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Customer Service Hours


Days Open Closed
Monday 08:00 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 20:00
Wednesday 08:00 20:00
Thursday 08:00 20:00
Friday 08:00 20:00
Saturday 08:30 17:00
Sunday 10:00 16:00

Aviva offers provides around 32 million customers around the with insurance, savings and investment products. They are the biggest insurer in UK and one of Europe’s bets providers of life and comprehensive insurance.

They combine strong life insurance, general insurance and asset management businesses under one influential brand. They are committed to providing their customers well to create a stronger maintainable business that makes a good contribution to the public and for which their people are proud to work.

The firm’s main statistics are:

    • One worldwide brand
    • 32 million customers
    • Over 300 years of legacy


    Aviva Car Insurance Contact Number

    You can also email them, though the respond can take up to 72 hours.

    Social Media

    You can also contact their customer support team through Facebook or tweet them at their official Twitter handle @AvivaUKSupport.

    Proof of No Claim Discount

    You can email them the proof of no claim discount at Otherwise, write a letter and send it to:

    NCD Validation Team
    PO Box 3435
    NR1 3GS


    To cancel your car insurance policy, you can call.

    You can send them the Certificate of Insurance following cancellation at:

    Aviva UKDI
    Po Box 15
    NR1 3LN

    For the home and motor coverages, their live chat is open from Mondays to Fridays 8am – 8pm, Saturdays from 8:30am – 5pm and Sundays from 10am – 4pm.

    Life insurance, pensions, annuities and investment bonds, their online chat is available from Monday to Fridays from 8:30am – 5:30pm.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How to Change Your Car

    You can change your car through your MyAviva account (You have to sign up), if you have not registered yet).

    Once you are logged in, you should follow the steps:

    Click “Your policies” & “Details” button on the policy you wish to view > “Amend my policy” > “Vehicle Details” > “Replace this vehicle”

    You need to know your details about the car such as the registration number.

    To know more about on how to change a care in single car insurance, you can watch the help video on their official website.

    How to Cancel Your Policy Online/Through Myaviva

    Sad to say, you cannot cancel your insurance online. You should call to discuss the matter.

    Are you eligible for driving other cars (DOC) insurance?

    Driving other cars, (DOC) insurance applies to car policyholders only. They have to 25 years old or over(at start or renewal of the policy) and have comprehensive cover.

    They will then provide cover for the auto policyholders who meet the above requirement to drive any other cars, third party only, that are not possessed by or registered to them and with the authorization of the owner – short term cover is left out.

    For insurance limits, exclusions and more information, simply call Aviva Car Insurance Contact Number

    Why Can’t I Find My Insurance?

    All coverages registered in your name should be recorded in your MyAviva account automatically. The company has a strict matching process to make sure that everyone’s details are kept safe and protected. For instance, they will not match Mr. M Smith and Mr. Matthew Smith, even if the date of the birth and address are the same. If one or more or your coverage is not showing you can call them.

    If an insurance policy is under a different name, the policyholder will have to sign up separately.