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Call BBC for help with Purchasinf DVDs and CDs, Licensing and availability of programmes & BBC’s operations and services. Helpline is open Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm Sun 10:00am-5:30pm.

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About the BBC

The BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation, is a broadcasting house located in London. The BBC operates a lot of channels, radio stations, and broadcasts, and is the oldest state-founded and operated broadcasting house in the world. The BBC is funded by taxpayer’s money, primarily through television licensing. The BBC employs over twenty thousand staff, and also operates the BBC World Service, which has broadcasts in over twenty eight languages worldwide.

Why Contact The BBC?

You may wish to contact the BBC for a number of different reasons, including:

  • To ask about purchasing DVDs, CDs, or other publications
  • To make an enquiry about the BBC and its operations
  • To make an enquiry about licensing and availability of programmes or channels
  • To contact with information or a news story
  • To find out more about the BBC’s operations and services
  • Any other reason for which you might need to talk to a BBC representative


Is it possible to buy DVDs or CDs of BBC publications?

Prior to March 2016, the BBC sold a range of products directly to consumers from the UK to be shipped around the world. This included things like toys, games, educational products, Blu-Ray, and DVDs. However, from March 2016 this has ceased to be the case, and now if you wish to buy BBC products you must buy them from a third party retailer. These can include online platforms such as Amazon, or physical retailers like supermarkets and high street shops. Normally, a Google search will be sufficient to find a retailer providing the BBC product that you’re looking for.

I have an enquiry or feedback for the BBC YouTube Channel, what should I do?

If you have an enquiry, or you want to ask a question or perhaps give some feedback on the BBC’s YouTube channel then you may be able to do so by sending an email to their YouTube address, which is available online. Other email addresses are available online for different forms of the BBC, and you can also contact them through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
What is BBC iPlayer?

Is BBC iPlayer free?

If you are a license payer in the United Kingdom then you will be pleased to know that there is no additional charge for watching BBC iPlayer from the BBC, although of course you must have a functioning internet connection.

What equipment do I need to use BBC iPlayer?

Most of the time, you should be able to watch BBC iPlayer on a computer, including a laptop computer, desktop computer, and Apple Macintosh. That said, it is only possible to actually download entire programmes and episodes if you are using a personal computer which operates on Windows XP, WIndows Vista, and Windows 7. This is currently being revised however and soon other versions should function effectively.

How long are episodes available on BBC iPlayer?

This can vary, however as a general rule of thumb shows are available for up to seven days, or one week, after their original airing on television.

Can I keep a programme downloaded from BBC iPlayer forever?

No, due to licensing restrictions and copyright it is only possible to keep downloaded episodes for up to thirty days on your PC. If you’ve not deleted the file after this time then it will be automatically delete itself.

How many radio stations does the BBC operate?

The BBC operates many radio stations. Overall, the British Broadcasting Corporation operates ten national radio stations. There are also another six stations which exclusively broadcast for national regions such as England, Wales, and Scotland. There are also other stations which are only available digitally, or via DAB. Finally, the BBC operates in excess of 40 local radio stations at different junctures around the United Kingdom.

What TV channels does the BBC operate?

The BBC operates many channels in the UK and abroad. Domestically, the main channels are BBC One and BBC Two, which show general programming, news shows, documentary series, and more. There are then BBC Three and Four which are more entertainment focused. Following this, there is CBeebies, which is a children’s television only channel, BBC Parliament, which focuses mainly on politics, and BBC News 24, a round-the-clock news channel. Abroad there are channels such as BBC World News and other broadcasts specific to different countries, and regions, for example BBC Asia.

Does the BBC have advertising?

BBC Television channels in the United Kingdom are funded by the taxpayer and through television licenses, therefore, there is not any need for commercial advertising. As a result, television shows on channels like BBC One or BBC Two are not interrupted by adverts.

How is the BBC funded?

The BBC is funded primarily through license payer money. In the United Kingdom to own and use a television you must pay a television licence fee, and this is generally used to fund the BBC service. However, the BBC also sells shows and programmes to other nations around the world, and this is

Is the BBC coming up with an online streaming service?

There are currently rumours and some confirmed information the the BBC may be investing in an online streaming service, which may be coming in the near future.