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Pro Tips whilst in contact with

When looking for a hotel and trying to avoid paying any charges or a deposit up front, check the details of the hotel – some hotels require payment on arrival and a free cancellation.

If you think you might need to change reservation details or cancel your booking, make a note of the date that you are able to cancel before, to avoid any cancellation fees.

Have a look at the “Hotel Policies” section in the hotel’s details to check any information on extra beds and cots for children.

Many hotels offer a free service and children stay free at many hotels too. If you are arranging extra beds, suggest calling the hotel before you arrive, to ensure everything is in place.

Make a reservation with someone else’s card if you don’t have one. You can do this by having permission, then confirming the card holder’s name and any further details required to make a booking and subsequent payment.

You need to fill this information out in the “Special Requests” box at the time of making a reservation. Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to change my reservation?

Typically yes, just use the “My” option on your account online or cancel from your confirmation email.

Check the policy of the hotel to see if there are any fees related to cancellations or changes made to your bookings.

Do I need to have a credit or debit card to make a reservation?

The answer to this is not necessarily. The majority of hotels and properties on and worldwide require a credit card to reserve a stay, but there are some properties which don’t require this.

It is worth noting that it may be more difficult to find a hotel or property with this policy and in turn it could make your stay more difficult and less convenient.

Another option is to use someone else, for instance a friend or partner that you trust’s credit card to book the room you desire.

If this is the case, remember to note down that you have gained lawful permission to use this person’s credit card if you book the stay under your name. Contact if you require additional assistance.

Will I be notified when my booking is confirmed?

Yes, you will be directed to the conformation page as soon as your booking is complete. You will also receive a confirmation email and you are able to check the status of your booking by logging in to your account anytime.

Will I get a quote for the hotel(s) I’m interested in?

Enter the dates you wish to book, select any available options directly from the search facility on and the results will show with the prices clearly listed. You can sort the search results depending on which priority applies most to you.

Can I call the hotel before I arrive?

Yes. When you have completed your reservation you can see the contact details for the hotel in the online booking confirmation on your account. If you need to call the hotel before you book, check the information in the details of the hotel online.

If you don’t see the details listed there, call the contact number and they will be able to assist you further.

Are there any hidden charges or costs?

Everything listed under the room type, is included in the price. Just click on the room name to to see the facilities available for that particular booking. Hovver the cursor over the writing in the column called “Conditions”.

Information regarding these charges are also available in your account on and also in your confirmation email. If you have additional queries call customer services.

I’ve made a booking that I wish to cancel, how do I do that?

It’s possible to cancel your booking with although there may be a cancellation fee, this is the responsibility of the property or hotel that you booked with.

When you made the booking, you may have received a cancellation policy which states clearly what the responsibility in terms of fees is when you cancel your booking, so you may wish to check that document before you complete the cancellation.

Cancelling can be done online or by calling the number above.

Many times offers free cancellation, but you will need to check as if a certain amount of time has passed or if your booking is very soon it may be non-refundable.

I have a non-refundable booking but I need to change the dates, can I do that?

Unfortunately if your booking comes under being not-refundable then you will be unable to change any dates or cancel it without paying a charge which is decided by the hotel or property that you booked with.

I think I’ve cancelled my booking but how can I make sure?

If you’ve cancelled a booking with it is likely that you will receive an email confirmation that you’ve cancelled the booking. Remember that you should check all of the folders in your email account as sometimes these mails can be mislabelled and end up in your spam folder.

Should it be more than a day (minimum twenty four hours) since you tried to cancel the booking and you still have received no email then you may wish to call the phone number to find out for sure and gain more information on your booking circumstances.

When will my credit card be charged for making a booking?

This depends on the property or hotel that you’ve booked with. It might be the case that the hotel puts what’s called a prepayment block on your card, where they ‘reserve’ the amount on the card until after you leave the hotel.

When you leave the property they will release the ‘hold’ placed on the property. You should always contact the property and ask about how you’ll be asked to pay.

When I book with, what extra fees are included in my booking?

If you see additional charges, taxes, or fees when you make a booking, they should be explained clearly and follow the rules of the property and the legislation and laws of the country you’re staying in. It’s worth noting that actually does not charge any booking fee.

How do I pay for my stay before I arrive?

It may only be possible in some cases to do this, and it depends a lot on the property’s rules. To find out you should make an effort to talk to the hotel or place you’re staying directly and find out what their regulations and/or payment preferences are.

