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About Capital One

Capital One is self described as a bank which is extremely diversified, in that it offers a large range of different services related to finance. Capital One offers services to individual consumers as well as large companies and small businesses too. In the United Kingdom some of the main services that Capital One offer to consumers include credit cards and personal credit reports.

Why Contact Capital One?

You may be wondering under what circumstances you’d need to contact Capital One. There are a number of times that you might want to, including the following:

– If you’re interested in opening a credit card, or finding a credit card for someone with bad credit
– If you’re interested in making changes to your current credit card or Capital One product
– To query a charge or charges on your credit card or to report suspicious charges
– To let Capital One know of a lost or stolen card
– To enquire about terms and conditions of your product with Capital One
– To ask about possible changes to your payment schedule

Capital One FAQs

I’m interested in a credit card with Capital One but I don’t know what APR means, can you explain it?

APR means ‘Annual Percentage Rate’ and refers to the amount that’s charged based on the purchases that you make on your credit card. The APR allows you to compare the charges of different credit cards and make an informed decision about the costs involved of using your credit card. The APR includes some charges, like annual fees. That said, there are a number of fees which are not included, such as any charges incurred for withdrawing cash from an ATM, or fees incurred from not making payments on time (known as default fees).

What is the credit limit on my card?

If you have a Capital One credit card then you may be wondering what the credit limit is. Credit essentially means the amount of money that you are able to borrow using your credit card, and so following this, your credit limit means the maximum amount of money that you are able to withdraw or spend on your credit card before you can no longer use it. Every credit card may have a different level of credit limit, so to find out what yours is you may need to check your existing documentation if it’s a card that you already have, or may wish to discuss the credit limit with Capital One if you are thinking of applying for one.

My Credit Card has a ‘Minimum Payment’ amount – what does this mean?

A Minimum Payment on a credit card is the smallest amount of the balance that you are required to pay on your credit card each month, and will always be shown on your credit card statement which is sent to you monthly. The minimum each month is a small amount of the total amount of credit you’ve used on your card. Some people choose to simply pay the minimum repayment amount each month for convenience – however, this strategy may not be appropriate for everyone, and it’s worth keeping in mind that only paying the minimum amount due on any balance will increase the overall cost and also the amount of time that you have to pay the balance of the credit card. If you require more information on what your minimum balance is and whether you should just pay this amount, it may be worth looking at the terms and conditions and your credit card statement, or talking to Capital One directly.

I don’t know what a credit history is, can you explain it to me?

Your credit history is a combined and detailed record of all of the credit products that you’ve had. Generally, your credit history covers the previous six years, although it could be longer and shorter. There is also information on your credit history of other public information, like if you’ve had a county court judgement registered against you. Your credit history may determine what credit products you are eligible to have.

Is it possible for me to get a copy or gain access to my credit history?

Yes, it’s possible to obtain your own personal credit history. That said, you must do it by going through one of a number of registered credit report agencies, including Experian or Equifax, or Callcredit.

Why is it necessary for me to have a credit rating, and what does it mean if I have a good one?

Having a good credit rating is important as it makes it possible for you to gain access to a number of financial products, including loans and mortgages, as well as credit cards. If you have a poorer credit card then it might be the case that you are required to pay a higher rate of APR, or that you are not eligible for some credit products. FOr this reason, it’s good to find out how to maintain a good credit rating.