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Days Open Closed
Monday 08:30 23:30
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Wednesday 08:30 23:30
Thursday 08:30 23:30
Friday 08:30 23:30
Saturday 08:30 23:30
Sunday 08:30 23:30 is a leading hotel accommodation business in the world, offering booking services via its own network of localized web and telephone call centers.

It gives travelers one of the largest options of accommodation on the web such as both independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering in over 257,000 properties worldwide.

The company provides one-stop shopping source for hotel pricing, services and availability as well as specializes in offering travelers with accommodation during sold-out periods. LP is an associate of Expedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE). CST: 2083949-50. The main offices are located at 10440 North Central Expressway, Suite 400, Dallas, Texas 75231. The Expedia Group has branch locations around Europe. Contact Number Best Price Guarantee

The company check thousands of hotel prices each day to assure they pay excellently low prices they you book with them. They are confident you won’t find your hotel much affordable but if you do, they will repay the difference. That is their Best Price Guarantee and it is just one of the methods they help you find the best hotel.

With their Best Price Guarantee, you will:

  • Be assured that you will never be beaten on the charges
  • Price match right up until the day before check in
  • You can book at over 257,000 hotels around the world
  • You can ask a refund immediately, though your banks can take about 30 days to process.

How the Best Price Guarantee Works

1. Search for a better price

You should check if it is the same room at the same hotel on the same dates.

2. Call them to match the price

You must complete their form and they will check the details.

3. They will refund the difference

You can always look forward to your stay.

Just So You Know…

They can’t match the price if bookings are not available to the public, like for example:

  • Blind bookings where you only discover which hotel you are staying at after you have paid
  • Loyalty program member only rates, or when guests pay using loyalty points on rival’s sites

Nevertheless, their Secret Prices are suitable for price match.

They offer the selection of about 258,000 hotels in more than 60 countries. The reviews of the hotel will help you search for the best deal in the right location. Whether you are travelling the last minute, as a family or need of a business hotel, they have the perfect hotel package just for you.

They also have 24-hour phone line that you can contact if you want to speak to a customer representative. You can find, assess, and book great hotels at great fees all at them.

Most Popular United Kingdom Hotels

  • Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments
  • The Kensington Close Hotel
  • The Rembrandt
  • Hotel in Edinburgh
  • The Carlton Hotel
  • Apex Waterloo Place Hotel
  • Ibis Styles Edinburgh Centre St Andrew Square
  • Manchester Hotels
  • Macdonald Townhouse Manchester
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester, Airport
  • Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa
  • Glasgow Hotel
  • Best Western Glasgow City Hotel
  • The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort
  • Fraser Suites Glasgow

The Mobile App

Discover, book and manage your trip with their free mobile app. It is an available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone Store and Kindle Fire.

There are thousands of hotels around the world that you can find and book. You can even access reservations even when offline. You can save hotels to view and compare later.

If you want decreased prices, you can check ‘Your Secret Price’ on specific hotels.

You can save your card details for easy booking.

You can collect 10 nights with them and get 1 free with Reward.

What is is an online portal for booking accommodation. It’s possible to use this website to book hotels online.

They own in excess of eighty-five websites and these are available in close to forty languages.

The company offers a range of different kinds of accommodation, including traditional hotels, bed and breakfasts, commercial lodging, rental apartments and condominiums.

The company was originally named the Hotels Reservation Network, but they ultimately become

Today, is part of Expedia Inc, a major travel group. The company remains headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States.

How does work? is designed to be simple and user-friendly. It’s an easy process to sign up and register an account.

Following that, you simply type in your destination and dates, and then select the accommodation that’s suited to your needs.

You can filter accommodation by a number of factors, including location, price, services and amenities, ratings, and more. This means that it’s an intuitive way to find the exact place that you need.

Following this, you can make a booking and confirm it online, with receipts via email or via text message.

Then, you may have the option to pay upfront or submit a deposit, or pay at the property depending on the accommodation in question.

How do I book accommodation on

In order to book accommodation, you need to sign in (or sign up if you don’t have an account) on the website or the app, then on the hotel search put in the information of your destination, your expected arrival and departure time, number of rooms and guests.

You can also optimize your results by using a range of criteria to narrow down your search results. will then match you with the hotels suitable for your needs from the database of hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide.

After selecting a hotel and a room in the search result, you can go to the ‘Make special requests for this room’ section in the ‘Room Details’ tab to choose the additional or accessibility features of your request.

The last step is to fill out the payment information then click ‘Book’ to complete your booking.