I booked with a credit card but I’d like to pay for my stay either in cash or with a different card, can I do that?

It’s probable that you’ll be able to pay either with cash or with a different credit card but this depends wholly on the place that you’ve booked, as different hotels, guesthouses, or properties have different rules on payment that they determine themselves.

If you have a special requirement about this then you should get in touch with the property or with the customer service number to find out more about how your payment method can be accommodated.

If I don’t have to pay until I stay, why do I need to give my credit card details?

There is a good reason for places featured on to request your credit card details prior to your arrival. It’s important that they, in some cases, put a pre-authorization on your card.

This is a way of checking that you have enough money to pay for the booking you’ve made, where they check that your card is valid and has enough money in your account or credit to pay for it.

After you complete your stay, the amount will be returned to your account as normal, although the period of this happening depends on the property themselves.

My booking said I wouldn’t have to pay straight away, but I’ve been charged. What do I do now?

This may not be a charge, but could be a pre-authorization as stated above to ensure that your method of payment is valid and that you have enough money. This will be returned to you later on. It could also be the case that you’ve had to make a prepayment or make a deposit to reserve your booking.

It should say clearly if this is required when you receive your email confirming your stay.

If you’ve booked a place that has free cancellation then the deposit or prepayment will be paid back to you in the event that you have to cancel your stay.

I am travelling with children and I will need an additional bed, can I ask for one for free?

This depends completely on the property’s policy. It’s worth noting that you can get in touch with the property to ask this, and there is a ‘special requests’ area when you make a booking, but there could be additional fees involved which are not covered when you make a booking.

Remember to call ahead of time to confirm your special request and ensure that you’re aware of any other associated costs that may be involved.

What is the difference between a Double Room and a Twin Room?

A Double Room has one double/full bed and a Twin Room has 2 twin beds. If a room is called Double/Twin, it can be set up for either type. You can specify your bed-type preference in the “Special Requests” box during the booking process.

What does non-refundable mean?

This refers to a room policy that is enacted when you make a booking of a property through If the policy is non-refundable it means that once you have completed the booking process for the room you will have to pay a fee (which could be the entire fee for the stay or less) to make amendments, changes, or to cancel your booking.

You will get confirmation of how much the fee is when you book and your booking tells you that it’s non refundable.

In addition, the opposite of this is free cancellation, which is offered by many propertes on

Free cancellation is a simple process which means that should you be unable to take the trip you’ve booked for whatever reason, you will not pay any fee as long as you make the cancellation within a specified time that the property sets by themselves.

It could be that you have up to a week before the date of your stay to cancel free of charge, longer, or shorter. You may wish to check the policy carefully of the booking when you make it. You can also call the telephone number above.

What is is an online platform for booking accommodation. It covers countries all over the world, and has offers for hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments for rent, and more. Using allows you to choose suitable accommodation for your needs in a very convenient manner.

What are the other charges that I have to pay when making a reservation on

While state online that they don’t charge any fee for your booking, your property may require an additional charge for your stay and the local government might require additional taxes and fees. This information can be found on the property page.

How much do I have to pay to cancel a booking?

If the room you book is stated as “free-cancellation” under the hotel policy, you may not need to pay a fee when cancelling the booking.

If the room you book is not free to cancel due to the hotel policy, you may need to pay a fee when cancelling the booking. The exact cancellation fee and other additional fees, if applicable, is decided by the place of booking/accommodation.

How do I make sure I cancelled a booking successfully?

After you have completed the cancellation process, an email should be sent to you to confirm that the booking is cancelled. Sometimes the email can be sent to your spam/junk mail so it’s recommended that you check all your mail folders.

If it is over 24 hours from your cancellation and you haven’t received such an email, you may want to contact your property directly to make sure the booking is cancelled.

I book a hotel room that is stated “non-refundable”. Now my schedule has changed and I will not be able to go on the dates I booked before. Can I change the dates of my reservation?

You may not be able to change the dates for “non-refundable” rooms. If you can’t make the trip, you may wish to cancel the booking but there might be a fee charged for cancellation.

Why does request my credit card information?

Your credit card details are required for your booking confirmation. may hold a particular amount temporarily to ensure that your card is eligible to make payments. This amount will be returned to your card after a certain period of time decided by your property and your bank.

