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EE, or Everything Everywhere to use their full name, is one of the most well-known mobile network providers operating in the United Kingdom. Many people aren’t sure about its origins, so the following guide should offer some guidance on this issue.

Orange and T-Mobile – The EE Merger

EE was originally formed in 2010, as a result of the merging of two other large-scale international mobile networks operating in the UK: Orange and T-Mobile.

This merger had a number of advantages, including bringing the two brands under just one heading and also offering greater network coverage and a broader range of products to mobile users.

As a result, it has become much more popular as a network.

EE Leads the Field

EE was also among the first mobile telecommunications providers in the country to offer fourth-generation mobile data speeds, otherwise known in shorthand as 4G.

It began offering 4G after two years of operation, in 2012, and was the first network to officially bring these speeds to the market.

4G was originally made available in just a few of the largest cities in the UK, including in the capital, London, in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, and Cardiff.

Since then, the network has continued to expand and now is available to up to seventy percent of the entire country’s population.

Recent tests have demonstrated that this service continues to be the fastest available 4G connection in the confines of the United Kingdom, making them an ever-more attractive option to many mobile consumers.

EE Broadband Internet

As well as their mobile phone services, they also offer home broadband internet, which is based on a secondary network offered by British Telecommunications (BT).

EE’s home broadband runs on BT’s Infinity network, which, after extensive upgrades, can offer speeds of in excess of seventy six megabytes per second.

But aside from just the speed factor in their network, they also offer some additional benefits to their consumers. This includes something known as a ‘Power Bar’ scheme, as well as reduced price rental for films and other special deals available only to their users.

If you wish to start service give the EE Broadband customer service number a call to begin the process.

EE Service Awards

EE has continued to win a number of prestigious awards. One such award is the ‘UK’s overall network performance’. This demonstrates that Everything Everywhere is a strong provider of mobile telecommunications in the United Kingdom.

In addition, tests conducted by a service known as RootMetrics have shown that the network provider continues to hold the top spot based on a number of useful measures of performances. These include the stability of the network, meaning how often the network is down and its overall reliability.

Speed, mobile internet, and text messaging and call performance are also often in the top spot as indicated by RootMetrics.

EE’s Customer Service

EE is an exceptionally large organisation by many standards, and employes in excess of eleven thousand individuals over the course of the country. This encompasses customer service, administration, and retail workers based at both offices and high-street shops.

Thanks to their customer service, the company also assert that their customer service teams have had in excess of eighty-six million different supportive conversations and discussions with their consumers and potential consumers every single calendar year.

If you require support with your EE contract, handset, or other product, then you may wish to talk to a customer service representative.

At the first instance, when calling, you are routed through an automated telephone calling system to help guide you to the most appropriate operator.

This means that you get expert advice and don’t get transferred between different departments, which can be inefficient and take up your valuable time.

Finally, their consumers also have the option of contacting the company through social media, if they are so inclined.

Although this may be somewhat more of a public forum, particularly if you do not conduct your conversation through private messaging, it is another option available to customers of EE.

EE’s Equipment

EE consumers are provided with a variety of hardware when they sign up for certain services with the company.

If you sign up for a mobile contract, it’s highly likely you’ll receive either a free or paid handset.

If you sign up for their home broadband package, then you will by default be provided with their router, known as the EE BrightBox router.

These routers are equipped with wireless N technology and provide a signal over up to two hundred and fifty metres away. They are capable of being password encrypted to secure your network, too.

EE Extras

It’s possible to benefit by adding additional services from EE if you already use them for one service.

As an example, if you are currently a broadband customer with EE then you might be able to save a significant sum, up to five pounds per month, by also adding a mobile phone to your package with them.

There are also free mobile phone charging stations known as PowerBar with EE, and there are discounts available with online television and media streaming services and an online movie store.

EE’s Unlimited Home Broadband

EE offer an unlimited home broadband package for just one pound per month for an entire year (twelve months), together with a line rental package of £13.75 per month as well.

This is a tempting offer for those interested in getting home broadband, and in addition, you’ll have the option of upgrading the amount of mobile data you receive per month.

The options include ten gigabyte or even up to twenty gigabytes if you have a 4GEE plan which costs in excess of forty-six pounds per month. Call the EE Broadband contact number to discuss the current rates.

