowance.

Does it matter if I had several different jobs and do I still qualify?

It shouldn’t matter if you had times when you were unemployed or if you had several different jobs, as you should still in this case qualify for Maternity Allowance.

However, as everyone’s circumstances may be different you might want to talk to an advisor or seek further information specific to your case by calling the Maternity Allowance phone number.