How to Bid on eBay

So many of us enjoy just taking the time to browse on eBay and often finding live auctions of certain items we want or need. It is exciting to finally find that incredible deal, place a bid and sit back and to try and win the auction. There’s a sense of pride that comes with winning the auction and knowing you got a remarkable deal on something that you have long been after. However, all too often we find ourselves quickly outbid, and frustrated with the exasperating question of who could have outbid you so quickly?! We have all experienced the eBay bidding highs and lows. The good news is, through trial and error, there are some simple techniques to prevent this from happening.

First, you should always remember that once you stumble upon that amazing deal on eBay, the first thing you should do is to simply wait. This can be an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish. You want the deal, it’s ending soon, you must bid now! However, make note of this, if you bid on it now, you have just decreased your chances of getting it later. It has been well noted that the best time to bid on an item is within ten seconds of the auctions’ closing. While this may seem a little far-fetched, consider this, if you bid now, then you have just given yourself up; meaning that others can see that you have bid and now have a chance to raise their bids higher. If you wait until less than 10 seconds, then you will not allow any other bidders a chance to respond to your bid and your chances of winning significantly increase.

However, the next step is of equal importance. You must select the max amount that you want to spend. Select the max amount that you would want to spend in advance (for instance, $25.00, make your maximum amount just a few cents more, say $25.25), this way, if someone else has decided that they also only want to spend $25, you will still have outbid them. Our minds work in the manner of whole dollar amounts, so when you think outside the box, even by a few cents you will be amazed at how often you can outbid others.

Another great tip is to bid using two browsers. To accomplish this, open one browser window, adjust the size to make it half of your screen, then open up the exact same auction on the other half of the screen. You can use one window to put in you max bid amount (plus a few cents), then “Place Bid”. Stop on the “Confirmed Bid” screen, and use the other browser window to monitor the auction status. Click “refresh” button in the browser window until the final ten seconds start counting down and click confirm. If this causes any problems then just call eBay for help. The free number can be found on the official Ebay website or you can use our call connection service. Be careful to not wait too long, sometimes that click can take a second or two to go through.