How to Start an eBay Business

There are literally thousands of eBay sellers out there. However, many of them fail to realize that once they have registered and created an account on eBay, they actually have the option of registering themselves as a business! The process and information required are significantly similar to registering as an individual, and you are granted the added advantage of adding your personalized business name to your account. If you have already created an eBay account, you can also still change your individual account to a business account.

Perhaps you are interested in creating an eBay business account, yet are not quite sure if it is for you? Here are some things to consider to determine if choosing an eBay business account is the best option for your needs: If you sell items that you have purchased in order to resell them; if you have purchased new items that you have chosen not to personally use; if the items you sell are items that you have produced yourself; or if you sell a large amount of items at a time and on a regular basis. These are all some of the top reasons for setting up an eBay business account. If you’re still not quite sure whether or not you should register as a business or as an individual, be sure to contact eBay and your legal advisor prior to making any changes. Official contact information can be found on Ebay’s website.

There are additionally some excellent advantages of running an eBay business account. For instance, when you register as a business, you can register using your company name, of which is displayed in all communication with your buyers, such as invoices and emails. Additionally, you can provide the value-added tax (VAT) percentage to buyers when you list your item, which is important if you’re based outside the US or Canada, such as the UK! You can also receive net invoices for eBay’s fees by way of simply providing them with your VAT identification number. There are also some pretty significant tax advantages. Be sure you that you review all information with your accountant or legal advisor before setting anything in concrete.

Changing your individual account to a business account is incredibly simple. Just go to the account settings in the “My eBay” link and select personal information. Once there you can click on the edit link next to “Account Type”. Just enter in your business name and click on “Change to Business Account”. Be sure you update your registered name with your personal contact name, and you are ready to start selling! If you decide that you no longer wish to maintain a business account, follow the same directions only when you click the “Change Account Type” link, change it to the “Change to Individual Account” button. You are all set!

And remember, you can always get ahold of someone in eBay’s customer service if you have any questions or need any help! You can find all contact information on eBay’s website.