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Customer Service Hours


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Pro Tips for British Airways Customers:

Manage your booking online where you will be able to:

  • Edit your contact details
  • Enter your passport information
  • Add business information
  • Book a parking spot
  • Add extra baggage allowances
  • Check in online 24 hours ahead of usual
  • Let us know about dietary requirements
  • Reserve a seat in advance
  • Print your boarding pass
  • Check and print your itinerary
  • Add frequent flyer information

To access the “Manage my Booking” section, just enter your last name and your reference number. The reference number is on your ticket (whichever vendor you used to make the purchase) or on your itinerary confirmation e-ticket. The reference is six characters long.

The seat and meal requests are not guaranteed. Be sure to make a request as soon as it’s available to do so, and be on time for your flight to increase the chances of this being done for you.

Keep in mind that shorter flights such as certain European destinations and all United Kingdom domestic flights will not have a special meal request available.

If you are a “standby” passenger or have a “waitlist” ticket, you won’t be able to request a special meal on any flight. British Airways apologises for the inconvenience.

To save time when you get to the airport, print your ticket and boarding pass off at home to avoid using the check-in kiosks.

Frequently asked questions:

Why can’t I access “Manage my Booking”?

This can be for one or more of three reasons:

  • Your booking contains more than 10 passengers
  • Experiences, hotels, cars or transfers that were booked with
  • Will you let me know when I make changes to my reservation?

How much hand (carry-on) luggage am I allowed on the flight?

You are allowed one laptop bag / handbag and one additional cabin bag

Dimensions are up to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm for the laptop bag / handbag and up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm for the extra cabin bag

Which items am I allowed on the flight with me?

There are restrictions on the flight for the safety of other passengers and the flight crew. This includes restrictions on:

  • Liquids and foods
  • Medicine and medical devices
  • Flammable, explosive and chemical items
  • Firearms
  • Sporting equipment
  • Electrical items
  • Tools & sharp objects
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • and more..

To see the specific restrictions for any of these items, please give customer service a call or go online.

I need to take more baggage with me, how do I do this?

You can take 9 extra bags with you (per person excluding children under 2) at an extra cost.

You can save money on this extra cost by booking your extra baggage when you check in online. This is usually cheaper than doing this at the airport.

The bags should be the same size as our standard bag size for regular check-in’s.

I want to change my flight after it was cancelled, how can I do that and what will it cost me?

The good news here is that if your flight was cancelled then there are no additional fees for changing your bookings to a new flight. Your new flight will however continue to be bound by the same conditions that it was originally made under. To book a new flight call the British Airways customer service number above.

If I need to change other flights in my booking as well can I do that?

Yes, it may be possible to change all of the flights in the same booking. However, you should note that the other bookings that have a different booking reference will be bound by separate terms and for that reason the rules may vary.

You may wish to talk with British Airways customer services to find out more about your specific circumstances.

Is there a length of time I have to change my booking within?

Yes, you might only be able to change your booking online within two full days (forty eight hours) of the time your flight was going to depart from.

You will also have to make changes over the phone or in a store within two weeks (fourteen full days) from the time that the flight was going to depart from originally. Call British Airways contact number to update your booking.

If my flight got cancelled can I get the cost of my ticket back?

Yes. You should be able to get a refund of your ticket if your flight happens to be cancelled within one full day (twenty four hours) of the time that your flight was scheduled to take off.

If it’s after this window then you can’t do it online anymore and instead will have to contact a member of BA customer services as soon as possible.

For that reason if your flight has been cancelled you’ll need to contact someone at the BA customer service number as quickly as you can with some information about your flight and the circumstances surrounding it. Then you should be able to get a refund on your ticket cost.

I changed my flight booking, what about the seats that I booked?

If you booked your seats in advance then you should make the changes to your booking that you desire, and following that you can go onto the ‘Manage My Booking’ section of the website and check your seats.

In addition to that, you can call British Airways and the customer service centre to enquire further about your seat booking.

How can I increase my baggage allowance?

This depends on many things, including what your flight is and what class you’ve booked. It’s worth noting that if you have a business class or first class ticket then you will normally have a higher baggage allowance than economy.

If you are flying economy you will have a baggage allowance, but if you exceed it you might also have to pay an extra fee.

To find out what your baggage allowance is and whether on your flight it’s possible to upgrade it you may wish to contact British Airways at your earliest convenience.

I changed my booking but I have a halal/kosher/vegan meal. What do I do?

In the event that you have a special dietary requirement like you require halal only, kosher only, vegan, vegetarian, or non-meat, then you will have to make a new special request for your meal after you adjust your booking, as the original request will be lost.

This means that you should plan ahead of time and remember to adjust your meal option. Call the British Airways phone number on this page and speak with a representative if you have additional queries.

If I make a change in my booking does it apply to all the people involved or do I have to change each one separately?

If you make changes on then they will apply to every passenger that is involved in the booking. If however you just want to make individual changes (e.g. change one person’s special meal request but not another) then you might need to call British Airways helpline directly.

The most effective way of doing so is probably by getting in contact by calling the British Airways number above. Remember to have your details on hand including the other passengers’ details (e.g. passport number).

My flight got cancelled but I want to upgrade my seat on my new booking. Can I do that?

No, if you’ve already booked onto a certain class in your flight (e.g. economy class) and your flight is cancelled, then you may not be able to upgrade as the details of rebooking are based on the original terms and conditions you booked the flight under.

I booked a hotel with BA too, is that cancelled when my flight is cancelled?

Not necessarily. It may be the case that while your flight is cancelled, your non-flight or additional products like hotels, cars, transfers, or even tours, have not been cancelled as well.

You’ll need to talk with whomever you booked with and make arrangements to cancel or adjust your bookings as quickly as possible.

Does British Airways have a loyalty programme?

Yes, British Airways is part of the OneWorld alliance, and this means that whenever you fly with a OneWorld airline you can accumulate points on their loyalty programme provided that you have signed up.

This allows you to gain exclusive benefits depending on your user status and how frequently you fly. These benefits may include priority check-in, access to lounges, and other great perks. Call the British Airways telephone number if you require additional assistance.

Who are members of Oneworld alliance?

Oneworld is an airline alliance that was founded almost twenty years ago in 1999. It incorporates 14 airlines and almost 560 million passengers per year.

British Airways, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, and more. It is the third largest airline alliance.

Does my flight include a meal?

This depends on the length of the flight. If you’re on a short-haul flight, or a flight that is shorter than roughly six hours, then you may not have a meal served as part of the price of your ticket.

That said, there will normally be options from British Airway’s M&S Dining menu available on board, and drinks may also be provided. For Business and First class, they may also include snacks and small meals.

On long haul flights you will usually be provided with a meal and beverages, and the options available again will depend on your class. Business class meals normally have a larger menu and a premium range of food and drinks.

If you have special dietary requirements, for instance being a vegetarian, following a medically-advised diet, or have religious and cultural restrictions like Halal or Kosher, then you should endeavour to let British Airways know when you book your flight or by calling the BA contact number on this page.

If you need to change a meal option then you may wish to contact the company as early as possible before your flight to do so.