Can I use a different credit card than the one I originally provided when registering my account to pay for a hotel on

Most of the properties on accept a different card or cash for the payment. To make sure that this option is possible, you should contact the property owner directly.

I am booking a hotel on and they require a prepayment. What is prepayment and do all properties on request it?

Prepayment is the deposit that your hotel charges prior to your trip. It will be returned to you after your card is ensured to be eligible to make payments.

The amount and date of the prepayment is decided by the property. You may find this information in your confirmation email.

I haven’t started my stay yet but I got charged from my credit card? What is this charge?

Any charge from the property you book with before your stay may be either a pre-authorisation or a prepayment.

A pre-authorisation is a particular amount of money held by your property to verify that your card is valid and has a sufficient balance to make the booking. It will be returned to you at some point after the checking procedure is finished.

A prepayment is a deposit required by your property to make the reservation. This money will be deducted from your payment at the hotel. If the property gives you free cancellation policy, this money will be returned to you if you cancel the booking.

What changes can I make to the booking after receiving the confirmation email?

The possible changes you can make to your reservation and the charges (if applicable) are both decided by the place that you booked.

Some common changes that are often allowed by properties listed on may include: Check-in, check out date and time; Guest information; Room and bed type; Payment preference; Food requests.

In order to make these changes, you may wish to find your confirmation email and follow the instruction.

What devices can I use’s app on?’s app can be downloaded and used on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Do I need to print out the booking confirmation?

You may not need to print the booking confirmation. You can show the digital confirmation email to the staff when you check in. also provides customers with an app in which you can display your confirmation without internet connection or mobile data.

I booked a double room in a hotel on for 2 adults but now we decided to bring our child with us on this trip. Can we ask the hotel to place a single bed or a cot for my baby and what is the cost?

If you didn’t include your baby in your original booking, it’s not assured whether the property has the capacity to provide an extra bed or cot. If they do, the charge varies among properties. Therefore, in this case, you may wish to contact your property directly with the request.

What is a twin room?

A twin room is a room that has two single beds. Sometimes you might find a room specified as double/twin room and it means they can either arrange a double bed or two single beds in the same room.

How can I find and use the Booking Assistant?

The Booking Assistant can be found on’s website or app. You may also access the Booking Assistant through Facebook Messenger if it is where you choose to receive your booking confirmation.

The service is free but you might need internet or mobile data for the connection. It is a 24/7 service that allows you to exchange messages with

You might use the Booking Assistant to make changes and requests for your future reservations, including changing bed type or check in and check-out time, requiring parking space, requesting food and other services.

You can also reach Booking Assistant for any inquiries you have about your stay or call the helpline for additional assistance.

Who do I talk to on Booking Assistant and which language can I use?

When using Booking Assistant, you may connect to either’s Customer Service Team or a representative from the property you book with.

For now Booking Assistant is only available in English, but is working on adding more languages to the service in the near future.

What information is displayed on my account page?

Your account page on is a report of all your past, present, and future activities on, including: all your bookings, the reviews you have made, the free money you have earned in rewards programs, your listing of properties, as well as a settings section for you to customize your own page.

I want to book a hotel room using and it says on the policy that it is non-refundable. What does that mean?

When you see the non-refundable policy on a room, it means that if you decide to cancel or make changes to your reservation in the future, you have to pay a fee charged by the property.

How can I cancel a booking for free?

When you make the booking, if the property’s policy sates “free cancellation”, you can later cancel the reservation without being charged provided that the cancellation is made before a certain date decided by the property. This information can be found on the room conditions and also in the confirmation email.

How much do I have to pay if I request an extra bed in my hotel room?

If you haven’t completed your booking, under the Special Requests box you may find a place to request an extra bed. If you have made the reservation you can go to the confirmation email and find a link to My on which you can place a request for an extra bed.

It depends on the property whether the extra bed is charged, and how much the fee is.

Even after successfully sending a request for the extra bed, you might be recommended by to contact your property to confirm this added information. Your property’s contact details are provided in the confirmation email.

What is included and excluded in the price displayed on

Under any room of a property on, there is a list of the facilities that come with the room when you book it. All these facilities are included the price you see on the room.

Other things that might be included can be found on the “Conditions” column. You can find this information in the confirmation email or your account page on

Anything that is not included in the facility list of the room might be unavailable or charged upon requests. To find out more about this information, you should contact the property.

Does hotels charge per person or per room?

