How to Find Suppliers for an eBay Business

You have built a level of comfort selling your items on eBay, and have decided that you would like to upgrade to a business, you should then seriously consider buying wholesale and finding a reputable supplier. Here are some tips on how to find the best wholesalers to kick off your brand new eBay business and launch a potentially successful career!

Once you have your tax ID, business registration, start-up capital, etc. you are ready to begin your search for a wholesaler. Your best option to get started is by way of a search engine. Be extra careful with this option as you are likely to find many who claim to be wholesalers, yet have retail style prices. Compare their prices with what the products are selling for on eBay. Check out finished listings to see how well the items have sold in the past and if they are even worth purchasing or not. Be wary of websites who try to sell you information. The ONLY website that is eBay certified is Worldwide Brands, Inc. With them, you have to pay for the service (the one-time payment is good for life, however), but they will, in turn, verify the validity of a company prior to including them in their listings.

Another option may be to check out dropshippers. These are companies that sell to you and you never have to actually carry the product on you. The majority provide you with pictures, and super basic product descriptions, along with a suggested retail price. They will also ship the items for you after you have received payment from your customer. However, be aware that you may come across issues where orders are not processed, a customer states that a product was not as described, or that an item you sold is now out of stock. It’s important to never sell an item you are not entirely positive is available.

The vast majority of wholesalers can be contacted directly. You can use our paid call connection service or visit the official Ebay website for a free number. Search their website and contact via clicking on either Contact Us or Corporate Info, where you can find their sales department phone number. Depending on the manufacturer, they might have some pretty stiff terms, for instance stating that you must be a brick & mortar store. If this is the case, be sure to ask them how you can buy their products as you are very interested. They may, in fact, give you a list of their distributors.

If you would like free, on-demand, advice from other eBay sellers, there are discussion boards available on eBay that can be of great help. Just click on Community at the top of most eBay pages and then on Discussion Boards. You can find a wide array of boards that can offer you some great information.

Good luck with your new eBay business and remember, all the hard work can pay off if you take the time to research what you are about to embark and are willing to put time and effort into getting your business off the ground. There is no way to make money without an initial investment. You can start off with a small order of only $50 or a large order of several thousands of dollars, you are now on your way to being an eBay seller.

It is also important to remember that unless you have a close friend or family member giving you the inside scoop, you are not going to have anyone give up their list of trusted wholesalers. In fact, giving up the names of your source(s) is rule number one in running an eBay business. The competition out there is fierce, and when too many flock to the same wholesaler, the market floods, and no one makes any money. You are going to be prepared to do some adequate research and prepare yourself to some dead ends that are bound to occur; just keep pushing through and do not get discouraged.