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About IKEA

IKEA s a very large Swedish organisation which sells furniture, and is known for its ready-to-assemble selling of ‘flat-pack’ furniture at reasonable costs and with a high level of quality. Ikea also sells a number of other interior decor products, food products, and more. IKEA is originally a Swedish company, and was founded in 1943. As of today, IKEA is headquartered in the Netherlands, and has a number of stores in almost fifty countries. IKEA’s furniture designs have been described as ‘modernist’ and ‘minimalist’ by some, and they’re known as being a fairly contemporary and stylish producer of unique household products. IKEA is also renowned for its recognisable blue-and-yellow colour scheme.

Why Contact IKEA?

There are a number of reasons that you might want to contact IKEA, including:

– You are interested in a product and want to know where to locate it or where the nearest store is
– You have an issue or query with one of your products that you’ve purchased from IKEA
– You are curious about what the returns or refund policy on an item from IKEA is
– You want to enquire as to a potential purchase or delivery of an item from IKEA
– You have a separate query or question related to IKEA


How do I purchase items in IKEA?

In IKEA you can purchase items by marking down what the item is using a pencil and order form and then collecting it at a collection station. This is an easy and convenient way of ordering and means that you do not have to carry around bulky items up to a checkout. IKEA state that they provide everything that you could need to purchase interior home items, such as pencils, tape measures so that you can see if something will fit where you like it to fit, a guide and store map, catalogues, shopping bags for smaller items, and trolleys.

How can I find out if there’s an item in stock at IKEA?

IKEA state that they try very hard to make sure that items are always in stock at their stores, but if an item becomes too popular and many people rush to buy it at once, there can occasionally be shortages. It’s possible to check the availability of stock on the web pages at your local store, or you can leave an email address or mobile phone number so that a member of IKEA’s staff can let you know when it comes back into stock.

Is it possible to buy items from IKEA online?

Yes, while some items may not be available to purchase online, IKEA state on their website that the majority of their products are available to buy over the internet and can then be delivered to the address of your choosing. This means that you will therefore not have to visit a physical IKEA store to obtain your item.

What warranties or guarantees does IKEA offer?

IKEA state that for all of their products there is in place a minimum one year guarantee. However, that said, there are many products which have a longer guarantee or might have a more involved warranty system, particularly larger and more expensive home products and furniture items. For your item, you may wish to check the specific terms of the warranty or guarantee that’s offered.

Is it possible for me to purchase items over the telephone?

No, it’s not possible at IKEA to give payments over the phone and order items over the phone for collection. For this reason, you may wish to visit a store physically or order online using the online ordering system. IKEA state that in some areas they are introduction an order and collection point service though, so you might wish to check your local branch to see if it’s possible.

Can I reserve an item online?

IKEA state that it is not possible to reserve items, so for that reason they advise that you log onto the website and locate the availability of your desired item. This way you can know for sure whether it’s in stock before you pay a visit to purchase the item in an IKEA store.

What are Order and Collection points from IKEA?

This is a new way of using an IKEA store that IKEA are introducing. These are like regular IKEA stores but of a much smaller size. In addition, this will be a way that consumers can attend a store and simply collect their desired item.

How is a traditional IKEA store different from an Order and Collection point store?

There are several differences, including the size of the store. However, Order and Collection Point stores will also have a range of other alternative options, such as installation of kitchen and bathroom products, assembling certain products, taking measurements of certain products and advising on certain items. In addition to this, these stores may also offer financial products and finance offers to help you pay for items in instalments.

What number of products do you have that I can order for collection or delivery?

IKEA state that there are in excess of eight and a half thousand products which can be ordered and delivered to your home, or arranged for collection from an IKEA store. This gives you access to the majority of all products available in IKEA stores.

Is it possible for me to select the date that my product is delivered or the date that I am able to collect my product?

IKEA state that this varies depending on what exactly the product is (for example, some larger, bulkier products may only be available to deliver on certain dates), and also where you are, as different store locations might have different policies or different resources available. On the whole, IKEA state that they aim to prepare your order to be ready for either collection or delivery within a window of seventy eight hours.

How expensive is it to have an order delivered to my house?

The price of delivery and whether you qualify for free delivery depends on the item, so you’d need to find out by contacting IKEA directly.

Are the payment methods different between order and collection point stores and regular IKEA stores?

No, you’ll be pleased to hear that IKEA state that all of the payment methods accepted at regular IKEA stores are also available at the Order and Collection Point stores.

Is it possible for me to return an item that I bought in a regular IKEA store to an Order and Collection point store?

IKEA state that the Order and Collection point stores also have a returns policy the same as other IKEA stores. This means that if your item is not used and is still retained in the original packaging within one year (three hundred and sixty five days), and you take it along with your printed receipt or confirmation, then you should be able to return the item at both of these stores.

Traditionally IKEA has a restaurant, do Order and Collection point stores have a restaurant?

As IKEA Order and Collection point stores are smaller than traditional stores, there is not the traditional canteen style restaurant available at these stores. However, IKEA state that each Order and Collection point store will have both hot and cold foods, food products for sale and as always IKEA’s specialty coffees.