How to Research eBay Trends

One of the biggest hardships of running a retail store is keeping up with the ever-changing latest trends. When you opt to sign up for an eBay business, the guesswork is taken out of your product selections! eBay is a seller and bidder-friendly market. If you are a seller, eBay ensures that you have all the support you need to keep up on all the latest trends that are hot-sellers. It is quite convenient that eBay makes it all so easy to access, here is how!

Each and every month, eBay produces a Seller Central section which assists you to determine the best selling items for the month, it is called the “Items in Demand” feature. The best part is that though some sellers know about this feature, the vast majority do not! “Items in Demand” grants you access to the latest upcoming promotions, top searches, most watched items and all the monthly sales data of eBay! The “Items in Demand” also provides an easy side by side price comparison of items. In other words, if your item is brand new it will show you what you should be listing it as. However, if the product is used it will provide you with the cost of what other sellers are pricing their item at.

Seller Central narrows down the categories and subcategories that are selling at the highest rates and that are producing the highest bid-to-item ratios; meaning that the demand is outpacing the supply! It also allows you to review the work of thousands of other eBay sellers to analyze what bidders want and do not want. Seller Central is broken down by category, not by product which makes it easy to quickly narrow down if an item you are selling is currently in demand or not.

The Marketplace Research program is incredibly easy to utilize as it specifically breaks down in the form of a line graph precisely what sales are significantly peaking and which are a little slower at the time. All it takes is a simple sign-up in order to utilize this super user-friendly chart. Or for the more casual browsers, eBay also posts flashy promotional ads on their homepage; if you are selling the right product in the right place at the right time, that means a lot of extra traffic for your particular listing (and other items as well)!

Regardless of what you are selling and at what time of year, it is important to be sure you are conducting market research often, eBay has years of data that shows which items sell best for each season of the year. And having this information close at hand can be the key to ensuring successful sales! Be sure to also contact eBay and your customers for feedback. Freephone can be found on Ebay’s official website, you do not have to use our paid call connection service. Even if you are a new seller, understanding how the market works can significantly increase your sales, and with all of the data already gathered by eBay, it is convenient that it can all be found and utilized so quickly and easily!