After that, you may need to do nothing else, just arrive at your hotel and enjoy your stay. If you are experiencing issues it’s recommended to call the phone number on this page.

I need a receipt for expenses, how can I get a receipt for my booking? state that when you make a booking, they send you an email which confirms the details of your booking and also functions as your receipt.

Even if you’ve already paid or have yet to pay, the balance will be shown as zero but the receipt will still be sent. This means that all you need to do to obtain a physical copy of your receipt for your booking is to print it off yourself at home.

When you arrive at your hotel, it’s worth remembering that the hotel will only provide you additional receipts for extra expenses or costs that you’ve incurred during your visit (e.g. if you’ve taken something from the minibar, ordered something to watch on TV, or made use of any other services like ironing, laundry, or other common additional charges).

Is room service included in my booking with

It is unlikely that your hotel booking will include room service as this is usually seen as an additional charge.

For a select number of hotels there may be an option which includes additional meals such as breakfast, but this is commonly offered in a buffet service in the hotel restaurant and is not delivered to your room.

That said, room service breakfasts or additional similar services may be available at an extra cost.

If this is the case you may wish to talk to the hotel directly about your needs.

What hotel options are there on

They offer a number of different ranges of hotel to suit the budget and needs of every traveller.

The majority of hotels fall into a reasonable range, although there are a number of extremely high-end luxury hotels in the five-star range which can cost more than the average.

In addition, you’ll find very budget-friendly guest houses, hostels, and even shared dormitory accommodation in some areas which can make stays suitable for any variety of travellers.

You should be able to stratify your search results by criteria, including star rating and price.

What are hotel star ratings?

Hotel star ratings vary worldwide, although there are a number of bodies responsible for them. Quite often, the local government or an international organisation will determine the star rating of the hotel.

Quite commonly, the highest star rating is five-star, which stands for a luxury accommodation with great facilities and amenities, including staff who specialise in a range of foreign languages, often a swimming pool or sauna, business centre, and more.

Hotels on the one-star range offer only basic amenities and services in comparison to other ratings.

It’s worth noting that every system can be different, and have their own rating system. offers their own rating system which is an effective way of maintaining and standardising the quality of the accommodations offered.

What do I do if I find out a better price than the one I book on state that they try the best to offer the best prices for customers on all their listings.

If you find a better price of the same room at the same hotel on the same date either on or a different website, you may place a request to customer care for a refund of the price difference.

The refund is offered under either of 2 forms: via bank transfer for refundable bookings, or via a coupon for non-refundable bookings.

How do I request a refund from if I find a cheaper price on the same listing elsewhere?

If you find a better price on and your booking is refundable, you may either cancel the existing booking then rebook at the cheaper price, or call the Customer Service department and ask an agent to do so for you.

If the price is offered on a different website or your booking is non-refundable, you may fill out the “Ask us to match the price” form and will get back to you on the matter.

It’s worth noting however, that submission of the request has to be completed by 23:59 on the day before your stay.

I requested a refund for the price difference between and another website, and the request was approved, but I haven’t received the refund yet. What should I do?

The company states that they will refund the difference immediately after the request has been reviewed and approved by them.

That said, your bank can take up to 30 days to process the transfer, and this could be the reason why you haven’t received your refund of the difference yet.

If you don’t receive the refund after 30 days, you may wish to contact the customer services centre to enquire as to why this is the case and to see if there are any solutions to this issue.

I want to make changes to my existing booking, how can I do that?

In order to make changes to your existing booking, you may need to sign in to your account on, select the booking you want to change, then click Change.

This should bring up a range of options for you to change on your booking. If, on the other hand, you don’t see the option to change on your booking page, then you may wish to call the contact number for assistance.

I want to change a confirmed booking, how much will charge me to do that?

The answer is that while may not charge any fee for your changing the booking you have already made, the hotel you book with might impose an additional charge.

You may find out about the changing fee (if applicable) in the confirmation email.

I have booked a hotel on and have received the confirmation email but now due to an emergency I can’t make it. Can I cancel the booking and how do I do it?

In order to cancel your existing booking, you may need to sign in to your account, select the booking you want to cancel then click Cancel on the side panel of the website.

If you don’t see the option to cancel on your booking page, you may wish to call the Customer Support Center for assistance.

Once you are in touch with a customer service agent, they may be able to give you additional details on the terms of your booking and also advise you on the correct process for cancelling your booking and any remaining fees or charges imposed, if applicable.

How much does charge for cancellations?

