Contact Argos Customer Services

Argos customer service can be contacted by calling our call connection service number. They can help with returns, shipping, order status, technical support and account changes. Mon-Sat 8am-8pm and Sun 10am-6pm.

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Customer Service Hours


Days Open Closed
Monday 08:00 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 20:00
Wednesday 08:00 20:00
Thursday 08:00 20:00
Friday 08:00 20:00
Saturday 08:00 20:00
Sunday 10:00 18:00

Argos is one of the best and most popular online shops in UK, offering about 33,000 products via its official website.

Argos continues to be UK’s biggest high street store online with approximately 500 million of web visitors annually. It serves about 150 million of customers every year through it 740 franchises.

In February 2012, Argos financial profits were worth £3.9 billion and it has 31,000 staffs across the business.

Argos is a part of the leading home and general merchandise store in UK, which is the Home Retail Group.

Argos Customer Service

They are open Monday to Saturday from 8am-8pm and on Sunday 9am-6pm. To inquire about the home delivery, call for store enquiries.
If you want to write Argos a letter, you can send them at:

Argos Direct, Acton
Gate, Stafford, ST18

Argos Product Care

Damages and replacements are always troublesome and can be more expensive. The product care of Argos gives you peace of mind, you are rest assured that your order is protected, so you can smile knowing that it will save you time, money and away from stress.

Breakdown Care

This is for the ‘OH NO’ moments of customers.

  • They can have unlimited repairs
  • Can be fixed or changed
  • Protection against damage caused by mishap
  • They have protection of up to 4 years*

Replacement Care

  • If your order is damage upon its arrival, they replace you new one
  • It covers irons, toasters, kettles and other household products
  • Protection for up to 3 years
  • The costs start from £0.99 for up to 3 years*
  • They will replace new watch if your breaks upon the arrival of order.
  • There will be brand new replacement if your order gets stolen
  • Protection for up to 3 years
  • The costs start from 99p for up to 2 years*
  • They will give you Repair or replacement if your furniture is damaged
  • They give you peace of mind
  • They give protection against damage caused by accident
  • The prices start from £3.99 for up to 3 years*

Mobile Phone Care

You can make a good call and stay connected.

  • If your new phone is stolen or damaged by accident
  • You protection of up to 12 months
  • You can get fast replacement with Argos
  • The prices start from £6.99 for 12 months*

Frequently Asked Questions on Argos

Where is your order?

If you’re wanting to find out when your order will be delivered, the first place to check is your email with the order confirmation. Here you should receive an estimate of your delivery date.

Additionally, you can check your online order page at your Argos online account which should have some updates including live progress on your order. If your order is late or there is a problem with it then you may wish to contact Argos customer services directly to find out exactly where your order is and when it will arrive.

How you can cancel an order?

If you’ve ordered online for collection in a store then you may be able to cancel online. If however you’ve placed an order for a different way of collection, like in a Sainsbury’s supermarket, or in a different way, then you’ll need to get in contact with Argos to cancel your order as it may not be possible to cancel it through the online portal.

How do you cancel your reservation?

You don’t need to worry about cancelling your reservation. If you do not need it, you are not forced to purchase it, so there is no need to contact them. If it is not collected by the time the reservation ends, the item becomes available again for the customers. If you still want to cancel your reservations call the Argos contact number above.

How Do They Match Price?

Argos don’t think you can find better prices for toys that you can buy today or have sent to you with amazing same-day delivery. They are so sure; they will refund the difference if you find same product more affordable somewhere else. To have further information, you can read the Argos Terms and Conditions on their official website or call the Argos customer service number.

I don’t know if my order is confirmed, how can I find out?

There are several ways to find out whether your order has gone through. If you’ve received and order number on your screen after clicking through, then this means that your order is confirmed. You will need to write down your order number as it’s important if you have any questions about your purchase later.

In addition, you should also receive a confirmation email which says what your order is and offers this additional information.

Often though, these confirmation emails can be accidentally sent to your ‘junk’ folder, so if you don’t see one it may be a good idea to check your junk or spam folder in your email account.

You may also want to head to the ‘your account’ page on to review your existing orders and see if the order you completed appears there. If it does not appear there and you do not have an order confirmation number or order confirmation email then it may not have gone through.

I want to add an additional product or extra purchase to an order I’ve already made, is that possible?

Unfortunately if you’ve already completed the order then it’s not possible to add another product or supplement it with an additional order. To add something new, or if you’ve seen something else you wish to purchase on, you’ll be required to place an entirely new order in their online system.

What payment methods are available for buying from Argos?

You’ll be pleased to hear there are many different payment methods to choose from when using Most major payment cards like Visa are accepted by Argos and this makes it a convenient way to complete your order online.

Alternatively, you may wish to reserve online and collect in a store at a near location if you don’t have a viable payment card to use.

Does Argos deliver to my location?

This depends on where you’re located, but it’s good to know that Argos deliver to the entirety of the United Kingdom and also to the entirety of Northern Ireland.

If the item is not too big then you may be able to receive your item in the islands of Scotland, Isle of Man, and Isles of Scilly, although again, it depends on the item as large things (e.g. sofas, furniture) may not be eligible for delivery here.

It’s worth noting that the Channel Islands can also receive delivery but this is subject to some requirements, so if you’re in the Channel Islands you may wish to talk to an Argos helpline representative to find out more.

Argos also offer a system where you can collect your item from a nearby Sainsbury’s store. If there’s a Sainsbury’s store near to you, then it’s possible to have your item shipped there and use it as a point of collection.

If you’re based outside of the above locations, for example in Europe or abroad elsewhere, you will not be able to receive delivery from Argos.

My order wouldn’t go through and Argos wouldn’t accept my debit or credit card, what should I do?

If your order was refused on the basis of your payment card there are a few things to think about. The first thing to do is to try and complete the order with a different payment card if you have access to one, as it might just be a problem with that specific card.

If it still continues not to go through then you may wish to contact your bank rather than Argos to see what the issue is with your card and why it is not going through as required. There may be an issue with your bank that needs to be cleared up.

How can I prove that I purchased something at Argos?

Several different forms of proof exist for showing you purchased something at Argos.

You can use a till receipt or a kiosk receipt, an electronic online receipt, or a confirmation email. You may also use an order number.

If you don’t have access to any of these forms of information about your purchase then it is still possible to show your information from a third party source, like your bank statement or credit or debit card statement, and this should be sufficient for Argos to verify your purchase.

You can also submit the email address you used to register or make the purchase on and this should help them identify your purchase.

Where is my Argos order as it’s past the date for delivery?

The first way to find out where your order is if it’s past the estimated date for delivery that you received in your confirmation email is to log onto your online account and check for any live updates.

If you still cannot find out where your order is or have no good information on your order then you may want to call the Argos phone number directly to discuss your case.