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About Bupa

Bupa is a private organisation in the healthcare industry. The company was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 1947. As of 2017, Bupa has expanded to provide health services for up to twenty seven million people worldwide.

Why contact Bupa?

There are several circumstances in which you may wish to contact Bupa to find information on their services or on any current products that you hold with the organisation. These circumstances may include:

– You wish to change personal details regarding your health insurance policy, such as your name or address or other healthcare circumstances
– To find information about your policy and what you’re covered for, or otherwise to make an enquiry about how to use your private healthcare insurance
– To find out information about how took a healthcare assessment, when you may need a health care assessment, or where and when to get other health services.
– To find out about making claims or lodging information with Bupa .
– To enquire as to what products are available under Bupa in your location and the associated costs

Bupa FAQ

If I choose to get health insurance, what am I covered for?

Health insurance covers acute conditions, the treatment and medication needed to help you recover from the condition. An acute condition generally means illnesses or injuries which can help you get better and recover to the point that you’re as healthy as you were when you originally took out the policy. This means that if you have an existing health condition (known as a pre-existing condition) when you take out the policy, then you will not be able to obtain coverage for paid treatment on this condition. There are however, many different and unique circumstances which could apply to your policy. For this reason it may be worth reading your policy information and quotation information carefully so that you fully understand your health insurance product.

Can I get coverage for a pre-existing condition under my health insurance?

It is not likely that you will be able to obtain health coverage for a condition that has affected you before you take out the policy. Bupa state on their website that they will not cover any individuals who for disease, illness, or injury that was already there before the start date of the insurance policy. Again, the definition and coverage varies depending on your choice of insurance underwriter, and on the basis of your specific health circumstances. In this case, if you have more detailed questions, it may be worth contacting the company directly in order to discuss your query.

How do I let Bupa know that I have a pre-existing condition or exempted condition?

When you arrange to begin your insurance term policy with Bupa, the company will send you a healthcare circumstances form, in which you will need to give detailed information regarding your current health status and any previous or current health conditions. This is an important form as it forms the basis of your coverage and policy with Bupa.

How frequently is my healthcare insurance renewed and how do I do it?

Bupa state on their website that your health care insurance policy will renew by itself, automatically, unless you tell them that you wish to conclude your coverage and not automatically renew it. Bupa will also write to the holder of the policy at least twenty eight days before the ending of the policy with instructions on what happens next. The length of your coverage may vary.

Why should I get Bupa health insurance?

There are many reasons that people choose to get Bupa health insurance. One of the first advantages is that private health insurance with Bupa allows you to get necessary treatment quicker, and will also give you access to expertise, medicines, and new treatments that might not be available on non-private healthcare insurance or the national health service.

In addition, Bupa offers other benefits such as a 24/7 health and support line for information from a qualified nurse or medical professional. This is an advantage of Bupa’s health care insurance service.

I am interested in getting cancer coverage, what medicines and treatments are unavailable?

Bupa states that they offer proven treatments. This means that the treatment offered must have a body of scientific evidence demonstrating that they are effective. These treatments must be checked, reviewed, and accepted by Bupa – so some experimental or unproven treatments are not available. If you choose the package which is named NHS Cancer Cover Plus, then you will not be eligible for treatments with Bupa that are already available on the NHS.

What is insurance Excess?

Insurance Excess means that if you make a claim for a treatment then you will have to pay for a part of the treatment cost yourself which would normally have been paid for by Bupa up to the amount of the excess. Essentially, when you make a claim you will have to pay the excess cost of the policy. Each policy should give information on how much the excess that you’d be expected to pay is.