While they doesn’t charge any fee for your cancelling the booking you have already made, the hotel you book with may impose an additional charge and this could be at the discretion of the accommodation owner.

You may find out about these kinds of fees and any charges applicable by checking the confirmation email you received when you made the initial booking.

What information do I need to sign up?

In order to register as a fully signed-up member to, which is a free account, you may be required to provide your email address, a password consisting of 6-20 characters with at least one number, your first name and last name.

As opposed to some other similar websites, no activation link is needed. As a result, this process is exceptionally quick and may take approximately under a minute to complete.

How do I sign in to

There are multiple ways to sign into your account. You may use your email address and password that you chose when you registered originally, or alternatively, you may sign in through your Facebook account or your Google account.

You may want to verify that you’re on the official website before doing so, to protect your data and information.

Under the sign in form, you may also click the box ‘Sign me in automatically next time’ so you won’t need to put in your email address and password every time you want to access your account page.

What kind of accommodation can I find on provides a very wide variety of properties for rent, ranging from international well-known chains and all-inclusive resorts to local states and bed & breakfasts.

You can also find helpful information for making your stay a better experience on the company website.

What are rewards nights available with

For every 10 nights that are booked through, you are rewarded with one complimentary night at an eligible hotel.

The value of the reward night is equal to the average rate of your collected 10 nights.

How do I do get my rewards nights on

To get your rewards nights redeemed, you may need to log into your account and then use the Rewards filter to find a hotel that is eligible for the rewards program.

Once you choose a suitable hotel for your trip, you may select any room that states “can be booked by redeeming rewards nights”.

Under the option of Pay now or Pay at hotel, you choose Pay now. Then on Your Reservation Summary you select Redeem rewards to apply to your booking.

How do calculate the value of my reward night and can I redeem my reward night for a cheaper or more expensive room?

The value of the reward night is equal to the average rate of your collected 10 nights.

You can use your reward night to book a room of higher or lower value. If the room rate is of greater value than your reward night, you can choose to pay the difference.

If the room rate is of less value than your reward night, you can choose to forfeit the difference.

How do I become a silver member and what are the benefits of silver membership?

After 10 nights spent using, you will be automatically upgraded to silver membership.

The benefits of a silver member include: Having inquires and requests addressed by specially trained customer service agents; Getting a refund on any price difference you find on other channels about the same hotel; Being guaranteed minimum fees on booking changes and cancellations; Faster track on good offers and earlier access to good deals available on

How do I become a gold member and what are the benefits of being a gold member with

After 30 nights spent, you will be automatically upgraded to silver membership.

The benefits of a gold member include: Having inquires and requests addressed by specially trained customer service agents; Getting a refund on any price difference you find on other channels about the same hotel; Being guaranteed minimum fees on booking changes and cancellations; Faster track on good offers and earlier access to good deals available on; privileged access to promotions exclusively offered to gold members.

What are Secret Prices that are given on

Secret Prices are special offers available for customers who meet with one of the followings requirements.

To become a rewards member you need to download the booking app by or subscribing to their emails.

Secret Prices are lower than the normal rates you find on The particular discount depends on the dates, place and hotel you choose for your trip.

I don’t want to create an account on but still want to book hotels via the website to get their prices. Can I book a hotel without having an account?

Even without an account, you can still make bookings on On the homepage, you use the search box to find the most suitable hotel for your trip.

After selecting the type of room and length of stay, you only need to put in your last name and first name, your contact details, then proceed with the payment to finish the reservation.

How do I change or cancel my booking on when I don’t have an account?

After you make the reservation, will send you a confirmation email.

If you don’t have an account, you may click on ‘Find your booking’ on the website then put in the confirmation number and your last name to get to your booking site.

On there you may change, cancel or print the original reservation.

How do I keep track of the nights I book through to claim the rewards?

If you have an account, will keep track of your collected nights for you.

After you sign in your account on, you may find the section rewards on the website navigation, from which you go to ‘Your rewards’ to see a full report of your collected nights as well as rewards nights.

What is the benefit of creating an account on

With an account created, you have access to your account page that stores all the information of your activities including: your membership status, your progress towards silver or gold membership, as well as the nights you collect and the rewards applicable.

I booked a hotel via but forgot to sign in my account when I made the reservation. I checked in yesterday and will check out tomorrow. How can I add these nights into my account?

You may collect the nights booked without signing in your account by selecting the Contact us button on the website.

The information required to attach the missing nights are your name, your email address, and the itinerary number from the confirmation email.

