eBay Selling Tips

There are an abundant number of people who are turning to Ebay to sell their unwanted items. And perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is that there have been some who have been so successful with their overall sales that they have been able to literally quit their 9-5 jobs and work from home, selling items on Ebay. How do they do it? Here are some of the top Ebay selling tips, from the top sellers themselves!

To start, the term keywords in terms of selling on Ebay, are truly the key to increasing your sales! When you take the time to use the correct ones, bidders will flock your direction. Be sure to only utilize words or phrases of which legitimately pertain to your item and ones of which potential buyers are likely to type in as search words or phrases. It is important to use the manufacturer, item type, size, and color, if they are all available. You can take advantage of certain keywords (including old, vintage, sexy, classic, etc.) if they are relevant to your item(s) as they help to increase traffic to your sales. Note that we are not eBay and if you need help you can visit their official website for a free phone number.

Try and stick with the seasons as well… While you may have a lot of your child’s summer clothes that are taking up space in your home, if winter is in full force, shorts and tank tops are usually not searched as often as they are in the spring and summer months. And try and specialize in items you are familiar with… If your uncle cleaned out his garage and gave you a box of spare car parts that you haven’t an inkling what they are, don’t pretend that you do just to try and make a sale. Potential bidders will see right through that and be wary of the sale.

Be smart about what it costs to list and sell. Stay away from larger starting price as they tend to cost more in listing fees. And take advice from the age-old brick and mortar store trick: $9.99 looks less expensive than $10.00, doesn’t it? Be sure to take advantage of the Postal Service’s “Click and Ship” method –it’s easy efficient and FREE. If you choose to not use the integrated mailing system, make sure that you send customers a quick scanned email via Ebay which proves that you sent the item and providing them with a tracking number. Buyers appreciate knowing when their item will likely arrive. And it ensures protection for you as you have proof of when you sent the item in case a dispute arises regarding a lost package.

Communication is of the utmost importance as well. If you don’t receive payment from a sale within a day or so, send the purchaser an invoice and make sure the message is a positive, informative and grateful message. If a buyer has questions, answer them in a timely and pleasant manner.

Make sure that you do some research on more valuable items you are listing. There is no worse feeling than having sold a pricey item for too low of a price simply because you did not know its worth. If a brand is unfamiliar to you, you may also not know how to draw bidders to bid on it. Do some searches for items that are similar to yours. And take a critical look at the listings ads and pricing, particularly if there are more bidders and higher prices.

And remember, have fun! It will come out in terms of how you list your items and how people will tend to choose to purchase from you!