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Call Citizen Advice for help with Financial obligation, Domestic issues, Child maintenance. Customer support is open Monday – Friday – 9:00am-5:00pm.

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About Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is an organisation which provides people advice first and foremost. The advice offered is free of charge, always confidential and is not shared with others, and the advice is independent and not biased one way or another. Citizens Advice helps many people, and their website states that between 2016 and 2017 the company has provided advice through numerous platforms to up to 2,700,000 people. Citizens Advice is able to provide advice in person, over the telephone, through email, or through an online messenger chat service.

The Citizens Advice service is actually not a single body, but a group of in excess of three hundred local charities across England and Wales. The service is staffed by volunteers and paid staff.

Why contact Citizens Advice?

You might want to contact Citizens Advice for the following reasons:

  • LAdvice on financial obligations, debt, mortgages, loans, or renting
  • Advice on relationships, marriage, domestic issues, and looking after people
  • Advice on wills, child maintenance, and social care
  • Advice on work, leaving a job, employee rights, discrimination at work, and more
  • Advice on benefits and government support programmes, child tax credits, and more
  • Advice on consumer rights
  • Other advice on a range of subjects

Citizens Advice FAQ

Where can I get general advice?

Citizens Advice has many places that you can search for information. The Citizens Advice public website has a range of advice on a number of domestic issues, legal issues, and consumer issues and may be the first port of call for finding advice.

However, if you have specific information on consumer issues, for example in dealing with a business, purchasing or selling, then you may wish to access the dedicated Consumer section of the Citizens Advice website.

If you have a specific question about your TV Licence and TV Licensing concessions then you may wish to access the TV Licensing UK website.

Is it possible for me to volunteer for Citizens Advice?

Yes, it may be possible for you to volunteer for Citizens Advice. There are two ways of doing this. The first is to go to the nearest Citizens Advice to you and discuss your wish to volunteer in person. Here you can get more information about what opportunities are available and whether you’re eligible to volunteer. Alternatively, you can access the ‘Opportunities’ page on the citizens advice website and search for opportunities close to you, or opportunities which are suitable for you.

If I want to volunteer for Citizens Advice, do I have to have an interview?

Part of the process of becoming a volunteer at Citizens Advice is having an interview, although the organisation stress that this is a two way process in which you are also seeing whether you are an appropriate volunteer for the service and whether you wish to take on the volunteering responsibility.

If I want to volunteer, do I get training?

Every volunteer who becomes an adviser for the Citizens Advice service receives training free of charge, which is nationally recognised. Citizens Advice state that the training that they provide includes a number of parts, such as self-study packs and on-the-job observation, as well as a standalone three-day training programme. Most training is completed within half a year to a year, depending on the amount of free time available that you have to dedicate to training and self-study.

If I want to volunteer for Citizens Advice, is there a minimum amount of time I have to dedicate?

No, there is not any listed time or minimum time requirement to volunteer for Citizens Advice. You may wish to discuss volunteering and times with your local branch.

What information does Citizens Advice provide for benefits?

Citizens Advice publish a number of pages and guides on benefits, including what benefits are, what options there are for people and how they are administered, what the rules and regulations are, and benefits calculators. There is also additional information on people coming from overseas, benefits caps, benefits for the elderly, universal credit, bereavement benefits, and disability allowances.

What information does Citizens Advice provide on Work?

Citizens Advice provide information online about how to leave a job, including notice periods and your rights if you have been fired or dismissed, or if you’ve been made redundant. YOu can also find advice on obtaining references. Finally, you can gain information on employment tribunals, dealing with problems and issues at work, and employment with disabilities. If none of the information meets your requirements you can also contact Citizens Advice via email, via telephone, or via messenger to gain additional free advice.

What Family advice can I get from Citizens Advice

THere is a range of advice that you can get on the CA website to assist you with family matters. This includes advice on living with a partner from a legal perspective, registering a marriage or civil partnership, and the legal differences between these kinds of relationships. You may also obtain advice on how to end relationships including legal proceedings and ways of managing division of children and finances.

In addition to this, online advice also covers wills and death, so what to do after a death, arranging finances, wills, funeral services, and dealing with deaths that happen abroad.

You can also find advice online covering gender violence, including domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault, rape, and female genital mutilation.

Finally, there is also information on child maintenance, child abuse, young people and family, education, and looking after people.

If the information available online is not suitable to your needs then it’s also worth keeping in mind that you can contact Citizens Advice in person to obtain tailored, free of charge and confidential advice which is specific to your situation.