Their team will review the request and may add the nights to your account within 72 hours.

I finished my stay with yesterday but the nights are not shown in my account page. Should I contact Customer Service team?

Sometimes the nights may be added to your account within 72 hours after you finish your stay.

You may need to wait 72 hours after checking out your hotel and check the rewards balance again.

If the nights are still missed by then, you may email Contact Service team and provide your name and your itinerary number. state that they will get back to you within 72 hours and handle the situation.

I have collected 30 nights at and received 3 rewards nights. I am going to book a hotel for 3 days. Can I redeem all the rewards nights for the same booking?

You may redeem more than one reward night for any multiple-night booking you are going to make. The rewards nights may be used to pay for the equivalent nights from your stay.

For example, if you book 5 nights using 3 rewards nights, you may have 3 complimentary nights and only have to pay 2 remaining nights, together with the taxes and fees.

I have cancelled a booking in which I used a rewards night. Will I take that rewards night back and use it in a future booking?

If the booking is refundable and you cancel the booking before the cancellation deadline set by the hotel, the rewards night may be returned to your account within 1 hour after the cancellation.

If you cancel the booking after the deadline, the rewards nights may be forfeited.

Can I redeem my rewards night on any hotel listed on

Not all hotels on are eligible for rewards nights.

You may need to find additional details on the website of which are eligible.

Why are some nights I book on not added into my account?

If you notice that some nights you book via are missing from your collected nights on your account, it may be because of the following reasons:

  • Those nights are rewarded through the Rewards program or other special promotion, or made using a discount code, voucher or coupon.
  • The booking is not completed due to a cancellation or change.
  • You did not sign into your account when making the reservation.
  • The hotel you booked with is not eligible for the program.
  • You booked the nights before joining the Rewards program.
  • The booking was made via an affiliate site or a business partner of of or as part of a package.

If your case is not any specified above, you may wish to contact the Customer Service team for further assistance.

I booked a hotel room with double bed via but now I want to change it to a twin bed. Will they charge me to make the change? does not charge any fee to change the bed type.

Other changes that are free of charge may include: Name of the guests, Smoking preference, Accessibility option, and other Special requests.

Changes that might require a fee include: Type of room, Number of guests, and the Dates of your trip. agreed to give me a full refund on my cancellation. How long does it take for the money to get back to my bank account?

The time length required to process your refund may depend on your payment method, and the timelines for the hotel to make the refund vary among regions. will credit your card within 24 hours. It might take 7 days to post the credit to your account and 2 billing cycles to show your statement.

The average length of time for the refund to be made is 3-7 days in North America; 9 days in Brazil; 14 days for all other Latin American countries; 7 business days for Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK; 30 days for all other European countries; 30 days for Australia; 2-4 weeks for Korea; 3-7 days for New Zealand and Philippines; 10-15 business days for Singapore; 7-15 business days for all other Asia-Pacific countries.

If I cancel a nonrefundable booking on, does it mean I have to pay the full price of the night?

If the hotel night you book via is nonrefundable and you wish to cancel it, you will not receive a refund on any amount you have already paid.

Additionally, you might be charged a cancellation fee. The fee is decided by your hotel and shown on the confirmation letter.

Can I add my property to

Yes, it is possible to do this.

It is added through the parent company of, which is known as Expedia and is a large travel organisation group. When you list your property with Expedia you will receive a number of additional benefits which are discussed below.

What are the benefits of listing my property with

The first and largest benefit is that of promotion. will be able to promote your website to a large and diverse audience around the world in a number of different languages on search results on their website, but also on search engines like Google, Bing, and more.

This results in better exposure for your hotel or accommodation and an increased rate of bookings as well as more diverse clientele, which could ultimately boost your property’s rankings and visibility.

When you list on, you also list on Expedia and all of their other websites and outlets, which includes over 200 travel related booking websites.

How do I register?

Firstly, you may need to add your property using’s web form and list all applicable details relevant to your property.

This part is free of charge and will only take around one minute to complete fully.

Following that, within two hours of submitting the data a member of Expedia may contact you.

You may hear from an Expedia sales expert who will send you an offer of exactly what the company can offer you in a unique sales contract or affiliate contract.

Then, you will receive a written contract within the next few days which finalises and lists the terms of the agreement that you are making with

After this, Expedia will work with you to set up your account on and other Expedia channels, and then they may finally call you on the telephone to finalise details and get any outstanding information that’s necessary before your partnership fully begins.