Unless it is stated that the price is per person, the displayed rate is the price you pay for one room for one night.

Does the price shown on already include tax?

Whether tax is included in the room rate or not is decided by the property you book with. You can find this information on the room site, either under the room type or on the column “Conditions”.

It is also shown in the confirmation email sent to you after you complete the booking or your My account.

I have a discount voucher from a restaurant. Can I use the voucher to get the discount applied on a hotel on

Any voucher from a different organization will not be eligible for the bookings you make on

On the room rate on, I see two prices, one of which is crossed out. What does it mean?

The price that is not crossed out is the rate that you will pay if you choose to book that room. The crossed-out price is the one normally charged on other booking channels. In the other words, it is the price you are mostly likely to pay if you don’t book through estimates that crossed-out rate for your comparison based on the rates charged by the property in the 30-day window around the date you choose to stay. then chooses the third highest price from the 30-day window to display as the crossed-out rate.

Does charge me a fee for booking a hotel on here?

No, you wont be charged any fee from for making the reservation.

Does the room rate include breakfast?

Whether breakfast is included in the room rate or not is decided by the property you book with. You can find this information on the list of facilities under the name of the room you choose.

If you see that breakfast is not included, you can check on the column “Conditions” to see if the property provides this food service and the extra fee if applicable. You can also find this information in your confirmation email or on your My account.

I don’t have a credit card, can I still book a hotel on

Most properties on require information of a valid credit card to guarantee the booking. Only a few of properties on now accept a reservation without a credit card but this number is growing.

Can I borrow someone else’s credit card to make a reservation on

You may use someone else’s credit card to make a booking as long as you have their permission. If it is the case, you may need to provide the card owner’s name and confirm on the “Special requests” box that you have that person’s permission to make the booking using their card.

What time do I need to check in and check out the hotel I book on

It is the hotel you book with who decide what time you can check in and check out. The check-in and check-out time can be found in the “Hotel Policies” section under the room information and also in your confirmation email.

Can I check out after the check-out time in the hotel’s policy?

The property might allow you to check out late depending on the availability of the room. You should make the request directly with the property you book with. The charge for late check-out will also be decided by the property.

The hotel I want to book with only has non-smoking rooms. Can I request them a smoking room for myself?

If you can’t find a smoking room option on the property page, it means all the guests are not allowed to smoke in all the rooms of the property.

I arrive much earlier than the check-in time stated on the hotel’s policy. Can I request an early check-in from the hotel and how do I do it?

Each hotel has it’s own policies. When you make the booking with your property, there is a section where you may put in the time you would like to check in.

After you have completed the reservation, you can go back to your My site to make the request, or contact your property directly through the information provided in the confirmation email.

It is up to the property if they allow you to check in early and most of the time it depends on the room’s availability.

My flight is in the evening so I will arrive around midnight. Can I check in very late at night?

When you make the booking with your property, there is a section where you can put in the time you would like to check in.

After you have completed the reservation, you can go back to your My site to make the request, or contact your property directly through the information provided in the confirmation email.

It might be difficult to arrange someone to welcome you that late at night, especially if the property you book with is an apartment. It is recommended by to check with the hotel carefully about this so you can make your own arrangement.

Can I bring my pet to stay with me in the hotel I booked on

On the property page you can find what their policy about bringing pets is under “Hotel Policies”. You can also contact your hotel to inquire about this information.

I plan to drive to the hotel I book on Will they give a space to park my car?

You may find the information about your hotel’s parking space in “Hotel facilities” on your hotel page. If it is requested to make a reservation for parking in advance, you should contact your hotel directly to book the space. You can find your hotel’s contact details in the confirmation email.

How can I request shuttle service from the airport to the hotel?

You can find out if the hotel provides shuttle service on the section “Service” under “Hotel Facilities”. If your hotel offers this service, you should make a reservation for the transfer once you book your flight directly with them. You can find the hotel’s contact details in the confirmation email.

I will arrive much earlier than the check-in time and the hotel can’t offer me early check-in. Can I ask my hotel to store my luggage until the time I can check in?

You can find out if your hotel has a luggage storage under the “Hotel facilities” on the hotel page. You can also contact your hotel directly to make sure you can use their luggage storage when you arrive. The hotel’s contact details are provided in the confirmation email.

My departure flight is at the evening while the hotel’s stated check-out time is 12.00pm. Can I ask the hotel to help me store my luggage after my check-out till I leave for the airport?

