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Pro Tips

Give Anglian Water a call when you move into the area or move house – to have the water connected immediately and to have your account in order before any surprise bills come through the door.

You can report a leak directly to Anglian online or over the phone. They will identify and resolve water leaks throughout the region.

If you want to find out more about what updates, repairs or incidents are happening in your area, they have an interactive map online. Just type in your postcode to find the information you’re looking for.

Anglian Water Top FAQ’s

How do I notify Anglian Water regarding my meter reading?

There are many ways to submit a meter reading, including over the phone and online. The most convenient way of submitting a reading is first to write down the reading on your water meter, and then either call Anglian Water or access their online submission form to do so.

When you move to a new house and when you leave your old house, take the meter reading and either give Anglian Water a call on their automated customer service line, fill in the online form (that will typically be processed within five days) or contact them via social media (Facebook and Twitter) during their opening hours.

Am I going to be paying anyone else’s water bills?

If you’ve notified Anglian Water the day you move in and given them the meter reading, then there’s no danger of you paying for anyone else’s bill. If you get bills addressed to the previous home owner or tenant before they’ve switched to your account, then just send them back to Anglian water.

How do I make a payment?

There are several ways to make a payment. You can give Anglian Water a call and pay over the phone, you can pay online, at a Post Office or Payzone or alternatively, you can set up credit or debit payments.

Who is Anglian Water?

Anglian Water is the water and water recycling services provider in the east of England. They serve domestic and commercial properties.

What do you need to know when I move house?

You can notify Anglian Water by phone when you move in or out of a property to tell them your meter reading, also, you should have your account number if you are already a customer, the full postal address for the old and new property and your bank details, should you want to set up a direct debit. Call the Anglian Water contact number on this page to start the process.

Where do I find my water meter?

There are to main types of meter. Internal and external. Internal meters can be found either behind the toilet, under the kitchen sink or in an airing cupboard. External meters can be found directly outside the boundary of the property, under what looks like a small and square manhole cover on the ground.

Who is responsible for burst pipes?

Anglian Water is responsible for water pipes leading up to your property, anything inside your property borders, are your responsibility. If you need any assistance regarding the location of burst pipes, who is responsible for which pipes and where your property borders are, then give Anglian Water customer services a call now and one of the customer service advisors may be able to help.

I want to pay my bill over the internet, is that possible?

Yes, you are able to pay your bill online using Anglian Water’s online debit or credit card form. You can also pay in a variety of other ways, including over the phone by calling the Anglian Water phone number on this page.

I can’t pay my bill this month, what can I do about that?

Anglian Water writes on their website that they have some ways of working around challenging bills, as they understand that everyone may encounter financial difficulties at some times in their life.

The suggestion that the company offer in order to overcome this is that if you inform them as soon as possible, they may work with you to find a reasonable payment plan that you can work with them to help pay your bill. There are also other supportive systems available, including something known as the Anglian Water Assistance Fund (AWAF).

Are bills going to increase?

Water bills around the country may rise year on year, and sometimes this can be by a little, and sometimes more. Anglian Water suggest that for the year from 2017 until 2018 the average increased in a charge for their water service is around one pound and fifteen pence per day, or a little over two percent.

Anglian Water also state that their charges remain lower than four years ago, when they reduced total bills by seven percent, which represented the largest cut in water prices of any water supplier in the UK.

Does Anglian offer any unique or special supportive services?

Yes, Anglian Water offer some special services to customers who require extra support. This includes a tariff for customers who are on a water meter to help them save, and also payment plans for those who are unable to meet their bills on time. Call the Anglian Water customer service number to discuss your options.

I want to save water, are there any products I can use?

Yes, there are a number of ways to reduce your water consumption at home. There are also things that you can do without buying any additional products, like use less water, take showers instead of baths, and fix leaking taps or appliances. Products available to help save water are available on the Anglian Water website or by calling the Anglian Water telephone number.

I want to know about my water quality, how do I do that?

Anglian Water offer some general data and statistics about drinking water in the United Kingdom, and they also provide a postcode searching function that tells you more specific information about the water quality and makeup in your area.

However, if you have specific questions about water quality you may also wish to find out by contacting the company directly over the phone. All of these options are available to help you understand more about your drinking water.

What does Anglian Water do with the money from my bill?

There are many things that Anglian Water do with your money, including their largest investment project. Anglian is investing five billion pounds over the period from this year to 2020. This is used to repair water mains and sewers, provide additional protection to the environment and new ways to reuse water and reduce water wastage.

I want a water meter, how can I get one?

There are some benefits to having a water meter, and it’s possible that it can reduce your bill and help you save money. Anglian Water state that those customers who use a water meter can save above fifteen percent of their water usage compared to normal users.

To sign up for a water meter you may need to contact Anglian Water directly and inform you of their intention. Provided that it’s possible for your household and tariff to have a water meter installed, they should be able to guide you on the next steps for doing so. Call the Anglian Water number above to order your meter.

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