What details do I have to provide to register for

You will need billing information and payment details, as well as up to twenty high quality high resolution photos of your property for display.

You’ll also need to provide them with the most affordable rates that you’re willing to offer for your property and also details of property availability, so that they can craft an accurate and effective listing of your accommodation across their channels.

Does offer special deals?

Yes, the website offers a number of unique deals which are available on their website daily.

This includes their ‘daily deal’ which offers a range of different hotels at competitive prices specially chosen.

They also provide information on the average price for a 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotel, meaning that you can get a ballpark figure of what suits your budget and taste.

If you choose to, you may also wish to sign up for email deals which will send special offers directly to your inbox.

What are secret prices on

Secret prices refer to prices that aren’t advertised publicly but are only made available to a select number of members or those who use the website regularly.

These secret prices give exclusive discounts of up to fifty percent of the regular cost of an accommodation in places around the world, meaning that by regularly using the site you can save money and upgrade your stay in special places at a reduced cost.

This is one of the key benefits of making the regular site that you use for booking your accommodation, whether you travel infrequently or heavily, there is still a benefit here to be gained.

What is a last minute deal?

A last minute deal is a deal that is sudden and short-lived, meaning it’s only available for a short period of time.

These are often for people who are planning to travel very quickly (within a day or a few days) and are looking for somewhere, quiet literally, at the last minute.

Due to extra availability at hotels or due to there being less demand than anticipated, this can result in getting an excellent discount or reduced price on a range of hotels at premier locations around the world.

Again, this is a good way of saving some of your budget if you’re planning to travel and wish to book your accommodation in advance.

Can I do a group booking on

Ultimately, the number of people that you can book will be dependent on the hotel and the location.

That said, offer the ability to search for up to eight adult guests and three children on each booking, meaning that if you’re travelling in a party smaller than or equal to this size then you should be able to find a location for booking on the website.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you want to make a booking of this size then you should aim to give a lot of notice and not anticipate a last minute deal, as there may not be enough room left or capacity at a number of leading hotels if you book on short notice.

How is Expedia related to

Expedia is the parent company of, meaning that they own but operate it as a separate business.

Aside from this, Expedia run a number of high profile brands. Trivago, a hotel search engine booking site is also owned by Expedia.

In addition, there are a number of smaller, boutique companies that are owned by Expedia, including Classic Vacations, who are a luxury travel organisation that provide the best and highest-class experiences,, a car rental organisation, HomeAway, which is used for vacation rentals, and many more.

Expedia is a gigantic operation, and form one of their major and most well known brands.

Can guests leave reviews on

Yes, and not only is it permitted but it is in fact encouraged for visitors to leave reviews of their stay.

This is one way that builds a community and creates collaborative community ratings for its users.

To date, they claim that they have over twenty-five million unique hotel ratings submitted by users on their website.

I heard there is a travel ban issued by President Trump, who does it affect?

There are several things to consider here.

Following an executive order which came in January, 2017, it is possible that customers who are holding a certain passport or nationality will no longer be issued visas to the United States of America, although there is still some controversy about this issue.

Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are the countries that this is subject to, and so if you have a booking in the USA and hold only one of these nationalities then it’s possible that you will not be granted a visa to travel to the United States.

If this applies to you and you already have a booking on then you may wish to look into modifying or cancelling your booking through the process described earlier in this document.

Does provide flights?

At this time, it seems that cater only to accommodation and do not offer flight options or other associated services.

There are however, similar companies that operate within the Expedia group which do offer these services.

What are ‘Hot Destinations’?

On the website, you will see a tab updated in real time which shows Hot Destinations, particularly if you’re on the web page that has special deals and last minute deals.

These are destinations that are booking a lot of travellers at one time, and could be an indication of it being a preferable place to go due to the time of year or due to a cultural or traditional attraction.

It might also be the case that it’s around public holidays, or just due to chance.

Either way, this is a useful piece of information so that you can see where the majority of people are going for their trip and how that could impact on your stay, including the availability of accommodation.

What does it mean when says ‘booked ___ minutes ago?’

This can be confusing at first, but shows the most recent booking from another customer on the image of the hotel or location.

This is done to demonstrate how often hotels are being booked and the availability that may be at the location you’re looking at – it’s possible that if a hotel is continually getting booked while you’re looking at it, that it will soon be out of capacity and you will have to look elsewhere.

In this sense, it can be good for helping you to make a decision. It’s important to note that this information will also guide you to some of the more popular locations and hotels and can be worth looking at when you are making an accommodation decision.