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About Lloyd’s Bank

Lloyd’s Bank is part of Lloyd’s Banking Group, which is the largest financial services organisation in the United Kingdom. Lloyd’s Banking Group covers Lloyd’s Bank and also a number of other well known high street financial names in the United Kingdom, such as Scottish Widows, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and many more. The company offer services such as insurance, business services, retail banking for consumers, and commercial banking. The company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and the London Stock Exchange.

Why Contact Lloyd’s Bank?

If you’re a Lloyd’s Bank customer then there may be a number of reasons that you wish to get in contact with the Bank. Some of these might include the following:

  • Wanting to find out about your insurance policy, change your personal details, or other insurance services.
  • To make a query about your bank account, any charges, overdraft, or other financial concerns regarding your personal finances.
  • To discuss your business account, commercial banking services, or any other commercial dealings that you have with Lloyd’s Bank.
  • To find out about additional products and services which are available for you, to enquire about mortgages, loans, or other financial products that you might wish to apply for.
  • To report any activity in your account that you don’t recognise or to query a transaction or multiple transactions on your bank account or financial product.

Lloyd’s Bank FAQ

I’ve just signed up for internet banking and I have multiple user identities, what should I do?

Lloyd’s Bank state that customers should only have a single user ID, which can be used for both your regular customer account, and for your business account too. If you aren’t sure what your account’s user ID is, or you’re having other problems with logging in, then you may want to get in contact with Lloyd’s Bank through email or telephone in order to solve this issue.

I completed the application form for Internet banking what are the next steps?

Once you’ve completed Lloyd’s Bank’s application form to register yourself for internet banking, then you must submit the completed form to the bank. Following this, Lloyd’s will conduct certain checks on it and approve it, Then, you will receive a number of login details, a card reader, and a separate card used to authenticate your account. If you’ve submitted the form but have still yet to get any feedback or information from Lloyd’s then you might want to get in contact with them with any reference information that you have to find out why you’ve not heard back.

My Internet Banking application states that I need to provide more information, why is that?

Lloyd’s state that there are many different reasons that they might need to request additional information before they can approve a request to open an internet banking account. The first of these is if you have no recorded signature currently on file with the bank. This can mean that they must obtain a verified signature for security purposes.

Secondly, another instance could be that your signature that Lloyd’s currently have stored under your account doesn’t match your current signature. In this case, you might need to undergo additional verification checks and submit a new signature.

Thirdly, there might be issues with the information that you’ve provided. It might be that personal details or supplemental information that you’ve given does not match the information that the bank currently have on record. Again, this can delay the process and require you to submit additional documents or data.

If I’ve been locked out of my internet banking account, what should I do to recover it?

If this is the case, then the first thing that you might wish to do is attempt to re-login after a few minutes. If this is not successful and you still are unable to login then you might wish to follow an online reset process available on the Lloyd’s Bank website, or alternatively get in contact with Lloyd’s directly to have it manually reset.

How much does it cost to apply for Internet Banking?

To register for and use internet banking, Lloyd’s does not make any charge, in this sense, it is a free service. However, there are often charges that are applied to transactions, and of course there are the additional charges related to your internet provider and ISP which will depend on your internet usage.

What should I do if my card has been lost or stolen?

If your bank card, credit card or debit card has been lost or stolen then you may be wondering what you should do. It is possible now to report a lost or stolen card online through your internet banking form. To do this, firstly you need to log on to your account and access the tab. YOu may also use the Lloyd’s Banking app to do this via your smartphone or tablet. After you’ve filled out this form then after three to five days you will be able to receive your new replacement card in the post.

Should you not have internet access, then you may also contact the company via telephone or directly by walking into the branch with photo identification.

Can I change the name on my account through internet banking?

Currently it is not possible to update or alter your name on internet banking for security reasons. As a result, you must go into your nearest Lloyd’s Bank with evidence of your altered name. If your name has changed due to a divorce then you may have to provide a copy of your divorce papers for inspection, a birth certificate, and/or a deed poll describing the name change. If the reason for your name change or updating is not due to divorce then you may need to provide other evidence, including a deed poll, a marriage certificate or civil partnership registration form, a statutory declaration, adoption certificate or birth certificate. The same also goes for address, which cannot currently be completed online due to security concerns. Updating your address should also be done by finding your nearest Lloyd’s Bank branch and entering with copies of appropriate documents evidencing your new address.

I’m going on holiday / travelling abroad – what should I do?

If you’re planning on leaving the country for a holiday, for business, or travelling, then you may be wondering whether or not you should let Lloyd’s know. The answer is that in most cases it is likely the best option to inform Lloyd’s Bank up to a few weeks before you leave. This means that when you attempt to try and use your bank account abroad, it’ll likely be allowed and will not be held up by security inspections.