You can find out if your hotel has a luggage storage under the “Hotel facilities” on the hotel page.

You can also contact your hotel directly to make sure you can use their luggage storage on the day of your departure. The hotel’s contact details are provided in the confirmation email.

How do I create an account on

In order to sign up for an account on, you start by providing your email and choose a password. After this first step, you are already signed in as an account. then asks your name and phone number (optional).

Then an email will be sent to the email address you provided to verify that your email is valid. In the email you will find a “Confirm” box. Once you click on the box, your email is verified and your account is activated.

I want to make changes to my booking and requests my confirmation number and PIN code. Where can I find this information?

After you have completed the booking process, will send you an email to confirm that your reservation is successfully made.

Your confirmation number and PIN code are provided in this email.

What is the Refer a Friend program?

Refer a Friend is a reward program that gives you and your friend US$15 each if you invite your friend to stay at a property on and they decide to book the stay from the link you share.

What is required from me to participate in the Refer a Friend program?

In order to make the referrals and claim your reward, you need to have an account on and provide your card details. You can either use credit card, debit card, VISA, or Mastercard for this purpose.

How do I receive my reward from the Refer a Friend program?

If you have already signed up for an account on and provided your card details, the reward will be sent to your bank account automatically within seven working days after your card details are provided, given that your friend has checked out of the property referred by you.

If you don’t have an account or haven’t supplied your card details, you will receive an email from with the instruction of how to create an account and provide your card details in order to claim the reward.

If you have more than one card on your profile, you can select the one you prefer to have the reward sent to by clicking on an equivalent box shown in the email. After receiving the information of your preferred card for the Refer a Friend reward, will transfer the refund to you.

I sent a referral link to my friend who booked the hotel I referred. Why haven’t I received my reward?

If you haven’t received your reward after successfully referring an accommodation to your friend, there are two possible reasons: your friend hasn’t checked out of the accommodation, or you haven’t supplied your card details.

If your friend has completed his/her stay and you have provided your card details for more than 7 working days, but you haven’t received your reward, you should contact customer service team.

How can my friend claim their reward from the Refer a Friend program?

After your friend finishes his/her stay using your referral, an email will be sent to them regarding how they can claim the reward.

How many times I can make referrals to my friends and get the reward from the Refer a Friend program? Can my friend receive more than one referral and get more than one reward?

You may make up to 10 referrals and get up to 10 rewards, from the Refer a Friend program.

You friend can only receive the referral once and get one reward. But you friend can also make referrals to other friends and earn up to US$150.

How many bookings can my friend make from the referral link I send him?

Your friend can only make on booking from the referral link you send them.

My friend successfully booked a hotel using the referral link I sent, but she couldn’t make it and had to cancel the reservation. Will I still get my reward from the Refer a Friend program?

If the reservation is cancelled, you may not receive your reward and neither will your friend.

However, your friend could make a new booking using the link you send. If he/she completes that stay, you two will be eligible for claiming the rewards.

Can I use the reward to partly pay for a future booking on

You will receive the reward as a refund sent directly to the credit card you provide. The reward can’t be used as a discount for a future booking you make on

What is Booking Genius?

Genius is a reward program provided by for loyal customers who use the service frequently.

What does a Genius member on get?

As a Genius member, you may be eligible for special deals of up to 50% discount offered exclusively for Genius members.

You are also entitled to an extra 10% discount from popular properties on Furthermore, you can get complimentary welcome drinks, airport transfer, and late check-out that are only available for Genius members.

How can I make sure I get good a good price on state that they guarantee that you get the best price possible. If you have booked a room on then find a cheaper price for the same room type of the same property on the same date with the same booking conditions somewhere else online, you can send the information to to get a refund on the price difference.

What is the Price Match program?

Price Match program is the policy in which will refund you the price difference if you find a cheaper price for the same booking you find on another website.

What are the requirements for me to request a refund for the Price Match from

You can request for a refund for the price difference if the cheaper price you find is displayed online for the public and its applied for the same type of room, on the same check-in and check-out dates, and with the same booking conditions.

Moreover, the request has to be made after you have completed your booking with and at least 24 hours before you check in the accommodation.

What are the exceptions for the Price Match program?

Even if you find a cheaper price than the one you paid on, you might not be eligible for the Price Match program if the price you find is offered only to royal members or is part of a rewards and promotion programs.