EE’s Television Service

EE also offer a great new television service that’s designed especially to help EE customers savor their time watching television and get maximum enjoyment from their TV.

EE’s TV service works on multiple devices, including tablets like the iPad or mobile phones. With their package, you can use EE TV on up to three devices, provided they are compatible and can host the service.

EE TV has over seventy channels which are available at no added cost, and you also have the option of pausing, recording, rewinding, and fast forwarding TV in top notch 1080p HD. If you’re busy, you can even save shows for later and watch On Demand TV too.

Other tempting EE deals

EE have a special offer for the cutting-edge iPad Air tablet. This high-end personal tablet device is available with a discount for existing customers, who can receive ten gigabytes of data and absolutely no upfront fee for the hardware from just £29.50 monthly.

The company also have a programme called ‘rook’ which enables users to access the highest-quality 4G compatible handset under fifty pounds, and an addition ten gigabytes of free mobile data for a whole month.

If you’re an existing EE customer, and you want to add a SIM only package to your existing services, you can do so at a special rate. 2GB of data, 2000 minutes of call time, and an unlimited allowance of texts for just £15.29 a month.

You might also receive a special ‘3 for 2’ deal on certain mobile phone accessories. This means that when you purchase three items, you’ll receive the lowest priced item absolutely free of charge.

Common EE Support Question Answers

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we have found answers to when searching the internet. We want to be a helpful resource to help you find a solution fast.

We are in no way affiliated or represent EE or EE customer services. The information that appears on this website has been sourced publicly and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content as it may have changed or been updated.

Can I upgrade my phone?

Whether you qualify for an upgrade with EE depends on a lot of different factors.

One of the easiest ways to find out if you qualify for an early upgrade is very simple – just text ‘UP’ to 150 or call the EE contact number above.

You may qualify for an early upgrade if you’re about to end your contract or if you’re on a pay monthly plan with EE. You probably won’t be able to if you’re a business customer or you have some outstanding payments left on your plan with EE.

When you look to upgrade your EE phones, you’ll be given, or may be required to pay, for a new handset to replace your existing handset.

You can also take this time to ask for more call minutes, or more text messages or data. One of the best advantages of getting an upgrade is to trade-up your old handset for a new model, and this is what usually attracts people to ask for an early upgrade.

If you want more detail, you may wish to call EE telephone support with your account information and enquire as to whether you qualify for an upgrade, or how long you’ll have to wait before you’re eligible to upgrade.

Can I get WiFi calling?

This depends on your model. If you have a model later than an iPhone 5 or a smartphone dated after 2014, you’ll probably be able to register to WiFi calling. This way of calling offsets your bill as you don’t need to use your contracted minutes to make calls.

All you require to get WiFi calling is an eligible handset and a WiFi connection, although if your connection is not stable you may not get as good quality as with a traditional call.

You need to have a 4G EE data plan to access WiFi calling though. You can find an extensive guide to setting up WiFi calling on EE’s website or by calling the EE phone number above, and the process may be different for each handset.

WiFi calling is currently compatible with the following handsets: iPhone 5c and later models, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, A3 (2017), A5 (2017), Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Lumia 550, 650, 950, 950XL, HTC 10, BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry Dtek 50, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Huawei P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus and P8 Lite (2017).

How should I prepare for travelling abroad?

Recently the laws for roaming in the EU changed, and as of June 2017 there are to be no extra roaming charges for travel within the European Union.

There are currently 48 countries under EE which are free of roaming charges and you should look this up on their website or call the EE customer service number to find out if the country you’re travelling to is included.

You should also aim to find out what arrangements you may need to make if you visit a country outside of the EU.

This may include ensuring that you turn data roaming off so that you don’t acquire a large bill. To find out more about what you should do for travelling abroad, consider calling the EE helpline or visiting their website to find additional information.

Does EE have an app?

Yes, if you have an EE smartphone which runs on either Apple’s iOS or Android then you are able to download the EE App. You can download it on the App Store or on Google Play.

The EE App allows you to manage and control your device solely through the App interface. You can view your account information, current usage, contract information, and more.

You can also use this to manage your data usage and reduce your consumption if you feel that you’re over-consuming on your data plan. This can quickly save you a call to the EE customer care hotline.

Can I get 4G with EE?

