Top 10 eBay Selling Tips

Selling your unwanted items on eBay can be a fun and simple way to earn a little extra cash, and if you know what you are doing you can ensure success in pushing the items out of your home and to the highest bidder – and earning even more! Of course, there are some great tips that the top-rated sellers will agree (We have assisted them personally in selling their items). And from them to you, here are the top ten!

    1. Pay Attention to Shipping: This is invaluable as all too often sellers get excited and just start cleaning out their garage seeking for items to sell that are either not cost-effective to sell or ship! If you are planning on listing some tires, you are not going to want to pay for extravagant fees to ship when you will only earn $80 or so, right? If you are selling bulky, cheap items, be sure to opt for Local Pick-Up’s only to save you the time, money and hassle.


    1. Be Popular: Focus on listing items that are popular, seasonal or trendy for what season you are in. You will have little sales if you are trying to sell shorts and sandals in the middle of winter. But, if you are selling off old holiday items in November, people will tend to increase their bidding and buying!


    1. Rare Items: If you have an item you know others will have some issues finding anywhere else, you can easily bring in potential bidders. Antiques and vintage items are always hits. Make sure you do some pricing research to make sure you are selling and getting the best price for your item.


    1. Wording: When you are listing your item, be sure to choose your wording carefully and use the most accurate keywords. Keep your title clear and concise, while also using as many descriptive words as you can (without droning on). This will ensure that your item will appear in more searches. The more descriptive you are, the fewer questions you will receive from possible buyers. If you are stumped on your keywords, consider the terms you may use to describe the item, then fit the words together.


    1. Don’t Lie: If you are selling something broken or in poor condition, be honest with your potential bidders. While many are seeking items to be refurbished, nothing is worse than a buyer receiving an item in poor condition that was listed as “new”. If this has happened to you, contact eBay customer service. You can visit their official website for a free phone number.


    1. Be a Pro: The more professional your listing looks, the more likely bidders are to trust you. Take clear photos, free of surrounding clutter, and write a clear-cut description of your item. Bulleted lists are also a concise way to organize your items’ selling points.


    1. Photo Op: Don’t just take a bunch of random, poor photos of your item to complete your post. Use good lighting, and make sure the area of your home looks nice. If you note that your clothes come from a “pet-free” home, make sure that you don’t have a stray cat in the background! Or that your item is “stain-free” as your toddler runs around with pudding on her cheeks! Your photos should portray that your items have been cared for.
    2. The Price is Right: Start a little lower than you anticipate receiving for your item. This is a great way to attract bidders, and get the ball rolling for selling your item.


    1. Choose Wisely: This may seem far-fetched, but listing your item at the right time of day is a huge boost! Begin your auction at night, as statistics have shown that many tend to bid and purchase items after work and in their downtime; Sunday is also the most lucrative day.


  1. Ship Smart: Don’t inflate your shipping rates just to make a few pennies. It’s not fair to the customer, and your shipping rates will be rated in your Feedback score.