How do I request a refund the Price Match?

On your confirmation page you can find “Found this room cheaper elsewhere” section where you can send the link to the other offer. The information of the cheaper price has to be available when team checks the price.

Why does ask if I am travelling for work when I use the search box to look for a hotel? wants to know if you book an accommodation for work travel in order to give you recommendations on properties that have helpful features for your trip including breakfast, Wifi, and free parking.

How do I register a hotel on

On the homepage you can find the option of “List your property” in the left column of the site. Clicking onto the option will take you to the site to create new listing.

On the right box on the site, you will be required to sign up with the number of properties you want to list on, your name and email address. After providing the general information, will send you an email to verify your email address and let you choose a password for your account.

On your account page, you will be required to provide all the details of your property. will then review all the information about your listing. Once the reviewing process is finished, will contact you and show you how to activate your property.

Can I add more information to the registration in the future?

You can add more information about your property including new facilities, more details about the location, etc to your listing anytime you want after the registration.

Why does require photos of my property for the registration? knows that the guests nowadays want to look at photos to make decision to book accommodation. It is recommended that you provide photos of both the inside and outside of your property to give customers a detailed insight about your place.

On the photo section, asks me to upload good-quality photos. Can I send photos taken by my phone?

Good photos will give customers a better insight about your property. asks for good-quality photos but they don’t need to be professional. You can use photos from your smart phone as long as they are of high resolution.

What are the benefits of listing my hotel on

There are many benefits you receive when registering your property on Firstly, is one of the most popular websites for booking accommodation, which makes you visible to a great number of customers worldwide.

Moreover, also markets your property on many reputable search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo to give your property exposure to even a bigger customer database.

Secondly, provides instant booking service for your property, meaning you don’t need to confirm any of your reservations.

Thirdly, you can use the website and mobile apps with the most innovative online tools and features developed by the best IT experts of

Fourthly, you don’t need to worry about fake reviews that can negatively affect your business as all the reviews are verified by’s dedicated team. Last but not least, both you and your guests can have access to 24/7 customer service provided by a professional team.

Does charge me a fee for registering my property? doesn’t charge you any fee to list your property. However, you will pay a commission for each reservation made through

How much is the commission charged by for a booking?

When you sign up your property on, you will be shown the commission percentage. Only after you approve the commission percentage can the registration proceed.

How do I pay the commission?

At the end of each month, will calculate your total commission of the whole month and send you an invoice via email. You can follow the instruction of the email and make online payment.

Do I need to pay the commission if the booking gets cancelled?

It depends on the cancellation policy of the booking. If the reservation is entitled to free cancellation policy, you won’t get paid anything and won’t have to pay the commission either.

If the policy requires guests to pay a fee for cancellations, you will have to pay the commission based on the fee your charge for the cancellation.

Do I have to pay commission if the guest doesn’t show up?

In case of a no show, which means the guest doesn’t show up without a cancellation, you don’t need to pay the equivalent commission.

If a guest causes damage to my property that requires a fixing fee, can I request a charge for the damage from them?

If your property is a hotel, it is very likely that the damage will be covered by insurance. If your property is a house, apartment, or chalet, you can request a damage deposit from the guests when they make the reservation to make sure they treat your property with respect. In case of any damage, the damage deposit will be used to pay for the fixing required.

Can I use other booking platforms at the same time with

Yes you can list your property on other platforms at the same time with You only need to make sure to lock the dates you are booked on other platforms on calendar so customers can see that the room is not available.

The bookings made by are automatically confirmed from your end so you can’t reject a reservation once it is confirmed by your guests.

How do I get notified when there is a new booking? will send you an email to the email address you provided for your contact details whenever there is a new booking confirmed.

Following the email you will sign into your account where you can view the details of the booking including the booker’s name, number of guests, number of rooms, room type, their preferred language for communication, as well as the amount charged to your guests, your commission, and the amount you earn from the booking.

How can I know when the guests arrive?

After a reservation is made, you can message your guests through the message box on your account. recommends you to ask your guests about arrival time and other special requests if applicable so you can make better preparation for the guests’ stay.

When do guests pay for the reservations? And what payment methods are available on

Guests pay for the reservations upon their arrivals, either by card or cash. is also working on more payment options to give additional choices to both property owners and guests. Contact Postal Address

Postbus 1639

1000 BP Amsterdam