EE now offers fully 4G contracts which have super-fast data and allow you to use innovative new services like WiFi calling.

4G networks are the latest in data technology. You can sign up for a full contract for 4G mobile phones, or you can sign up for a mobile broadband 4GEE portable data device.

Prices start from 23 GBP per month including the portable mobile device and up to 15GB of data, allowing you to watch television or surf the net at super high speeds on the go.

The minimum contract length is 24 months.

To register for a 4G contract either on phone or mobile broadband, you may want to contact EE through their customer service phone number or their website to purchase online. It’s always possible that you can get a better deal by checking all available options.

Where do I find roaming costs for destinations?

One of the easiest ways of finding out is texting RO with the full name of the country to 150.

For example, if you’re going to Algeria, text RO Algeria to 150 and you’ll receive the cost of roaming in return. If you’re on a 4GEE plan however, you may already have a minimum of EU calls and texts included in your package without having to pay extra.

If you are having difficulties then call the EE number above.

Can I get additional information on my handset?

Yes, if you need help using your device or you have a question specific to your handset, EE has a dedicated online centre to help you find out what you need to know and book a repair.

This is available at You can also find additional information by calling the EE telephone number listed above if you have trouble using the website or cannot access the information you need for your EE handset.

Currently the EE website has over 25 pages of support for models ranging from the highest end newest handsets to older models all the way back to the iPhone 3.

This should enable you to get any technological help that you need for your hardware with the minimum of fuss and complexity.

If I want to change my phone number from my old provider to EE can I keep my existing number?

Usually you will be able to switch the phone number that you had from your old network when you sign with EE, as Ofcom now require that all network providers allow you to switch your number.

To do this you will need a porting authorisation code (PAC code) which you may have to normally get from the customer service team by email or by calling. You’ll also need your new handset and your SIM card if you got a new SIM when signing up to EE.

Once you have your PAC code then within thirty days you may need to contact EE and find out what other steps are involved in the process for changing your number from your old network provider to your new one.

The process, once begun and once you have notified EE, might take more than 24 hours, so you should ensure that you have made alternate arrangements for this time until the changes take effect.

It’s worth remembering that you might incur extra costs if you leave your old contract early, or if your contract at another provider is not finished when you move to them.

You should keep this information in mind when looking at your network provider and do as much research and communications as possible with the companies to ensure you make the right decision.

Why are some mobiles given out for free when you sign a contract with EE?

Mobile phones are a premium product and it is of course worth enquiring why when signing up with mobile providers like EE you can receive a mobile phone for free. They can offer this, as many other networks can, because they spread the cost of the handset over the lifetime of the contract.

This means you commit to paying the contract and the network trusts that you will cover the cost of phone over the lifetime of the contract.

With certain, high-end models there is also an up-front cost involved in signing up and you may be asked to pay a part of the cost of the handset before starting your new contract with them.

For many high-end phones however, you may be able to get a good contract with no upfront cost and a free handset.

For more information on this you should contact EE either online or via phone and find out about what options are available that suit your needs.

How does my contract on EE work?

Your contract may come with a pre-determined amount of data, texts, and call minutes that you are allowed to utilise over a calendar month.

This normally resets the net month. As long as you don’t use over this amount, you may only pay the amount specified in your contract. That said, you can also be charged more if you go over this allowance.

For instance, if your contract with them has 250MB of data and you go over this amount, you may pay an extra fee for anything that you use. Details of these charges can be found by contacting EE.

If you are worried about this you may need to look at an unlimited plan for either data, calls, or texts. They may have a network plan that allows you unlimited access to one of these features. To find out more, contact EE and enquire about the plans available.

You may also find plans that have a free bonus or certain special feature, e.g. unlimited to calls to a certain amount of numbers, free data or unlimited texts. This depends on your tariff.

Should I buy insurance for my EE handset or EE product?

Mobile phones are sometimes free, or you might pay a cost when you sign up for a contract. The thing is, you might always lose or damage your phone and then you may not be eligible for a free replacement with most networks, and EE may be included in this.

To remedy this situation and protect yourself from accidental damage, you may wish to take out additional mobile phone insurance.

When you have insurance it means that you can claim the cost of the handset or a replacement handset back if your handset is damaged or lost. The circumstances of what is covered depends on your insurance plan.