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Pro Tips for contacting the child support agency / CSA:

This service will be phased out. Cases that are handled by the Child Support Agency are all existing cases, no new applications will be taken. All new child support requests and applications are to be dealt with via the Child Maintenance Service.

If you currently have a case open with Child Support Agency, you will receive a letter telling you when your current agreement will come to an end and how to make a new claim with the Child Maintenance Service.

This letter will be sent by the end of 2017. Until then, you don’t need to take any further action.

You will get this letter at least 6 months before the service ends and you’ll be sent another letter a month before the service ends, just to remind you to make the alternative arrangement.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do when I receive the letter?

You can make a family-based arrangement or you can apply for a Child Maintenance Service agreement – but remember that there will be added fees, should your application be successful.

What do I do if I can’t afford to pay the fees for the new service?

  • You can still claim as long as certain criteria are met, they are:
  • A family-based agreement or if you use the “Direct Pay” service

If you arranged a “Collect and Pay” service, you should contact Child Maintenance Service to change the agreement to “Direct Pay”. You will also need to pay any outstanding fees, so do this as soon as possible to avoid paying more than you need to.

What happens to my current Child Support Agency arrangement?

This service is still part of the British government, so you’ll need to pay arrears, even when the service is phased out completely by the end of 2017. Until then, you payments and current arrangement will continue as normal. You will still need to continue to make payments if you are the parent that is not looking after the child on a day-to-day basis.

Will the new service still be able to find my ex partner to get the payments?

There’s no reason the payments should stop, it should be more like a transfer that a whole new agreement or arrangement as far as the absent parent is concerned.

Yes, the new agency (Child Maintenance Service) will also be able to carry out the task of tracking the other parent to the best of the government’s ability.

I’m the paying parent, when do I change payments?

When the account and it’s arrangements are switched over to the Child Maintenance Service, you might need to pay your child support into a different account. Should this be the case, you will be contacted to confirm the change of details.