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One of the biggest banking and financial services companies in the world is HSBC. They serve over 50 million of customers through four worldwide businesses – Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Banking and Markets, Commercial Banking and Global Private Banking. HSBC network operates 72 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East,Africa and Asia.

With approximately 6,100 branches around the world, they aim to be where the advancement is, connecting customers to opportunities, allowing businesses to prosper and economies to succeed and most importantly, to help people fulfill their hopes and realize their goals.

It is listed on the London, Paris, New York,Bermuda and Hong Kong stock exchanges and its shares HSBC Holdings plc are held around 213,000 investors in 131 countries and cities.

HSBC in the UK

In 1865, the London office of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation opened but the HSBC in UK was known to start back even further.

Today, the main headquarter of bank is located at 8 Canada Square in Canary Wharf, London. It has more than 1,100 offices around the UK and provides wide ranges of commercial, corporate and private banking services.

HSBC Customer Services

They provide support for your business to help get started. With their wide selections of business bank accounts, business savings accounts and a business credit card, you can access and handle your money fast and easily. With the HSBC telephone banking and online services, you can stay in control anywhere you are. And with the clear pricing, you will know where you stand.

The business bank accounts have been designed to suit different needs and requirements of every client. Call the HSBC contact number listed above to find the right account for you.


The official Twitter handle of bank is @hsbc_uk_press and it is supervised retail banking media team while the @hsbcukbusiness Twitter account is operated by the commercial banking media team. They don’t used any automation tools to publish and post content.

Digital Secure Key

You can download the Digital Secure Key that is available through the Mobile Banking or by calling the HSBC helpline. If you want to transfer to a Digital Secure Key, you need to bring a physical Secure Key with you. If you do not want to change, you can still avail their wide range of Online Banking services using your physical Secure Key.

Easy Access to Mobile Banking

If you decide to switch to a Digital Secure Key, you can access the Mobile Banking app using only your Digital Secure Key password.

Fast Login

You will be able to login to Online Banking when you do not have your Secure Key. By doing this, you will have entry to limited online services. Like for example, you will able to see your balances, make transfers, pay existing beneficiaries and order Travel Money.

Popular HSBC Questions

What is Personal internet banking?

Internet banking, otherwise known as Personal Internet Banking, is a very convenient and modern way to use the internet to access your bank account and use bank services. Using Personal Internet Banking helps you to view your account balance, pay bills, transfer money, set up standing orders, change account details, and do more over the internet, thus saving you from having to visit your branch in person which can take a lot longer and be less convenient. Personal Internet Banking is also free and no charge is necessary to use it, all you need is your access information (including possibly a secure key), and a secure computer with access to the internet. Contact HSBC Bank at the number on this page.

Why should I get HSBC Personal Internet Banking

You may be asking yourself why you need Personal Internet Banking, especially if you aren’t used to it or never had it when you were younger. In truth though, there are many services you can take advantage of when you sign up for Personal Internet Banking with HSBC.

These include paying bills online to almost anyone, review the last two years or 24 months of your account transactions, use bank to bank transfer services, view mortgage information, send wire transfer requests, ask for a credit card or overdraft increase, request copies of documents like statements, change your password or details, and even more.

This can make banking a lot easier as you can perform many actions from home which you were unable to in the past. This simple to use tool can save you from having to call HSBC customer service number.

Is Personal Internet Banking with HSBC safe?

It’s very important when signing up to Internet Banking to keep yourself safe. There are many precautions that banks like HSBC take when they offer internet banking to their customers.

These include encryption, a process which changes any sensitive data into other characters, kind of like a secret code, which makes it impossible for anyone who is taking the date to see what is going on.

You will also have a unique username and password which will make sure that only you can access your information. Most banks, including HSBC, also offer a guarantee or liability insurance to make sure that you will never lose out and that your online banking experience is as secure as can be. Call the HSBC number above to speak with a member of the HSBC support team if you have additional queries.

Why do I need to accept cookies to use HSBC Internet Banking?

Many websites now ask you if you’re willing to accept cookies, and online banking is no different in this respect. This is basically to ensure that your data is secured. Cookies store some information about your device or browser, and only HSBC can use the cookies that they collect. Contact the HSBC phone number on this page to discuss cookies further.

Do I need Internet Banking and what does it involve?

Using the internet for online banking services, or internet banking, is an increasingly popular way of managing your personal finances from home or on the go. Using a web browser, an app on your mobile phone or tablet, or another personal device for internet banking allows you to do a lot of things that previously you’d have to visit a branch of your bank to do. While you don’t need to use this feature it can be a great alternative to HSBC phone banking.

For example, you may be able to transfer payments, amend or cancel direct debits and standing orders, check your balance, any loans or bills you have outstanding, and alter your personal details without having to leave the house or make an appointment at your local banking branch.

With HSBC internet banking is available to all customers and it does not incur an extra cost, which makes it a useful option for any customer. All you will need to access your internet banking is your password, username, and possible a unique code-generating tool called a secure key.

You might be wondering why it’s worth getting Internet Banking for HSBC, and the truth is if you aren’t familiar with Internet Banking, or did not have the internet growing up, it’s easy to see why you might think it’s unnecessary.

However, as more and more businesses and aspects of our lives move onto the computer, it becomes easier and more straightforward to integrate with this technology, and all of HSBC’s online banking procedures are designed to be as easy-to-use and accessible as possible.

You may even undertake very detailed tasks, like viewing account statements for up to two previous years, or request copies of important documents online without having to go to an ATM or visit a branch in person.

Ultimately, this saves you time and energy and also means that you don’t have to plan a trip for a visit to the bank, so it’s certainly worth considering.

How does a current account differ to a savings account with HSBC?

Banks these days offer many different and unique account types with a range of different benefits and advantages depending on the usage and needs of each individual.

Current accounts vary in that they are an on-demand account. This means that users of a current account can access their funds at any time, withdraw, transfer, or pay into their account freely and at any time.

With a savings account on the other hand, you may have to meet certain requirements for when your money is accessible and what the terms of the saving programme are. In return for this you may be offered a more attractive rate of interest or other benefits.

To find out more about your account and the options available to you at HSBC you may wish to contact them for a discussion on their available products by calling the HSBC telephone number on this page.

Is Internet Banking secure?

When using Internet Banking, it’s understandable that people are a little cautious and some have concerns about the security of such a platform. It’s worth noting however that Internet Banking is extremely secure and has a number of built-in procedures which are designed to enhance the safety of your finances.

One of the major ways of ensuring security is through encrypting data, which is another way of saying turning your data from meaningful information into a meaningless string of numbers and letters.

This means that if anyone outside of the connection between you and HSBC tries to access your information, all they will see is encrypted information, which cannot be used and is meaningless. You also have access to multiple security questions which can be as detailed as you like. Other steps include choosing a strong password which includes both upper and lower case letters, and symbols and numbers where possible.

Having a strong password and strong security questions, along with a secure key, means that it is very safe for you to use internet banking with HSBC. Many banks, HSBC included, also offer a liability guarantee, meaning that even if the worst should happen, you will be protected and you may not lose your hard-earned money.

Can I still use a damaged card?

It depends on how damaged the card is. With many cards these days, using the ‘Chip and Pin’ system, unless there is significant damage to the card or chip on the card, it should still be possible for you to use it in ATMs and to pay for services.

Water will usually not significantly damage the card, so if you’ve put it through the washing machine you may still be able to use it. However, if you’re in any doubt as to the usability of your card you may wish to call the HSBC bank number or visit a location in person to order a new one.

When ordering a new card, you may also be asked to dispose of your old one in a secure way by cutting it into several pieces, ensuring it can’t be used by anyone else.

Can I apply for an overdraft with HSBC?

HSBC offers an overdraft service, which is similar to borrowing additional money that you don’t have right now, with the intention of paying it back at a later date. For many people overdrafts are a convenient and useful service which help you manage your finances on a daily basis and make ends meet.

It is worth noting however that unless you have a special case, or are a student, having an overdraft and not paying it back can result in additional charges. You will also likely have to meet certain credit criteria to receive an overdraft, and how much of an overdraft you’re allowed will also depend on this.

For that reason, to see if it’s a possibility for you and exactly what terms you can get, you should contact HSBC bank customer service as soon as possible with your account information and inform them that you’d like to add an overdraft facility to your account.

Ensure that you gain as much information as possible and use this facility in a reasoned and sensible manner based on your needs, as misusing an overdraft can create financial difficulties if used as a long-term solution.

I want to open a savings account and a current account at the same time, is that possible?

Yes, it can be a good idea to hold two accounts at the same time. You may wish to use your current account for your daily activities and daily spending, and a savings account to put money away for the future or for a large purchase. You can take advantage of the different rates and benefits of each account by doing this.

In addition, the UK Government offers an Individual Savings Account, with preferable tax advantages that can help your savings go further. To find out more about opening a new account or holding both accounts, and the advantages that they bring, you may wish to speak to HSBC directly by calling the HSBC bank contact number on this page.